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20 Best Light Themes for Samsung One UI (2023)

I shared a list of the 30 best dark themes for Samsung One UI just a while ago. While dark themes look better and help save our eyes from strain in dark and shadowy environments, they can cause visibility issues during sunny hours. In case you want some great themes with a light and white background, here are some of the best light themes for Samsung devices running One UI 4 and One UI 5.

I have to spend a full day searching, installing trying around 70 themes to pick just 20 light themes for Samsung Galaxy devices. I tested these Samsung themes on my Galaxy S23 Ultra and Galaxy S21 Ultra to make sure they work on the latest Samsung One UI.

Since my aim was to feature only the best ones, my list below contains both the best free and paid Samsung themes. The themes listed below are in alphabetical order. In case the themes are not getting applied on your Samsung device, you should wipe the cache partition of your Samsung device via Recovery Mode.

Note: Since we can’t share the download links to the Samsung themes, you’ll have to search for the themes in the Galaxy Themes app.

  1. Open Settings > Themes.
  2. Tap the Search icon and type the theme search keyword mentioned after each theme mentioned below.

1. Rainbow 4 Theme (Paid)

rainbow stripes samsung theme

Designed by Themes Digital, Rainbow Stripes is a free light theme for Samsung Galaxy devices. It has a colorful background, custom icons, and a themed dialer. Originally, it was a premium theme but it can be downloaded from the Galaxy Themes store for free now.

Galaxy Themes Store search keyword: ‘digital rainbow 4 theme’

2. Baby Blue (Free)

baby blue samsung one ui theme

If you love blue as I do, you will love this simple minimal Samsung theme with light blue hues. The theme has a light blue background everywhere and the use of dark blue in places and black text make it look great. It has been developed by MINU and is available in several color variants for free.

Galaxy Themes Store search keyword: ‘minu baby blue’

3. Banana Jelly (Free)

banana jelly yellow theme for samsung

If you love the light yellow color, you’ll like the Banana Jelly theme for sure. It’s neither a dark nor a white theme. Light yellow background, mustard yellow highlights, and brown text give this Samsung theme a nice look. The theme is fully compatible with One UI 2 and comes with a custom AOD theme too. If you like the feel of Banana Jelly but prefer some other color, you can try the following color variants of the Jelly series themes designed by NeedWin.

  • Melon Jelly
  • Orange Jelly
  • Cherry Jelly
  • Blueberry Jelly
  • Lemon Jelly
  • Peach Jelly
  • Grape Jelly
  • Mini Carrot Jelly
  • Apple Jelly
  • Strawberry Jelly
  • Pineapple Jelly
  • Watermelon Jelly
  • Chilli Pepper

Galaxy Themes Store search keyword: ‘need banana jelly’

4. Color White (Free)

white samsung one ui theme

Color White has been developed by Samsung’s designers, It themes every aspect of the One UI and can be downloaded for free. The theme looks amazing because of the cool dialer and the use of color gradients.

Galaxy Themes Store search keyword: ‘theme seller white color’

5. Neumorphism (Paid)

neu morphism samsung theme

Neumorphism by Aire Design is one of the best light themes for Samsung Galaxy phones. This theme has a matty grey background that looks cool. With an embossed clock on the lockscreen, amazing icons, and super clean UI, this theme looks just amazing. If you like it, you can download it for free using the keyword given below.

Galaxy Themes Store search keyword: ‘aire neumorphism’

6. Diamond Purple Blue (Free)

diamond purple blue theme for samsung

Purple and blue are my favorite colors. The Diamond Purple Blue light theme for Samsung Galaxy devices looks great because of its color combination. The theme comes with a custom icon pack, a clean dialer theme, and a great wallpaper as a background.

Galaxy Themes Store search keyword: ‘minu diamond purple blue’

7. Dynamic Gradient UX (Paid)

dynamic gradient ux theme for samsung

If you are looking for a good light theme for your Galaxy smartphone, you might like Dynamic Gradient UX by Saurabh Gupta. It’s a premium theme with beautiful wallpaper, nice icons, and a neat design.

Galaxy Themes Store search keyword: ‘dynamicgradientux’

8. Feliz Navidad (Free)

feliz navidad samsung theme

The name of this theme might sound weird if you don’t know Spanish. Feliz Navidad is a Spanish phrase that means “Happy Christmas” or “Merry Christmas”. The colorful bubbles in the theme wallpaper look very similar to a decorated Christmas tree and the snowy white background makes it a purely Christmas theme. Feliz Navidad has all premium features including an animated snowfall lock screen, AOD theme, and nice dialer skin but it is completely free.

Galaxy Themes Store search keyword: ‘nr feliz navidad’

9. L’amour (Free)

l'amour samsung one ui theme

L’amour is another free Samsung theme that deserves a shot. This theme by MINU or Atlantis comes with a custom icon pack and themes every aspect of the One UI. With flora white as a base color and the use of brown and black will make you feel enamored. L’amour is a must-have if you are looking for a light theme for your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Theme search keyword: ‘tma l’amour’

10. Yellow (Free)

yellow theme for samsung one ui

Yellow is a free theme made by Samsung. The theme looks good and is very lightweight. If you don’t like the plain theme wallpaper, you can try these center punch hole wallpapers on your Samsung phone.

Theme search keyword: ‘aire lemon’

11. Luxury Gold White (Paid)

luxury gold white samsung theme

Luxury Gold White is a premium light theme by renowned theme designer Sebastian Wolodkiewicz. The use of textured white background, an awesome icon pack, and golden highlights makes this theme one of my favorites.

Theme search keyword: ‘sw luxury gold white’

12. Material Indigo (Free)

material indigo samsung theme

The very name of the theme Material Indigo makes it clear how it looks. This free theme has been made by Durim Klaiqi. Material Indigo is a clean and simple theme that must be there on your Samsung smartphone. You can also try the green, grey and blue versions of this theme.

Theme search keyword: ‘durim klaiqi material indigo’

13. Modern Gold (Paid)

modern gold theme one ui

Modern Gold is a good-looking premium theme by Sebastian Wolodkiewicz who is my favorite theme artist.

Theme search keyword: ‘sw modern gold’

14. Monochrome Hex (Paid)

monochrome hex samsung theme

Monochrome Hex is a cool light theme for Samsung devices. It is marked by a minimalist hexagon design in shades of grey. The hexagonal shapes are scattered throughout the theme.

Galaxy Themes Store search keyword: ‘monochrome hex’

15. Smile (Free)

smile light theme for samsung

Smile is a funky theme that will make you smile. It is a lightweight theme with caricature-style wallpapers and icons and a minimal design. It’s free to download and use.

Galaxy Themes Store search keyword: ‘smile’

16. OrangeM (Paid)

orange m theme samsung one ui

Here is another theme by TMA or Atlantis Theme Studio. As its name suggests, OrangeM is a light theme with orange highlight elements and a light orange background in the Settings UI. This is the only theme in our list of the best light themes for Samsung that has orange accents.

Galaxy Themes Store search keyword: ‘tma orangem’

17. Rio 2016 Colors (Free)

rio colors samsung theme

The name of the theme suggests that it is dedicated to the Rio Olympics (2016). However, since there is no branding on the theme wallpaper, it can be used in 2022 too. Rio 2016 Colors has a colorful wallpaper, a beautiful dialer skin, light yellow background, and yellow-green highlights.

Theme search keyword: ‘tma rio 2016 colors’

18. Triangle (Free)

triangle samsung theme

Triangle is another free theme with teal highlights for Samsung devices that you should try.

Theme search keyword: ‘sw triangle’

19. Teal (Free)

teal theme for samsung

Sebastian Wolodkiewicz is one of the most renowned Samsung theme designers. He has received several awards from Samsung for his great themes. Sebastian Wolodkiewicz rarely makes free themes and Teal is one of those. The color scheme and simplicity may remind you of the Google Pixel default theme. It’s one of the best free light themes available for Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Galaxy Themes Store search keyword: ‘sw teal’

20. Yellow Stripe (Free)

yellow stripe one ui theme

Finally, here is the 20th of the best light themes for Samsung One UI. Yellow Stripe is a very clean Samsung theme by MINU. It looks beautiful and if you like yellow, you must try this free theme.

Galaxy Themes Store search keyword:: ‘minu yellow stripe’

I hope you would like my collection of the best light Samsung themes for One UI. Give them a try and let me know which themes you liked most. If you find some great Samsung themes that you think should be featured here, please tell us via comments.

Before you leave, however, do not forget some really informative tutorials that I wrote for Samsung Galaxy device users.

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