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Download USB Drivers for Android Devices from Major OEMs

Download USB Drivers for Android

USB Drivers are files which help our Android device to interact with PC. These USB Drivers perform tasks like transferring data between PC and device, syncing the device to PC, using your device like MP3 player or camera, rooting, flashing custom ROM’s and firmwares.

When you buy an Android device, you get the installation package of USB drivers from the manufacturer for free. However if you didn’t get the USB Drivers or have misplaced it, you can download them from here. In this post, we’ll provide links to download USB Drivers for all Android Devices.

Download USB Drivers for Android Devices

  • Acer USB Drivers

Download Acer USB Drivers

Steps to download Acer USB Drivers:

  1. Open the link given above.
  2. Choose your country/region.
  3. Select “Drivers & Manuals”.
  4. Select your product.
  5. Download the appropriate driver.
  • Alcatel One Touch USB Drivers

  1. Download Alcatel USB Drivers For MTK Platform
  2. Download Alcatel USB Drivers For Qualcomm Platform
  • Asus USB Drivers

  1. Download Asus USB Drivers
  2. Download Asus PC Suite
  3. Download Nexus 7 USB Drivers
  • Amazon USB Drivers

Amazon Support Page

  • Gionee USB Drivers

Download Gionee USB Drivers

  • HTC USB Drivers

  1. Download HTC Sync Manager
  2. Download HTC USB Drivers
  3. Download HTC USB Drivers (Compatible with Windows 8)
  • Huawei USB Drivers

Download Huawei HiSuite (Drivers included)

  • Dell USB Drivers

Download Dell USB Drivers

  • Intel USB Drivers

Download Intel USB Drivers

  • Kyocera USB Drivers

Download Kyocera USB Drivers

  • Lenovo USB Drivers

Download Lenovo USB Drivers

  • LG USB Drivers

  1. Latest LG USB Drivers (Version 4.04)
  2. Download LG USB Drivers  |  Mirror (Version 4.03)
  3. LG United Drivers for Verizon
  4. LG USB Drivers for Mac
  5. LG Mobile Support Tool Setup
  6. LG Flash Tool 2014
  • Hisense USB Drivers

Download Hisense USB Drivers

  • Micromax USB Drivers

Download Micromax USB Drivers

  • Motorola USB Drivers

  1. Download Motorola USB Drivers
  2. Motorola USB Drivers for Windows and Mac
  3. Motorola Fastboot tool
  • Google USB Drivers

  1. Download Google USB Drivers.
  2. Download Galaxy Nexus USB Drivers (CDMA-Verizon or GSM)
  • Pegatron USB Drivers

Download Pegatron USB Drivers

  • Pantech USB Drivers

Download Pantech USB Drivers

  • Panasonic USB Drivers

Download Panasonic USB Drivers

  • Samsung USB Drivers

  1. Download Samsung USB Drivers
  2. Download Samsung Kies & SmartSwitch
  3. Samsung Android ADB Interface Driver
  • Sony USB Drivers

  1. Download Sony USB Drivers
  2. Download Sony PC Companion
  3. Download Sony Bridge For Mac
  4. Download Sony ADB Flashtool Drivers
  • Sharp USB Drivers

Download Sharp USB Drivers

  • Xiaomi USB Drivers

  1. Download Xiaomi USB Drivers
  2. Download Mi Phone Manager
  • ZTE USB Drivers

Download ZTE USB Drivers

Note: Before installing the above USB Drivers, make sure you have uninstalled previous manufacturer’s USB drivers. This list is surely not complete as there are many more regional manufacturers out there making more and more Android devices. However to make things easier for you, here I will discuss some tools which will help you to install your required USB Drivers.

Some Tools to Install USB Drivers

  • Universal Naked Driver

This tool works for Samsung, Nexus, Asus and HTC smartphones. This utility tool will install both ADB and Fastboot drivers for Asus, Nexus and HTC and APX driver for Samsung Smartphones. This tool will solve the problems faced while using ADB Drivers on newer versions of windows. Download Universal Naked Driver

  • Universal ADB Driver By Koush

Koush, the famous Android developer has developed a tool called Universal ADB Driver which supports almost all the Android devices so if your manufacturer’s name is missing from the above list you can download and install the Universal ADB Driver by Koush. The only drawback is that Universal ADB Driver is made only for Windows platform. Download ADB Driver By Kush

  • ADB and Fastboot Installer

This tool comes with a good GUI interface and supports all well-known manufacturers so if your manufacturer is missing from my list then you can also use this tool to install USB Drivers. To download and configure the Android SDK or ADB and Fastboot on your Windows, Linux or Mac computer, jump to the tutorials here.

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