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Download macOS Mojave Dynamic Wallpapers

macOS Mojave, in case you haven’t heard, is the next operating system update to Apple’s macOS. Apple recently released the fifth beta of macOS Mojave to developers. Mojave is a bug and fixes update for the most part before Apple announces some major features for the next update. This doesn’t mean macOS Mojave won’t be getting any new features though. In fact, there are quite a few new features. Of these, the new dark mode and dynamic desktop are perhaps the most interesting. We now have the macOS Mojave Dynamic Wallpapers for you to download.

macOS Mojave Dynamic Desktop

For the uninitiated, on the newly announced macOS Mojave, the wallpapers change based on the time of the day instead of a preset interval. Apple has even created wallpapers out of images of the Mojave desert at different times during the day. This way you have the same wallpaper which basically changes colors based on the time of day. So at night, it is a picture of Mojave at night, during the day it’s a picture of Mojave taken during the day.

Not only that but there are about 16 different images of the Mojave desert taken at different times during an entire day and night cycle. All of these keep rotating on your desktop and the changes are so subtle. These change ever so gradually throughout the day such that it gives the impression that you’re staring out into the desert for real. This is purely a visual feature but if you’re someone who easily loses track of time, it might even be helpful.

macOS Mojave Dynamic Wallpapers

Mojave dynamic wallpapers

We’ve already shown you how you can get macOS Mojave dynamic wallpapers on your Windows PC. But for that, you’ll need the 16 Dynamic Wallpapers from the macOS Mojave public beta. We’ve also shared the stock wallpapers from the public beta but they don’t contain the dynamic wallpapers. This is for the simple reason that the dynamic wallpapers in macOS Mojave aren’t separate images but a single HEIC file (Mojave (Dynamic).heic). This kind of file can contain multiple images/thumbnails and metadata in a single file. We’ve managed to extract all the 16 images inside the HEIC file.  You can download these from below and use them as normal desktop backgrounds.

Of course, these images won’t automatically change on your desktop depending upon the time of day. But if you’re using a Windows PC, you can use these wallpapers to create your own Dynamic Desktop. Linux users can also install dynamic wallpapers to achieve the same results.

Download macOS Mojave Dynamic Wallpapers

As mentioned already, this wallpaper pack contains 16 wallpapers of the Mojave desert. The original wallpapers are in full 5K resolution, however, to save space and decrease page loading times, we’ve compressed the images shown below. These will give you an idea of what’s in store. You can download the full-sized images from the download links provided below.

macOS Mojave Dynamic | Google Drive Mirror

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