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Download Microsoft Surface Book 2 Stock Wallpapers

Microsoft has tried and failed in the mobile space. The company’s new approach seems to be, why compete in a space dominated by others, why not create your own space? The answer was Microsoft’s Surface tablet which soon gave rise to the Surface Book. The first generation of the Surface book was praised for standing out, and it was the MacBook alternative for many Windows users. Although it had some minor issues, like every other device, the battery life was supposedly not very good. Improvements were needed, obviously, so we now have the Surface Book 2, and with that some new wallpapers. You can download Microsoft Surface Book 2 Stock Wallpapers right here.

In terms of design, it will be hard to tell the 13inch and 15inch variants apart, except for the size. The company claims 17 hours of video playback but you most probably won’t get that long. Initial reviews do suggest a better battery life than its predecessor. Apart from improvements in battery life, the Surface Book 2 also brings a better, brighter display. The wallpapers that ship with the Surface Book 2 do a pretty amazing job of showing off its capabilities. Surface Book 2 stock wallpapers feature a black background with a colorful foreground. These look quite amazing but only on the right display. If your PC does not have a premium display the wallpapers might not look quite the same. Of course, that also depends on the person viewing it so you may still love these wallpapers.

 Microsoft Surface Book 2 Stock Wallpapers

The wallpapers are all in the original Surface Book 2 resolution, that is 3000×2000. As a result, these are large files ranging from 3MB to 7MB. So we’ve compressed the images below to show you what you’ll be downloading. To get the full-sized wallpapers you can click on the download links below.

Download Microsoft Surface Book 2 Stock Wallpapers (Google Drive)| Mirror (Mega)

The starting Surface Book 2 variant offers a 13.5-inch screen, Intel HD graphics, Intel’s 7th gen Core i5 processor and 8GB RAM. Its higher-spec variant runs on Intel’s 8th gen Core i7 processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 (2GB) graphics, and 16GB RAM.

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