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30+ Best Samsung One UI Dark Themes in 2023

The Samsung Theme Store is flooded with thousands of dark themes but all of them don’t support Samsung One UI 4 and One UI 5. The Samsung Galaxy themes I purchased for my Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S21 Ultra no longer theme my Galaxy S23 Ultra completely. If you are looking for the best Samsung themes that work flawlessly on the latest One UI, I’ve come up with a list of 30 beautiful dark themes for your Galaxy phone that work on Android 12, and 13.

Browsing hundreds of themes, and downloading and trying them is really a time-taking and data-consuming job. I spent hours exploring the Theme Store and shortlisting the best Samsung themes. Most of the themes listed below are black and dark because dark themes look great on Samsung’s AMOLED display, save battery, and save eyes from digital eye strain.

Personally, I don’t like the One UI’s default dark theme. However, there are a bunch of 3rd-party dark themes that can customize every aspect of the One UI including, the lock screen, phone dialer, contacts, quick settings, and notification panel, messaging, calendar, calculator, keyboard, file manager, SystemUI, and so on. Without any further ado, let’s check out the best Samsung themes available right now.

Out of the 30 dark Samsung themes listed below 15 are free and the remaining themes are premium. If you like white or light themes, don’t forget to check out these 20 best light themes for Samsung One UI.

Before you proceed, however, you should also read my tutorials to learn how you can boot your Samsung device into the Download mode and Recovery mode, and download the latest Samsung firmware.

Note: Since the Samsung theme download links can’t be shared, I have provided the exact keywords that you can use to search for the themes and download them. You just need to open the Galaxy Themes app via Settings > Themes, tap the search icon, and type your query to find the themes.

1. Black Edition V2 (Free)

black edition v2 theme samsung

Designed by Minu, Black Edition V2 is a pure dark theme with white highlights. It fully supports Samsung One UI 4 and 5. The theme has a plain black background. The theme works perfectly on phones like Galaxy A20, Galaxy A50, Galaxy A80, Galaxy S20, S21, S22, and S23 Ultra and I have no doubt it’ll work on other Galaxy phones as well.

Theme search keyword: ‘black edition v2 minu’

2. Hex 2 Colorful (Paid)

hex 2 colorful samsung theme

If you are looking for a beautiful dark theme, Hex 2 Colorful is a great option. I purchased this theme recently and have been using it since then. Coloful animation on the lockscreen and caller screen, beautiful color combination with blue highlights, and a cool dialer theme make Hex 2 Colorful a must-have for Samsung smartphone users. The developer has also released a silver variant of the theme that you should check out as well.

Theme search keyboard: ‘sw hex 2 colorful’

3. Black Onix (Free)

black onix samsung dark theme

Samsung dark theme – Black Onix

Black Onix is another awesome dark theme for Samsung Galaxy phones running One UI. It has been there for 3 years in the Theme Store and it keeps getting regular updates. Black Onix has a pitch-black background and blue and purple highlights that look really cool. The use of gradients in the dialer and menu tabs adds further charm. I used this theme on my Galaxy S8, S9, and now on Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Black Onix is a free theme but it has all premium features. It also comes with a beautiful AOD. It is definitely one of the best Samsung themes you must install and try.

Theme search keyword: ‘gs black onix’

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4. Amethyst Dark (Paid)

amethyst dark samsung theme

Amethyst Dark is another great dark Samsung theme that you must check out. It has been designed by Sebastian Wolodkiewicz who has developed some of the best themes for Samsung devices. The combination of dark violet background and rose gold highlights gives it a killer look. I purchased this theme 2 years ago for my Galaxy S9 and it still works like a charm on my Note 10+. It’s worth the money you pay to get it.

Theme search keyword: ‘sw amethyst dark’

5. Black and Blue All Over (Free)

black and blue samsung theme

Embossed icons, an eye-catching dialer screen, royal blue, and splashes of black here and there, all make this theme a must-have. If you don’t like a plain background on the home and lock screens, you can use a matching wallpaper to enhance its looks. The theme has been developed by  Performance Design and is available in 2 variants with little tweaks. You can enjoy this theme for free.

Theme search keyword: ‘rpm black and blue all over’

6. Colorful Expression II (Paid)

colorful expression dark theme for samsung

Designed by Sebastian Wolodkiewicz, Colorful Expression II is currently my favorite Samsung theme. The theme has an animation effect on the lock screen and call background. It has a very colorful design and everything looks just perfect. The dialer theme that comes with Azure with this theme has a refreshing look. In my view, this is one of the best Samsung themes that you should check out on your Samsung device.

Theme search keyword: ‘sw colorful expression’

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7. Black Lemon (Free)

black lemon samsung theme

Black Lemon by MINU is a free dark black Samsung theme. The combination of yellow and black make it a simple yet appealing theme. When applied, Black Lemon looks great on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. It’s a completely free theme and if you like the color combination, you must download it. It’s one of the best choices available for those who are looking for a clean black theme.

Theme search keyword: ‘minu black lemon’

8. Luxury Ornamental (Paid)

luxury ornamental animated theme samsung

Luxury Ornamental is a premium dark theme with an animation effect on the lock screen. It is one of the best dark themes available in the Samsung Themes Store. A dark background and amazing use of sacred geometry golden designs, outlines, and highlights give it a lovely look.

Theme search keyword: ‘echo luxury ornamental’

9. Gold & Storm Blue (Paid)

gold and stormy blue one ui 2 theme

The very preview of Gold & Storm Blue makes you pine for it. Just like Amethyst Dark, this theme may be called Sebastian Wolodkiewicz’s masterpiece. I love the theme wallpaper, the icons, the colors, the AOD theme, and everything about this theme. Gold & Storm Blue is a premium theme and it is worth every penny you spend to get it. It looks amazing on my Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

Theme search keyword: ‘sw gold and stormy blue’

10. Play (Paid)

play colorful samsung theme

If you love gaming, Play is a great theme for you. This colorful theme with game control buttons and geometrical shapes looks amazing on my Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Just download this theme, apply it and you’ll realize why it earned a place in my list of the best Samsung themes.

Theme search keyword: ‘invaser carbon green’

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11. Red and Blue (Paid)

red and blue theme for samsung one ui

Red and Blue is one of the best dark themes for Samsung Galaxy smartphones that you can download now. It’s a premium theme that just justifies every penny spent on it. With red and blue highlights that produce a purple effect, it evolves as a formidable dark Samsung theme that is compatible with all versions of the One UI.

Theme search keyword: ‘sw red and blue’

12. Dark Sunstone (Free)

dark sunstone one ui theme

Dark Sunstone is just one of the 8 themes of the Dark series with different color combinations by Made in Italy Code Art AC. Just like Dark Sunstone, all other themes of the series are available for free.

  • Dark Emerald
  • Dark Turquoise
  • Dark Coral
  • Dark Amber
  • Dark Ruby
  • Dark Amethyst
  • Dark Sapphire

Theme search keyword: ‘dark sunstone’

13. Luxury Gear (Paid)

luxury gear animated theme samsung

Luxury Gear is another great-looking dark theme with animated background for the lock screen. If you love the black-gold combination, Luxury is a great premium theme to go for. The theme is a beautiful dark theme for Samsung Galaxy devices that look so great on the AMOLED display. This is one of the best Samsung dark themes that works well with One UI.

Theme search keyword: ‘sw luxury gear’

14. Edge UI Red (Paid)

edge ui red theme

Here is another pitch-black theme with red highlights. BlackRed is a free Samsung theme by Hiten Soni. As you can see in the screenshots, BlackRed is a minimal theme with a killer color combination. I am sure you won’t be able to ignore it as it looks really good when applied.

Theme search keyword: ‘edge ui red’

15. Lime Dark (Paid)

lime dark one ui 2 theme

If you can spend $2 for a premium theme, Lime Dark by MINU is one of the best dark themes for Samsung devices to buy. It’s a really beautiful theme that customizes every aspect of your phone including the icons, calculator, calendar, etc. Download this theme and you’ll surely love it.

Theme search keyword: ‘minu lime dark’

16. Material Indigo Dark (Free)

material indigo dark one ui theme

If you get fed up with dark Samsung themes dominated by black and grey colors, Material Indigo Dark might be the perfect diversion for you. It’s a very neat theme with a material design wallpaper on the front and a matty dark base with violet overtones in the UI.

Theme search keyword: ‘material indigo dark’

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17. Rainbow Bright (Paid)

rainbow bright animated theme for one ui

Rainbow Bright is a colorful dark theme that looks great when applied. This animated theme is my personal favorite and one of the best Samsung themes in my opinion.

Theme search keyword: ‘aire rainbow bright’

18. I Feel Like Smiling Dark (Paid)

i feel like smiling theme for samsung

I Feel Like Smiling Dark is a minimal yet playful dark theme for Samsung phones.

Theme search keyword: ‘i feel like smiling dark’

19. Neon (Paid)

neon dark theme for samsung one ui

Neon is a minimal style dark theme for Samsung Galaxy devices. It has a clean layout and I like the theme wallpaper, the phone dialer, and the systemUI theming in particular. If you can spend $1 for a theme, you must consider downloading the Neon theme for your Samsung phone.

Theme search keyword: ‘tma neon’

20. Neon Green Mean Machine(Paid)

neon green one ui dark theme

Neon Green is a perfect dark Samsung theme. The theme was released in April 2020 and looks amazing on devices like Galaxy S20 Ultra and Galaxy Note 10 Plus. Neon green highlights on a pitch-black background produce a simply mesmerizing effect. I just love everything about this theme – the icons and the dialer screen, in particular.

Theme search keyword: ‘rpm neon green’

21. Love. Owlways (Paid)

love owlways one ui theme

Love Owlways is an elegant dark theme with an animated lock screen. It flaunts the creative fervor of its creator which is impressive. Try this theme and you’ll love it as I do.

Theme search keyword: ‘love owlways’

22. Orange Burst (Free)

orange burst samsung dark theme

A lightweight theme with a plain black background – there’s nothing more to tell about this simple theme. Orange Burst is all about lots of blacks and flashes of oranges. The theme is developed by SHMO Designs and is a completely free Samsung theme.

Theme search keyword: ‘shmo orange burst’

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23. V3 Orange (Paid)

v3 orange dark one ui theme

V3 Orange is one of those themes that I have been using for 3 years. This animated theme is still among my favorites. This premium paid theme has been designed by Sebastian Wolodkiewicz and if you have some bucks to spend, you must get it.

Theme search keyword: ‘sw v3 orange’

24. Erebos (Paid)

erebos dark theme samsung one ui

A dark material design background for the home and lock screens, a great theme for the phone dialer, and a clean UI, all these features make Erebos a great choice if you are looking for a good theme for your Samsung Galaxy phone.

Theme search keyword: ‘nr erebos’

25. Modern Layer Burgundy (Paid)

modern layer burgundy theme one ui

Modern Layer Burgundy by Aire Design is a premium dark theme for Samsung One UI. As you can see in the preview image, it looks beautiful. It is one of the best Samsung themes to go for.

Theme search keyword: ‘aire modern layer burgundy’

26. Minimal Blue Whale RT (Free)

minimal blue whale theme for one ui

Minimal Blue Whale RT is a free dark theme for Samsung devices. The preview image should be self-evident why this theme has made a place for itself in our list of the best Samsung themes.

Theme search keyword: ‘saurabh gupta redcardux’

27. Rise UI (Paid)

rise ui dark theme for samsung

Rise UI is another beautiful premium theme that you should try. It’s a great Samsung One UI 2 theme that works with all Samsung Galaxy devices running One UI.

Theme search keyword: ‘ar rise ui’

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28. Neon Lights (Paid)

neon lights theme for samsung

Neon Lights is another premium dark theme for Samsung Galaxy devices. The use of colorful neon especially red, green, blue, and yellow makes it look more beautiful.

Theme search keyword: ‘tma neon lights’

29. Planting Trees (Free)

tree samsung one ui 2 theme

Planting Trees is not a typical dark theme for Samsung devices but it does look awesome with its soothing olive green background. It is a free theme that customizes every aspect of your Samsung device running One UI.

Theme search keyword: ‘planting trees mi hee’

30. Gradient Purple Orange RT (Paid)

gradient purple orange rt samsung theme

Gradient Purple Orange RT is a dark theme with colorful elements and cool icons by Tonmoy Ghosh. It’s a stylish and modern Samsung theme that’s perfect in its own right. I love this theme very much and it’s one of the best Samsung themes that you can get right now. You must download and try it.

Theme search keyword: ‘gradient purple orange rt’

31. Lucid (Paid)

lucid colorful dark theme samsung

Just take a look at the screenshots above. Does Lucid not look great? I think it’s one of the best Samsung dark themes. Having tried it out on my Galaxy S23 Ultra, I couldn’t stop myself from tapping the ‘Buy’ option.

Theme search keyword: ‘lucid’

You have checked out all 30 best Samsung themes listed above, you should realize how must time, research, and hard work I have put into compiling it. Download and install the Samsung dark themes for your Galaxy device running One UI and let me know what you think about them.

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      1. Hi Obi, I do have this theme installed on my Galaxy Note 10+ but I can’t share the theme APK as it’s saved on the phone storage as an uninstallable package. Also, it’s not a good practice to distribute premium apps.

        I would suggest you contact Invaser Themes to make it available in your country or share it with you somehow.

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    1. Thanks for the appreciation, George! As for the clock weather widgets featured in the screenshots in the article, they belong to an app called XWidget Pro.

  3. useless!!! None of these themes are based on Dark Mode so this is completely useless to develop dark themes if all apps will be light themed!

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