Xiaomi Bloatware List (Safe to Remove) on MIUI 12/11/10

Xiaomi is notorious for shipping its smartphones with tons of useless apps known as bloatware. Since a majority of bloatware is installed on the device as system apps, one can’t uninstall them from the app settings screen. While it’s easy to remove bloatware on Xiaomi and Redmi devices running MIUI via ADB without root, there’s a utility called Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot Tools that can easily uninstall, re-install, enable and disable bloatware. Below is a complete list of safe to remove system apps or bloatware on MIUI 10, MIUI 11, and MIUI 12.

Recently, I shared the list of safe to remove Samsung bloatware and the steps to uninstall them without root. Today, we’ll see how we can uninstall the pre-installed apps on Xiaomi smartphones.

Xiaomi Bloatware List for MIUI 12/11/10

Here is the full list of system apps installed on my Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro running MIUI 12. Here are the package names of 100+ safe to remove Xiaomi bloatware so that you can uninstall or disable them without worrying about any adverse effect on your smartphone.

Warning: Please note that if you uninstall essentials apps like the default launcher, gallery, camera, file manager, etc., you must install a 3rd-party alternative to such apps before you remove them. Also, if you are doubtful about the outcome of the removal of any system app, you should try disabling them first. If you don’t get any issue, you can uninstall it later.

Android Bloatware on Xiaomi Phones

com.android.bips | Default Printing Service
com.android.bookmarkprovider | Bookmark Provider
com.android.browser | Web Browser
com.android.calendar | Calendar app
com.android.chrome | Chrome Browser
com.android.deskclock | Stock Clock app
com.android.dreams.basic | Screensaver app
com.android.dreams.phototable | Screensaver app
com.android.egg z| Android Easter Egg
com.android.emergency | SOS Calling
com.android.hotwordenrollment.okgoogle | OK Google
com.android.mms | MMS app
com.android.mms.service | MMS
com.android.printspooler | Printing service
com.android.statementservice | Checks APK files
com.android.stk | SIM Tool-kit
com.android.wallpaper.livepicker | Live wallpaper
com.android.wallpaperbackup | Wallpaper backup feature
com.android.wallpapercropper | Wallpaper cropping feature

Google Bloatware on Xiaomi Phones

com.google.android.apps.docs | Google Docs
com.google.android.apps.maps | Google Maps
com.google.android.apps.photos | Google Photos
com.google.android.apps.tachyon | Google Duo
com.google.android.apps.wellbeing | Digital Wellbeing
com.google.android.feedback | Feedback app
com.google.android.gm | Gmail
com.google.android.gms | Gmail service
com.google.android.gms.location.history | Gmail location service
com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox | Google Quick Search
com.google.android.inputmethod.latin | Gboard
com.google.android.marvin.talkback | Talkback feature
com.google.android.music | Google Play Music
com.google.android.printservice.recommendation | Mobile Printing
com.google.android.syncadapters.calendar | Calendar Sync
com.google.android.tts | Text-to-speech
com.google.android.videos | Google Play Movies & TV
com.google.android.youtube | Youtube
com.google.ar.lens | AR Lens

MIUI Bloatware

com.mi.android.globalFileexplorer| Mi File Manager
com.mi.android.globallauncher | Mi Launcher
com.mi.health | Mi Health
com.mi.webkit.core | Mi Webkit
com.mipay.wallet.id | Mi Wallet
com.mipay.wallet.in | Mi Wallet (India)
com.miui.analytics | MIUI Analytics (spyware)
com.miui.android.fashiongallery | Wallpaper Carousel
com.miui.aod | MIUI Always-on Display
com.miui.backup | Backup app
com.miui.bugreport | Bug reporting app
com.miui.calculator | Mi Calculator
com.miui.cleanmaster | System Cleaner
com.miui.cloudbackup | Cloud Backup service
com.miui.cloudservice | Cloud service
com.miui.cloudservice.sysbase | Cloud service
com.miui.compass | MIUI Compass
com.miui.extraphoto | Camera Bokeh effect
com.miui.face | MIUI Biometric
com.miui.fm | MIUI FM
com.miui.fmservice| MIUI FM
com.miui.freeform | MIUI PiP service
com.miui.gallery | MIUI Gallery
com.miui.hybrid | Quick Apps (data mining app)
com.miui.hybrid.accessory | Quick Apps (data mining app)
com.miui.micloudsync | Cloud Sync
com.miui.mishare.connectivity | Mi Share
com.miui.misound | Music app & sound enhancer
com.miui.miwallpaper | Wallpaper app
com.miui.msa.global | MSA or MIUI Ad Services
com.miui.notes | Notes
com.miui.phrase | Frequent phrases
com.miui.player | Music Player
com.miui.screenrecorder | Screen Recorder
com.miui.smsextra | Text Message features
com.miui.system | MIUI System Launcher
com.miui.systemui.carriers.overlay | Carrier name chaging service
com.miui.touchassistant | Quick Ball feature
com.miui.userguide | User Guide app
com.miui.videoplayer | MIUI Video player
com.miui.weather2 | Weather app
com.miui.yellowpage | Yellow Page app

Xiaomi Bloatware

com.xiaomi.account | Mi Account (sensitive)
com.xiaomi.calendar | Mi Calendar
com.xiaomi.cameratools | Camera Tools
com.xiaomi.discover | Xiaomi System apps updater
com.xiaomi.glgm | Games
com.xiaomi.joyose | Junk and safe to remove
com.xiaomi.micloud.sdk | Cloud App
com.xiaomi.midrop | Mi Drop
com.xiaomi.mipicks | GetApps(Xiaomi app store)
com.xiaomi.mircs | MIUI to MIUI Message
com.xiaomi.mirecycle | Mi Security (sensitive)
com.xiaomi.misettings | Mi Settings
com.xiaomi.payment | Mi Pay
com.xiaomi.scanner | Scanner app
com.xiaomi.xmsf | Xiaomi Service Framework
com.xiaomi.xmsfkeeper | Xiaomi Service Framework

Amazon, Netflix, Opera & Facebook Bloatware

in.amazon.mShop.android.shopping | Amazon
com.netflix.partner.activation | Netflix
com.netflix.mediaclient | Netflix
com.opera.app.news | Opera
com.opera.branding | Opera
com.opera.branding.news | Opera News
com.opera.mini.native | Opera Mini
com.opera.preinstall | Opera
com.tencent.soter.soterserver | Chinese Payment service
com.facebook.katana | Facebook
com.facebook.appmanager | Facebook
com.facebook.services | Facebook
com.facebook.system | Facebook
pl.zdunex25.updater | Xiaomi.eu
ros.ota.updater | RevolutionOS
com.syberia.ota | SyberiaOS
com.syberia.SyberiaPapers | SyberiaOS
org.lineageos.recorder | LineageOS
org.lineageos.snap | LineageOS
com.hampusolsson.abstruct | Paranoid Android
code.name.monkey.retromusic | Paranoid Android

You can download the full list of safe to remove bloatware on MIUI 10, 11, and 12 with pm uninstall command from Google Drive.

Warning: Please don’t uninstall apps in a hurry and don’t touch the apps you don’t know about. Use your own discretion and uninstall apps that you really don’t need. Also, you must not try to uninstall the following Xiaomi system apps as doing so will result in a soft brick requiring a hard reset.

ADB Command to List System Apps

There are some handy ADB shell commands using which you can get the list of all installed apps regardless of Xiaomi or Redmi phone model and MIUI version. By executing the following command, you can print the list of all system apps on your device.
adb shell
pm list packages -s

xiaomi miui safe to remove bloatware
Xiaomi bloatware list

To learn how to run set up ADB and run the pm list command on your Windows, Mac, or Linux machine, head to my Android bloatware removal tutorial.

Remove Bloatware on Xiaomi MIUI

You can uninstall bloatware on Xiaomi and Redmi devices running MIUI 12, MIUI 11, and MIUI 10 in four ways.

  1. ADB Shell pm uninstall command (without root)
  2. Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools (without root)
  3. System App Remover (root required)
  4. Using Debloater Magisk module (root required)

1. Remove Bloatware on MIUI via ADB

To be able to execute ADB commands, you must download and set up the latest SDK Platform Tools on your computer or use Web ADB. Also, you’ll have to enable USB debugging on your Xiaomi device. You can also use ADB commands on your Android device without root if you don’t have access to a laptop or PC.

  1. Extract the downloaded ‘platform-tools-latest-windows.zip‘ and open the folder.
  2. Launch the Command Prompt via the Windows context menu by pressing the Shift key + Right-click button on the mouse.
  3. Now type the following command in the cmd window and Allow USB debugging to authorize ADB when prompted.
    adb devices

    allow usb debugging on xiaomi

  4. If you see the ‘list of attached devices’ message, it means your Xiaomi or Redmi phone is successfully connected.
  5. Now, execute the command given below.
    1. adb shell
  6. When you get your phone’s codename on the cmd screen, run the ADB app uninstallation command mentioned below. Don’t forget to replace <package name> with the package name of the system app you want to uninstall as shown in the screenshot.
    pm uninstall --user 0 <package name>

    remove bloatware xiaomi adb
    adb shell pm uninstall –user 0

  7. You can delete as many system apps as you want by running the above command one after another.

In case you get any errors after uninstalling any stock app or removing an app by mistake, you can easily re-install uninstalled apps on MIUI.

Using Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot Tools

If you find the ADB way to uninstall system apps a bit complicated, you’ll feel a bit relieved by the next method which is much easier and doesn’t require root.

Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot Tools is a Java-based multi-purpose and a must-have utility for the users of Xiaomi and Redmi devices. It runs in the ADB and Fastboot modes. In the ADB mode, it can enable, disable, uninstall, and re-install multiple system apps on MIUI 10, 11, and 12. Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot Tools runs on all major operating systems including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

As soon as you switch to the Fastboot mode, Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot Tools reveals its true power. It can download and install stock firmware on Xiaomi devices, wipe device data, enable OEM unlocking, and flash factory images. Moreover, it can also reboot your phone into the Fastboot, Recovery, and EDL (emergency download) modes. The only missing thing is the option to reboot Xiaomi devices into the Safe Mode.

Anyway, let’s see how we can safely remove bloatware on Xiaomi devices running MIUI ROM.

  1. Download the latest XiaomiADBFastbootTools.jar from Github.
  2. Make sure you have the latest version of the Java SE Development Kit (JDK) installed on your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer.
  3. Also, you must turn on the USB debugging from Settings> Additional settings > Developer options on your Xiaomi smartphone.
  4. Double-click XiaomiADBFastbootTools.jar to launch Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot Tools.
  5. Now, connect your phone to the computer via a USB cable and wait for the tool to detect your device.
  6. You’ll see a list of Xiaomi bloatware with their package names that can be uninstalled. Just select the bloatware you want to remove and click on the Uninstall button.xiaomi adb fastboot tools remove bloatware
  7. Click on the Yes button to confirm app uninstallation.confirm system app uninstallation in xiaomi adb fastboot tools

Done! In case you decide to reinstall the uninstalled bloatware later, just click on the Reinstaller tab in Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot Tools and restore the deleted apps.

Using System App Remover & Bloatware Remover

If you have rooted your Xiaomi phone, you can find some great apps that would help you get rid of bloatware on MIUI 10, 11, or 12. Below are 3 bloatware removal tools for Android devices that you can try.

Debloater Magisk Module

Finally, there is a command-based tool available for rooted Android devices. You can download and install Debloater (for Terminal Emulator) via Magisk Manager. Just grant root access to this module and follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall system apps on your Xiaomi or Redmi phone. I have described the steps to use Debloater for Magisk in another tutorial.

This is all about the safe to remove bloatware on MIUI 10, 11, and 12. If you have any doubts or questions, let me know.

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