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Download Huawei USB Driver and HiSuite (Windows & Mac)

Huawei is one of the biggest manufacturers of smartphones, tablet devices, laptops, and a range of telecommunications equipment. They make smartphones under Huawei and Honor brandings. If you own a Huawei or Honor device, you can download the latest Huawei USB driver and Huawei HiSuite phone manager for Windows 10 and Mac. Below, you’ll find detailed steps to install Huawei mobile USB driver and HiSuite.

Once you have the Huawei USB driver installed on your Windows PC, you can use the ADB interface to execute ADB and Fastboot commands via SDK platform-tools. Besides, you will also be able to connect your Huawei or Honor device to your PC or laptop for purposes like transferring files, flashing firmware and rooting your phone.

Download Huawei USB Driver

The Huawei USB driver listed below is compatible with Windows 10 32 and 64bit, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP If you are a macOS user, you can download the latest Huawei HiSuite that works with all versions of Windows and OSX and also contains the USB driver.

  1. Open the extracted folder and double-click the Huawei_DriverSetup.exe executable file.huawei driver tools setup terms
  2. Agree to the terms of the License Agreement.
  3. Now, choose the drive storage location where you want the USB driver to be installed and click Next.huawei driver tools location
  4. Huawei USB driver will then be installed. On the final screen, check the Run Driver Tools 1.0 option.
  5. You will then see a small pop-up screen with Install and Uninstall options. Click on Install.huawei usb driver installation

Done! You have successfully installed the Huawei Android USB driver or ADB Interface driver on your Windows PC.

Steps to Install the Huawei USB Driver

Once you have downloaded the Huawei USB driver for your Windows PC from above, you need to extract the ZIP file and install it.

Huawei HiSuite Download (Windows / Mac)

Huawei HiSuite is a smart device manager for Huawei and Honor smartphones and tablet devices. It’s pretty much like Samsung Smart Switch but offers more features. It’s available for Windows and Mac both. HiSuite is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 10/8.1/7, and Windows Vista. It requires 500MB of disk space and 1GB RAM memory to function.

Download Huawei HiSuite for Windows & macOS

Steps to Install and Set up Huawei Hi Suite

  1. Download and extract it on your desktop.
  2. Now, double-click the EXE file inside the folder and accept the agreement.
  3. When Huawei HiSuite is installed, launch it.
  4. Connect your Huawei or Honor device to the computer using the USB cable provided by the OEM.
  5. Open the notification shade on your phone, tap Android System and select File Transfer or Photo Transfer mode.
  6. You should also enable USB debugging on your device.
  7. Now, go to Settings> More Settings on your device and look for Allow HiSuite to use HDB option and turn in on.allow hisuite to use hdb
  8. You can now use Huawei HiSuite to enjoy the features listed below.huawei hisuite windows


I would recommend you to install Huawei HiSuite because not only does it install the latest USB driver on your computer but it also lets you perform a variety of tasks for better user experience.

Huawei Hisuite Features

  • Manage apps: Install apps on Huawei and Honor devices and uninstall them easily. Update apps in a single click using your PC or laptop.
  • Backup and recover data: Backup your phone’s data like call log, messages, contacts, music, pictures, videos, schedule, etc. to your computer. You can also transfer the backed up data back to your smartphone.
  • Manage Contacts: Import and export your phone’s contacts, delete and add contacts.
  • Manage Gallery: View your phone’s pictures, easily export and import them and set pictures and wallpaper directly from your computer’s interface. You can also manage, export and import the videos present on your device.
  • Browse and manage files: Browse the files stored on your phone’s internal storage and SD card. Easily export files to computer and import them to your phone.
  • Manage text messages: Export your text messages to your computer. You can also sent messages from your computer and receive new messages on it.
  • System Recovery: Huawei HiSuite also helps you restore your Huawei or Honor device to factory settings.
  • Update and Rollback firmware: Using HiSuite, you can easily update your phone’s or tablet’s software and rollback to an older version if required.
  • Sync with Outlook: It lets you easily synchronize your phone’s contacts and calendar with other devices via Outlook.
  • Screenshot: Easily capture any screen on your Huawei or Honor device.
  • USB driver: HiSuite includes the Huawei USB driver as well.

Huawei USB Driver and HiSuite: Supported Devices

As I already mentioned above, Huawei USB driver and Hisuite are compatible with all Huawei and Honor range of smartphones, tablet devices, and wearables. I am still listing some popular Huawei and Honor devices for reference.

  • Huawei Ascend Series
  • Huawei Enjoy Series
  • Huawei Fusion Series
  • Huawei G Series
  • Huawei Mate Series
  • Huawei Mediapad Series
  • Huawei Nova Series
  • Huawei P8/P9/P10/P20/ P Smart (all variants)
  • Huawei Watch (all models)
  • Huawei Y Series
  • Honor Play Series
  • Honor 8 Series
  • Honor 9 Series
  • Honor 20 (all models)
  • Honor 2
  • Honor 3
  • Honor 4
  • Honor 5
  • Honor 6
  • Honor 7
  • Honor 8
  • Honor 9
  • Honor 10
  • Honor Magic
  • Honor Note
  • Honor Pad
  • Honor View 10
  • Honor View 20
  • Honor V20

That’s all for now! I tried to describe everything you need to know about the Huawei USB driver and Huawei HiSuite. If you own an Android device from any other manufacturer, head over to our Android USB drivers repository to download the appropriate driver for your device. In case you still have doubts or queries, don’t hesitate to ask via comments.

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