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Get macOS Mojave Dynamic Wallpapers on Windows 10

Apple recently announced the new macOS update named Mojave at the WWDC. Mojave is mostly a bugs and fixes kind of an update, but it does bring in a few interesting features. We’ve previously talked about some of those. These are Desktop Stacks, Dark mode, new iOS apps, new screenshot tools, etc. Another feature, equally interesting on macOS Mojave is the dynamic wallpapers which change automatically. Sure, Windows 10 and even prior versions have had a slideshow wallpaper feature which may sound similar but it isn’t.

This is because the slideshow wallpapers on Windows change automatically after a set interval of time. On the newly announced macOS Mojave, the wallpapers change based on the time of the day instead of a preset interval. Apple has even created wallpapers out of images of the Mojave desert at different times during the day. This way you have the same wallpaper which basically changes colors based on the time of day. You can also enjoy macOS Mojave wallpapers on the Linux distros.

The intervals you can set on Windows are also limited to 1 minute, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 6 hours and a day. Even if you were to set it to change every hour or every 6 hours, this does not work if your computer is turned off. It’s quite impossible then to mimic the macOS feature on Windows without the help of a third-party tool. Fortunately, there is a free third-party tool that does just that. This tool is aptly named Wallpaper Change Scheduler. It is a free program that allows users to automatically change the wallpaper based on the time of day. Not just that though, it can also automatically change the wallpaper at every login, daily, or weekly, or even every hour.

Keep in mind that the program will need to start up at boot, which can affect startup times. Since it has to change wallpapers it needs to keep running in the background as well which can be a dealbreaker for some. That said, it hardly uses any significant amount of resources even while running in the foreground as you can see in the screenshot below. windows 10 task manager

The program was originally designed to run on Windows 7, way before macOS Mojave even existed as an idea. Fortunately, it does work pretty well with Windows 10 as well.


wallpaper changer download pageDownload Wallpaper Change Scheduler

How to get macOS Mojave like dynamic wallpapers on Windows 10

Wallpaper Change Scheduler isn’t the most user-friendly tool you will use. It is also not that difficult to use if you’re someone who isn’t afraid of clicking at an unfamiliar button that says Add event. This is basically what you have to do once you launch the WallpaperChangeScheduler.exe file which you can download from above.

  1. Upon the first launch, you’ll be asked to let the program create a shortcut in the startup folder. This allows it to start up anytime you start your computer. Click Create and Run. There is no installation required at all other than that. install wallpaper change scheduler
  2. Click on the Add event button. select wallpapers
  3. In the Trigger drop-down menu, select Daily if you’re looking to set macOS like dynamic wallpapers. After that, select the time of the day at which you want the wallpaper to be applied. Under Wallpaper Style, you can select from one of the usual Tile, Centre, Stretch, Fit or Fill options.set mojave wallpapers location
  4. Click on the Browse button to select an image to be applied at the time of day you’ve just set.
  5. Give the event a name under Name this event and then click Create.
  6. Now, depending on how many times you want the wallpaper to change, you’ll have to create as many events. For instance, on macOS Mojave, the wallpaper changes slowly from day to dusk to the night. This involves four steps, with the wallpaper changing twice at dusk for a smoother transition into night. I’ve set up these four events as you can see below. set dynamic wallpaper in wallpaper scheduler
  7. A created event can be easily removed or edited using the Remove Event and Edit Event buttons.

You can get the macOS Mojave wallpapers from here, to use as dynamic wallpapers, if you want.

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