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350+ Most Useful and Amazing Websites on the Internet (PDF)

There are 1.14 billion websites on the Internet as of now. 10000 new websites come into existence every hour. The craziest internet freak can’t claim to explore even a fraction of it in a lifetime. The fact is, nobody needs to know about every website that exists. The websites that are useful to some people might be useless to others. In this article, we’ll be listing over 350 most useful and amazing websites on the Internet that you might not be familiar with.

These amazing websites can entertain, cure boredom, help you learn skills, enhance productivity, boost creativity, and do cool things. AI is taking over the industry and making things so much easier and that’s why many of the websites and tools in the list are powered by AI.

Websites like these are why the Internet is amazing. If you’re looking for some new websites to check out, this list is a great place to start. You can find websites for almost anything you’re interested in, whether it’s learning about a new topic, keeping up with the news, or finding a new hobby. There’s no shortage of possibilities, so you’re sure to find something that interests you. And, who knows? You might just find your new favorite website.

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List of the Most Useful Websites

Let’s start with our well-chosen list of the most amazing websites on the internet. To save time, for now, I haven’t classified the websites into categories and so they have been listed in alphabetical order. Whether you are a student, an office worker, a content creator, a curious reader, or someone looking for a website to kill time and cure your boredom, you’ll find our well-researched list of the most useful websites and web apps interesting. You can download the complete list of the websites mentioned in this article as a PDF file below.

Best Websites for Students (Education and Learning)

Whether you are a student, a teacher, or a knowledge seeker, the following websites will help you learn things and find reading material online.

  1. Aeon: Read highly informative articles written by renowned professors, researchers, and experts on topics like sciences, philosophy, history, arts, nature, and more. You’ll find these articles not only interesting by eye-opening as well.
  2. ASCII Flow: ASCIIFlow is a web-based application that lets you draw ASCII diagrams.
  3. Auto Draw: AutoDraw by Google is a great drawing tool that works on smartphones, tablets, and computers. It suggests shapes and drawings based on what you draw using machine learning to help you create visually-pleasing drawings fast.
  4. Book Finder: Searches the inventories of over 100,000 booksellers and millions of books to find the book you want to read. You should also check
  5. Bored Button: If you are feeling bored and want to pass some time, go to this website and click on the red button to surprise yourself with funny, interactive, and creative websites. The more you click on the bored button, the sweeter the result.
  6. Calculator Soup: You can’t find a better calculator than this one. It’s a free online calculator that lets you calculate mortgage, loan interest, tax, financial ratios, conversions, construction, math, trigonometry, algebra, geometry, fractions, statistics, physics, data and time, time value of currencies, and more.
  7. Class Central: This is a great website for students who want to find the best free online courses offered by universities worldwide.
  8. Cool Math Games: This website offers HTML and Flash games suitable for children and young adults.
  9. Digital History: If you want to get a peep into the history of the United States, you can use this website as a primary source. All the content on the website is print-friendly and you can also find classroom lessons and quizzes on American history.
  10. Engineering ToolBox: It is a very useful website because it offers tools for engineering, formulas, equations, explanations, etc.
  11. Etym Online: It’s an amazing online dictionary of etymology. Get the history of words, their origin, and their evolution in detail.
  12. Explorabl: Explorable Explanations is a cool website for students who can learn and understand subjects like art, biology, chemistry, physics, civics, economics, philosophy, maths, physiology, social science, programming, and more using some cool educational and interactive games while having fun. Also check out
  13. Geogebra: Need help with graphs in your maths homework? You can check out Geogebra for help.
  14. Good Tricks: Learn impressive magic tricks and magician secrets.
  15. Grammarly: This cloud-based typing assistant checks for spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes, and suggests replacements for the identified errors. The tool can also check the level of clarity and plagiarism in English texts.
  16. Gutenberg: A repository of more than 60,000 free ebooks that can be downloaded for free. Similar websites: and, and
  17. Hemingway Editor: Are you worried about your English writing skills? Do you think it’s too hard to read and requires improvements? This website checks and highlights the level of complexity and common writing errors to help you simplify your writing. Type or paste your text on this site to see the readability score and follow the suggestions to improve it.
  18. Hundred Zeros: The site lets you download free Kindle books.
  19. Hyper Physics: Makes physics understandable for students.
  20.  If you are interested in philosophy and want to make a clearer sense of the subject, here is an Encyclopedia of philosophy for you. Read about the eminent philosophers of the world, and understand the relationships between various philosophers, ideas, eras, etc, You should also check and (which has a better visual appeal).
  21. Library Genesis: Download almost any book as an ebook.
  22. Library Thing: If you are fond of reading books, this website lets you share what you’re reading with millions of other users and connect with people who read what you do.
  23. Magma: Magma is a full-fledged drawing tool that works in your web browser.
  24. Mathway: Easily solve mathematical problems related to basic maths, physics, chemistry, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, and more. You can also try Math for You.
  25. Maths is Fun: Most students are Arithmophobic because they find maths boring and hard to digest. This website is dedicated to teaching maths in a fun and easy way.
  26. Memrise: It is an excellent language learning resource with courses in Spanish, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Italian, Turkish, German, French, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, etc.
  27. Microsoft Math Solver: It’s an entry-level educational tool for students to learn solutions to algebra, calculus, and other math problems step-by-step.
  28. Miro: Miro is a whiteboard app that works in a web browser. It is a fun, easy-to-use whiteboard tool to draw ideas, brainstorm, and share projects with others in real time from anywhere. Witeboard is another alternative you can try.
  29. NearPod: It is an excellent tool to share content directly to computers or mobile devices during conferences, lectures, classes, etc. You can share presentation slides, PDFs, websites, images, multimedia content, and other resources with your audience. The website is good for teachers too as it offers interactive lessons, interactive videos, gamification, and activities. Most of the content is free but there are also premium options you can explore.
  30. Omni Calculator: Calculate simply anything with this online universal calculator.
  31. OneLook: It’s a reverse dictionary that might come in handy when you can describe a thing but can’t remember what it’s called. This dictionary will find you the word on the basis of your description. For, example, if you don’t remember a word (lethologica, for example) but know the meaning, you can type “the inability to remember a particular word or name” in the search box to find the word or term for it.
  32. Online Conversion: Converts almost any unit of measurement to almost any other unit of measurement.
  33. Open Culture: It’s a collection of free courses. ebooks, audiobooks, lectures, videos, and lots of educational stuff.
  34. PDF Drive: Download from a collection of millions of eBooks in PDF format.
  35. Pixton: This is a cool website to help teachers and parents make kids learn things the fun way and unleash their artistic and writing potential.
  36. Ptable: It is the best periodic table you’ll ever find online. It shows the properties of the elements, electrons, and isotope count. You can also drag different elements to create a compound.
  37. Python for Everybody: This is a good site to learn Python for free.
  38. Quizlet: It’s a great learning and study tool for students. It not only shows you the answers to the exercises but more importantly how you get to them.
  39. Scale of Universe: An amazing website showing the scale of the universe, from the smallest possible to the biggest possible thing known to humans.
  40. Socratic: It’s an AI-powered tool by Google that helps you find the most relevant learning resources to solve academic problems related to science, maths, literature, social studies, and more.
  41. Space: Keep yourself updated with the latest news about space exploration, innovation, and astronomy.
  42. Stellarium Web: Check out this online planetarium to see which stars, constellations, and planets are out tonight.
  43. It is a very useful website for international students who are looking for cheap accommodations near their college or a neighborhood of their choice. The website doesn’t charge any for the service.
  44. Symbo Lab: Enter a math equation and this website will solve it for you and also tell you all the steps to get to the answer.
  45. System: It’s a free resource for students and researchers that helps you find how a term or topic is related to other things.
  46. Talk to Books: An AI-powered website by Google that helps you discover books and explore ideas. Type a question or a statement in the search box and AI show you passages from books that have answers to your query or have similar ideas.
  47. The Sky Live: If you gaze at the night sky and space with wonder, this website is just for you.
  48. Thrift Books: If you are a book nerd, you can buy books cheaper and save money.
  49. Tutor AI: This AI-powered assistant creates educational content on any topic for students.
  50. Master typing with the help of practice sessions.
  51. Udemy: This site offers online video courses to learn drawing, graphic designing, Python, web development, ethical hacking, cyber security, machine learning, SQL, Photoshop, C++, data analysis, Excel, software development, and more.
  52. W3Schools: It is an educational website for those who want to learn coding, web development, and more.
  53. Wikibooks: A giant collection of online textbooks that anyone can edit.
  54. Wolframalpha: An AI-powered all-in-one tool that can compute almost anything. It’s one of the most useful websites I have ever stumbled upon.

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Best Productivity Websites List

  1. 123Apps: This web app is simply amazing. It’s a collection of around 50 online tools to create, edit and convert images, videos, audio, PDFs, etc. The best thing is you can access all the tools from your browser using an extension.
  2. AmCharts: Make professional charts, maps, and timelines for your presentations or projects for free.
  3. Axiom AI: It is a browser automation tool that automates actions and repetitive tasks on a website or web app. It requires no coding on the part of the user.
  4. Beat Snoop: The Downloader tool from BeatSnoop can download any file from any website.
  5. Browse AI: Extract data from any website and export it to a Google Doc or Spreadsheet.
  6. Using this online tool. you can take notes, find new ideas, avoid distractions, organize thoughts visually and present yourself more effectively.
  7. Buffer: Buffer is an app for the web and mobile that allows you to manage your social media accounts and schedule posts to hundreds of platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.
  8. Beautifier: This a great website for those who love to code. It lets you prettify your JavaScript, JSON, React.js, HTML, CSS, SCSS, and SASS code and make it code readable and printer-friendly.
  9. Beautiful AI: Make impressive presentations using tons of smart slide templates with the help of artificial intelligence.
  10. Alternativeto: Looking for an alternative to a costly program or software? Just type the name of the software in the search box and you’ll find the alternatives to that software that support your operating system and suit your pocket. You should also try
  11. Cloud Convert: This is a fantastic free tool for converting one file type into another. It supports almost all formats of audio, video, document, ebook, archive, image, spreadsheet, and presentation. You can directly upload the file you want to convert or simply paste its URL. Also try
  12. Adioma: Make impressive infographics with an overwhelming set of icons and templates at your disposal.
  13. Beulr: Taking notes in the middle of an online meeting might be a painstaking job. You can use Beulr to record and transcribe video and audio and creates a summary of Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams meetings. Also check out and
  14. Bug Me Not: Many websites require you to sign up for them so that you can access their content. If you want to use a website without sharing your email and other details, BugMeNot is just for you. The site has a big community that shares the logins for thousands of websites so that others can access those websites. You can use these logins to bypass mandatory registration on websites.
  15. Calligraphr: Create your own original font using your handwriting or calligraphy.
  16. Coolors: Generate a custom color palette. You can even lock the color you like and keep randomizing the other colors until you find the perfect color palette. You can find any color using its color code.
  17. Egg Timer: Egg Timer is an online countdown timer. Just enter an amount of time or select a timer from the site and it will beep when the time is up. You can customize the theme, alert sound, volume intensity, notifications, etc. by clicking on the ‘Help and Settings‘ button.
  18. Deepl Translator: Translate texts, Word documents, PDFs, and PowerPoint presentations instantly using this AI translator. It works better than Google Translate.
  19. Diff Checker: Compare and check the difference between two text files, images, PDFs, Excel sheets, and folders online or on your computer.
  20. Diagrams: Create diagrams and flowcharts online.
  21. Eesel: It’s not a website but a Chrome extension that organizes your work flows for better productivity.
  22. Excali Draw: An online whiteboard that also lets you collaborate with others live.
  23. Excel Formula Bot: Transform text instructions into Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel formulae with the help of artificial intelligence.
  24. Flourish: This website allows you to turn your data into stunning charts, graphs, maps, and interactive stories. You can choose from dozens and dozens of different templates and present your data impressively.
  25. Follow Up Then: Set up email reminders the easiest way possible.
  26. Fuelly: Track your fuel mileage and calculate fuel expenses.
  27. Get Notify: Get notified when the emails sent by you have been opened and read by the receiver and find the recipient’s IP address, location, browser details, etc.
  28. IFTTT: It’s a free web service that helps users automate web-based tasks apps and devices and improve productivity. IFTTT stands for “If This Then That.”
  29. I Love PDF: A 100% free tool to merge, split, compress, convert, rotate, unlock, and watermark PDFs easily. It’s a one-stop hub for everything you want to do with a PDF file.
  30. Infogram: Create impressive infographics, reports, slides, posters, and other visuals in minutes.
  31. JotForm: Create powerful and complex forms in no time.
  32. Kleki: An online drawing tool that lets you paint with natural brushes and layers, and edit your drawings.
  33. Live Stream: This online tool by Vimeo lets you broadcast desktop screen and events live over the world.
  34. Match Color: Steal the color (preset) from any picture you upload and add it to your photo.
  35. Meet Edgar: A unique social media management tool that automatically pulls posts from your content and schedules for you.
  36. Mint: Manage money and track your monthly bills, create budgets, grow savings, and build stronger financial habits with this budgeting app.
  37. Minutes: Make every minute count by taking notes quickly and efficiently during meetings.
  38. My Maps: Create custom Google Maps with scribbles, pins, and custom shapes and share them with others.
  39. Narakeet: Easily convert your text, PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote presentations into audio and video and add captions and subtitles. They offer natural-sounding TTS in 80+ languages and with 500+ voices.
  40. PDF Candy: Enjoy 47 online tools to edit, convert, split, merge, and compress PDF files. You can also try PDF24 Tools.
  41. Print Friendly: Makes stuff printer-friendly. You can even download this list of the most useful websites as a PDF file using this tool. Also check out
  42. Privnote: Create and send notes that will self-destruct after being read.
  43. Rewind AI: An AI assistant that records everything that you do on your computer from videos you watch to the web pages you visit and compiles it into a timeline. If you want to remember what you were doing a week ago, you can go back to that date and check all your activities. It stores all the recordings locally in highly compressed form which means no data is sent off your computer. It also transcribes any videos that you have watched and searches for words and phrases used in them and shows you. As of now, the tool only works on macOS.
  44. Saltify: Share your sensitive information through encrypted and password-protected links that automatically expire after a set time.
  45. Sembly: It’s an AI-powered note-taking tool that takes meeting notes while you focus on the discussion so that you don’t miss anything.
  46. Smmry: Paste an article URL, text, or essay and this website will summarize it for you in the number of sentences you want. Also see
  47. Speechify: A great text-to-speech engine that converts your text or document to speech for free. Using the Speechify extension, you can read aloud a website or email.
  48. StartMe: Create a fully customizable start page in your web browser by placing important information like bookmarks, notes, tasks, RSS feeds, stock, weather widgets, etc. in one place.
  49. A website by Stig Christensen that offers some free useful tools like Mutual Backup, JavaTunes, Everybody’s Backup, PictureRenamer, and The Power Consumption Database.
  50. Tineye: A reverse image search tool that uses the photo provided by you to find similar images on the web. Also check out
  51. TinyWow: A collection of productivity tools that let you edit, create and convert PDFs, and edit and enhance images and videos. Moreover, it also offers AI-based content writing solutions.
  52. Trello: Trello is a simple, flexible, and powerful online tool for organizing anything using Kanban-style cards and helps you in managing tasks and projects. Also check out
  53. Use the Keyboard: A useful collection of keyboard shortcuts for Windows programs, Mac apps, and popular websites. Do not forget to check out these: 250 Windows 11 keyboard shortcuts and 300 macOS keyboard shortcuts.
  54. Zamzar: An online file converter where you can upload any file format and change it into another format absolutely free.

Best Funny and Relaxing Websites to Cure Boredom

If you are feeling bored and dull, the following websites will help you overcome them. Do not forget to check out our list of more than 100 websites to cure boredom and have fun online.

  1. This website offers a variety of web browser tools such as TimeStretch Player, Analog Film Emulator, Forensically, Neon Flames, etc. Using these interactive mesmerizing tools, you can relax your mind and have fun.
  2. 7Cups: Despite the fact that we are all surrounded by people, most of us feel isolated and alone, especially in bad times like depression, anxiety, and problematic relationships. There are times when we wish to talk to someone and seek emotional and mental support but find no one around. 7Cups provides a platform where we can anonymously chat with caring listeners.
  3. 750 Words: Writing is a good habit. Using this website, you can inculcate the habit by starting each morning with 750 words or 3 pages of spontaneous writing to clear away the mental clutter. It’s a great way to start your day with a fresh mind.
  4. AI Pickup Lines: If you want to impress your girlfriend or friends with fun, quirky, clever, and punny pickup lines, this site is the best place to visit.
  5. Anchor FM: It’s a free podcasting platform by Spotify that lets you create, host, and monetize your podcast episodes.
  6. A Good Movie to Watch: Looking for something good to watch? This website is full of meticulously picked highly-rated and less-known movies and shows. The list of recommended movies is updated regularly so you always find something new to watch.
  7. Appypie: Create funny memes online for free.
  8. Animated Drawings: This website by Meta AI Research does what its name says. Just upload a photo of your drawings or sketches and it’ll add life to them.
  9. Best Similar: If you love to watch a certain kind of movie, you can enter the name of your favorite movie or TV show to find similar matches.
  10. Cloud Hiker: This website turns you into a hiker or explorer of the most interesting, astonishing, and awesome websites on the Internet. Just keep clicking on the ‘Next Site’ button to explore more and more of the Internet.
  11. Cure your boredom and relax your mind with interactive animations, animated GIFs, and layered loops.
  12. Every Noise: It’s a great website for music lovers as it helps you find hundreds of genres. Just open the website and click on the genre of music and listen to it.
  13. Experiments with Google: Explore the collection of over 1600 awesome experiments related to art, technology, design, and culture. The experiments will amaze, inspire, teach, and delight you. My personal favorites are 100,000 Stars and Thing Translator.
  14. Film Grab: It is the internet’s leading library of movie stills that comprises over 100k images from over 2000 movies.
  15. Future Me: Write an email to your future self or a friend and receive it after 6 months, 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, or a custom date in the future.
  16. Future Timeline: Do you ever what’ll happen to the world in the future? This site is loaded with interesting predictions of the timeline of future technology developments and events.
  17. Hacker Typer: Prank your friends with this cool hacker prank simulator. Just type randomly on your keyboard to make it look like you’re coding like a real hacker.
  18. I’m elgooG: I’m Google or Google Mirror is an interesting website for Google fans and Google’s Easter egg lovers. It’s a collection of official, unofficial, discontinued, and even enhanced versions of Easter eggs from Google that are funny and interactive. Try this website and you’ll love it. Don’t forget to check out more Google hacks, search tricks, and operators.
  19. IMSDB: Internet Movie Script Database. Read the scripts of your favorite movies and see how they look in the text format.
  20. Know Your Meme: It’s a database of viral memes, videos, image macros, and catchphrases.
  21. Map Crunch: By default, this site gives you a random Google map from anywhere in the world. You also select a country and explore it via maps.
  22. My90sTV: Do you ever feel nostalgic about watching programs on those old box TVs (CRT TVs) of the 90s? This website uses YouTube videos to simulate watching TV in the 90s. You can also specify what year you want and what categories you want to see when you change channels.
  23. Name that Language: This fun website tests your ability to decipher a foreign language. You have to listen to a short audio clip and guess the language.
  24. Paper Toys: A fun website with hundreds of free custom-designed paper toys that you can print and fold yourself.
  25. Plink: If you are a music lover and feeling bored, just open Plink in a web or mobile browser and have fun playing your own tunes.
  26. Pointer Pointer: A fun way to know where your mouse pointer is. Move your mouse pointer anywhere on the screen, and the website will show random images of people showing the location of the pointer using a finger.
  27. Quickdraw with Google: You draw, and a neural network tries to guess what you’re drawing.
  28. Random: Best website to generate random numbers, flip coins, and more.
  29. Replika: Create your own AI-generated replica who will see the world through your eyes and chat with you as a friend who understands you.
  30. SuperMeme: Generate funny memes using text with the aid of AI.
  31. The Useless Web: Takes you to a random silly website.
  32. This is Sand: Simply drag your mouse to make digital colorful sand art. A great website to kill boredom creatively.
  33. Unreal Meal: A collection of AI-generated images of meals that don’t exist.
  34. WcoFun: Do you love cartoons? Enjoy every cartoon ever made all in one place.
  35. What Came First: This Google Experiment offers you two choices, and you must select the one which chronologically came before the other. The faster you play, the more you score.
  36. The website simulates the experience of Windows 93 in your web browser.

Best Online Gaming Websites

  1. Agar: It’s a multiplayer online action game that can be played in a web browser.
  2. Crazy Games: Enjoy the latest and best free online games on your PC or smartphone without intrusive ads.
  3. Escape Team: Play escape room games at home online or on your smartphone.
  4. Lumosity: Train your brain and test your memory, processing speed, and problem-solving skills with a fresh set of brain games to keep you challenged.
  5. Money Simulator: It is a browser-based, retro sandbox game that lets you see the impact of your financial decisions. It’s free to play and simulates jobs, mortgages, pensions, savings, and real estate.
  6. Ncase: This website has a bunch of online interactive games like Adventures with Anxiety, Explorable Explanations, Nutshell, We Become What We Behold, Emoji Simulator, and The Evolution of Trust which uses game theory to simplify the problem of mistrust for us.
  7. Neal Fun: Features a host of interactive games and visualizations and other weird stuff to cure boredom and pass time.
  8. Old Games Download: Download every single PC game released in the 70s, 80s, 90s, and early 2000s.
  9. Sandspiel: Feeling bored? Have some fun playing this falling sand game on your phone or computer to relax your mind.
  10. Skribbl: It is a free online multiplayer drawing and guessing game to cure boredom.

Entertainment and Media Sites

  1. Date Night Movies: We all love movies but our tastes differ. If you are having a hard time picking a movie to watch with your friend or girlfriend, you must pick something that balances the tastes of both parties. DateNightMovies lets you choose two movies, and then it combines them to show recommendations to split the difference.
  2. GitHub IPTV: Watch IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) for free on your laptop or desktop. It is a collection of 8000+ publicly available IPTV channels from all over the world which can be played for free on a computer over Internet Protocol networks. You can play live TV channels by language, category, and country. Just copy the playlist link and paste it into your browser. Double-click the downloaded M3U file. You can also paste this link into a web-based IP TV player or add the M3U file in video players like VLC Player to watch TV.
  3. Gnoosic: Gnod is kind of a search engine for music that helps you discover new music based on your liking.
  4. I Have No TV: Get free access to a curated list of more than 4000 documentaries and shows that can be watched online.
  5. iHeart: Find free broadcast, podcast, and radio streaming stations across the U.S.
  6. Just Watch: Do you have a movie or TV show in mind and want to know where to watch it online? Do you want to know if you can stream a movie or show free with ads or with a subscription? Just Watch has answers for all such queries. You can also check out
  7. Midomi: Just hum a tune and Midomi finds the song for you.
  8. Mixlr: This website lets you stream your audio live to listeners from anywhere.
  9. Music Map: Enter the name of an artist and get a neat chart of similar artists.
  10. Note Flight: It’s an online tool that lets you write and edit your own music, display, print music sheets, play music notation in a web browser, and publish it.
  11. Pod Castle: An AI-powered audio and video creation platform that helps professional and amateur podcasters create and edit production-quality podcasts. It also allows you to generate podcasts from written text.
  12. Radio Garden: Just point at any area on Earth to listen to their radio stations.
  13. Soap2Day: Watch top-rated TV shows and movies.
  14. Simply Scripts: A database of hundreds of scripts, screenplays, and transcripts of movies and TV shows that can be downloaded for free.
  15. Wimp: The website shares 7 random videos that are interesting, inspiring, and funny every day. All videos are family-friendly and light-hearted.
  16. Zero Dollar Movies: This website has a collection of over 15,000 movies that are available to watch for free on Youtube. It indexes only full-length movies. Its clean interface contributes to a good movie-watching experience.

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Image, Video, and Design Elements Related Websites

  1. Adobe Express: It’s a one-stop hub for editing images, making stunning video presentations, and editing PDF files.
  2. AI Image Enlarger: If you have a low-quality photo with low resolution, this website will help you increases image resolution without losing quality and enhance it. The website has a bunch of more image-editing tools like AI Anime16K, AI Image Upscaler, AI Enhancer, AI Sharpener, Magic Eraser, AI Cartoonizer, AI Face Retouch, AI BG Remover, AI Denoiser, and AI Photo Colorizer. Don’t forget to check them out too.
  3. Cleanup Pictures: Remove unwanted objects, people, or text from pictures. You should also check and
  4. Clean PNG: Clean your PNG images to make them transparent.
  5. Coverr: This website allows you to download free stock videos that you can use in your Youtube videos, Instagram videos, or anywhere else.
  6. Cutout Pro: Take advantage of the power of artificial intelligence to remove background and unwanted objects, face cutout, background diffusion, enhance videos and photos, blur the background, and cartoonize selfies. Also check
  7. DeepFakesWeb: It’s a cloud-based AI app that lets you create realistic deep fake videos with the faces of your choice. You’ll be amazed to see the results.
  8. Edit Photo: Fine-tune and enhance any photo with this online photo editor.
  9. Extract Pics: Easily extract pictures from any website.
  10. Free Images: Download millions of photos, illustrations, vector graphics, clipart, icons, and Photoshop files for free.
  11. Generated: Generate faces and humans with the help of AI.
  12. Icon Finder: The best place to find icons in all sizes.
  13. Icons8: Generate and download design elements like icons, photos, vector illustrations, and music. The website also offers tools like face swapper, smart upscaler, background remover, and more.
  14. Lunapic: A great online photo editor with lots of editing options, filters, effects, and tools.
  15. Magic Studio: Whether you want to remove unwanted objects from photos, remove the background from images, make pictures with words, or simply create stunning profile pictures with AI, Magic Studio is the place to go.
  16. Media: A one-stop place where you can edit, process, tune, and convert images and videos.
  17. My Heritage: It’s an amazing web app that lets you colorize B&W photos, make your family photos speak, animate static photos, create a family tree, generate stunning avatars, and enhance images.
  18. Night Cafe: This AI website offers coherent, artistic, stable, DALL·E 2 algorithms to create amazing images using text input.
  19. Nostalgia: Restore your old, faded, and blurry photos with the help of AI.
  20. Palette: Automatically colorize black and white pictures.
  21. Pexels: Get thousands of free-to-use and high-quality images.
  22. Photo Pea: It’s a truly outstanding free Photoshop clone that runs in your browser. It has an insanely large amount of features that make it better than Pixlr and simpler than GIMP. Not just images, it can also edit PDFs.
  23. Photo Room: This web app lets you remove background from photos automatically and create profile pics, magazine covers, posters, and banners.
  24. PicMonkey: An online image editor that allows you to enhance your images by applying different effects, filters, textures, fonts, and designs.
  25. Pika: This web app lets you create beautiful screenshots and mockups.
  26. Pixlr: It is a great online photo editor and template designer for social media and business cards.
  27. Profile Pic Maker: It’s an AI tool that can create a professional-looking profile picture using the photos you upload. You can also complement your profile PC with a classy matching background cover.
  28. Restore Photos: Restore old and blurry face photos with the help of AI.
  29. RunWay: This website has tons of AI-powered creative tools to help you generate and edit images and videos.
  30. Ssyoutube: Download Youtube videos in HD quality.
  31. StockImg: Generate book covers, logos, stock images, wallpapers, illustrations, artworks, posters, etc, with AI.
  32. Unlisted Videos: Unlisted videos are videos that won’t appear in YouTube’s search results but can be watched by anyone who has the URL of the video. Unlisted Videos is a website for watching and searching for such videos.
  33. Unscreen: Easily remove the background of a video and add a background of your choice. Also try
  34. Unsplash: A collection of millions of beautiful images that you can download for free.
  35. Pexels: Download free stock videos shared by the Pexels community.
  36. Videvo: Download free stock video clips, motion graphics, royalty-free music, and sound effects.
  37. Zoomscape: Spice up your Zoom meeting with AI-generated unique, fun, and creative backgrounds.

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Best Health, Fitness, and Lifestyle Websites

  1. Atlas Obscura: The world we live in is incredible and full of wonders and places only pew people may have explored. Using this useful website, you can find famous and hidden places in a city or country. It can be a good reference site for people who love traveling and exploring.
  2. Dare Bee: Are you trying to lose more weight or build more muscle faster? Dare Bee offers tons of different workout programs and diets to achieve your goal for free.
  3. Eat This Much: Achieve your diet and nutritional goal with personalized meal plans based on your food preferences. A healthy diet plan and a fit body are just a click away!
  4. Head Space: This website will help you connect to yourself, and disconnect from negative thoughts, feelings, and sensations to live a healthier, happier, and calmer life.
  5. HighBrow: Choose from 300+ topics and HighBrow will deliver a 5-minute lesson to your email inbox every morning. It’s a nice way to start your day.
  6. Inner Body: The wellness market is so full of health products that you might get overwhelmed. This website provides since-based advice to help you make health-related decisions easily and choose the right solutions and products wisely so that you can save money and time and progress toward your health goals confidently.
  7. Insight Timer: Get peaceful sleep, focus better, and get rid of anxiety and stress with the help of a library of 150k guided meditational tracks.
  8. Muscle Wiki: Fine-tune your workout with targeted muscle-toning exercises. Click on the muscles you want to target in the diagram of the body and you’ll get the workout for it.
  9. My Fitness Pal: Track your meals, and see a breakdown of calories and nutrients to meet your weight loss and fitness goals.
  10. My Noise: This website is an archive of tons of unique sounds and soundscapes to help you focus in a noisy environment, have a good sleep, feel relaxed, meditate and increase your productivity. You can find here everything from music, nature sounds, sound-canceling ambiances, and meditative drones, to white noises.
  11. Noisli: Create and listen to different sound environments to help you focus on your tasks, increase productivity, reduce stress, and feel relaxed.
  12. Real Food Dietitians: A good diet is the key to health and fitness. This website provides amazing information about healthy meals, their recipes, and free diet plans.
  13. StickK: Set a goal for losing or maintaining weight, exercising regularly, quitting smoking, and so on, and add monetary stakes to increase accountability so that you don’t lose focus.
  14. Sleepopolis: It’s an amazing sleep cycle calculator that helps you get a good night’s sleep and tells you when to fall asleep to get the most rest out of your night. Get tips for good sleep, suggestions for making appropriate changes in your lifestyle, and learn if you have some kind of sleeping disorder.

Amazing Information and Knowledge Websites

  1. Is a webpage not letting you read its article without logging in or purchasing a subscription? Just copy the URL of the article you want to read and paste it into the URL box on The site also saves web pages so you can read them even if the original page disappears.
  2. This website is the Internet’s biggest digital archive started with a mission to provide “universal access to all knowledge.” It archives billions of websites, documents, books, texts, music, movies, TV shows, and everything that has ever been on the world wide web.
  3. (Web): The time machine of the Internet that archives old internet content of websites historically. Just paste the URL of a webpage or words related to it in the Wayback Machine’s URL field and you can see the archived version of a web page. You can even compare the different versions of the page and check all the changes that were made to it over time.
  4. CNN Lite: It’s the text-only version of the CNN website that doesn’t have any ads, images, or videos.
  5. Info about any prescription imaginable. you can look up a pill imprint and it will tell you what drug and MG it is, as well as drug interactions and all known side effects
  6. Earth Null School: See current wind, weather, ocean, and pollution conditions on an interactive animated map. The data and weather report on the website is based on the forecast made by supercomputers and updated every 3 hours. Just click on ‘earth‘ located in the bottom-left corner of the website window to set parameters.
  7. Erowid: This is a non-profit website featuring detailed information about the responsible use of legal and illegal drugs. It is also dedicated to educating people about topics like law, civil rights, culture, arts, fasting, dreaming, yoga, meditation, and so on.
  8. Everyday Robots: This website by Google lets you explore the journey of robots through history to date.
  9. Every Time Zone: Check the time difference between time zones.
  10. Explore: A live cam website that has animals, sunsets, and more scenic views from around the world. You should also check out
  11. Get Human: If you need to talk to a company representative you don’t need to wade through an impenetrable menu on their website. Get Human will give you the phone number of a company person to get better help.
  12. Google Art and Culture Project: It is a very interesting website that allows you to discover museums, famous paintings, artworks, and 10000+ locations from all around the world, and play interactive games.
  13. Google Earth: Explore the cities and landscapes of Earth from various angles in 3D based on satellite imagery, aerial photography, and GIS data.
  14. Have I been Pwned: Check if your email, password, phone number, and other data leaked in any data breach.
  15. How Stuff Works: If you are a curious person who wants to understand how things work in this world, this website is a treasure of answers to all your questions.
  16. Hyper History: A visual timeline of 3 thousand years of world history. Clicking on the links on the website will take you to a whole new panorama of information.
  17. Information is Beautiful: Information may be useful but it may also be boring sometimes. This website lets you understand the world through the information presented beautifully in the form of diagrams and infographics.
  18. Just the Recipe: Paste the URL of a recipe from a website, click on ‘Get Recipe‘ and this website will remove all the clutter of recipes like spam texts, the life story of the writer, ads, and any unnecessary details and will show you nothing except the recipe.
  19. ManualsLib: If you are one who tends to misplace documents like user manuals, Manuals Library is a resource of product manuals that can be downloaded for free.
  20. Medline Plus: It’s an authentic source of medical knowledge and health information by the US National Library of Medicine.
  21. Our World in Data: If you ever want to play around with data, this is A go-to site for up-to-date and researched-based data sets on topics like demographic change, health, food and agriculture, energy and environment, innovation and technological change, poverty and economic development, living conditions, community and wellbeing, human rights and democracy, violence and war, education and knowledge, etc. You should also see
  22. Qlock: Find the current time in any region of the world by hovering the mouse pointer on the world map.
  23. Redditle: Reddit is one of the best online communities to find information on any topic. Do you know that the platform has its own native search engine? Using Redditle, you can search for any r/<subreddit> or a topic easily.
  24. Rsoe-edis: Explore a very informative event map showing the on-goings of the world.
  25. Sacred Texts: It is probably the largest collection of spiritual, religious, and mythological texts. The website has thousands of books about philosophy, spirituality religion, satanism, obscure indigenous paganism, modern chaos magick, and everything in between. Also see
  26. Simple Wikipedia: Access all the contents of Wikipedia in simple English.
  27. Super Cook: It’s a recipe search engine that lets you pick the ingredients you have in the kitchen and then tells you what you can cook using them.
  28. This to That: Learn which type of glue to use to join one material to another material.
  29. Upstract: This is a great link aggregator which allows you to read the news of the world and trending content from social media platforms on a single page. It’s an awesome way to get quick information from a variety of popular online sources.
  30. Vecka: Lets you know what week of the year we’re in currently
  31. Where am I: Find your current location, exact address, GPS coordinates, latitude, and longitude on the map. Move the map around to see the streets and places around you and share your location via text message or email.
  32. Where is This: Did you ever see a picture of a beautiful place and wondered where that place is? This website helps you find the place in the picture.

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Shopping & Retail Websites

  1. Camel Camel Camel: Sometimes, Amazon raises the prices of items before the prime day, Christmas, or Black Friday sale and shows fake discounts on items so that they look cheaper. By checking the prices of items on Amazon over the last few months, you can ensure that are getting a really cheaper deal. Using this website and its browser extension, you can do just that.
  2. Fake Spot: All of us tend to be beguiled by awesome positive reviews of products and buy them. Fakespot protects you from getting ripped off when shopping online on sites like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Bestbuy, etc. by spotting the truth about products, reviews, and sellers before you buy. Also check out
  3. Keepa: Track the historical price of any product on Amazon and ensure that you’re actually getting a fair deal and not an inflated price. You can also set up a price for the product you want to purchase and Keepa will notify you when the price goes below that amount.
  4. McMaster: It’s probably the best hardware store in the world because it has an amazingly curated catalog of every piece of mechanical hardware and parts.
  5. PC Part Picker: Want to build a PC? This website lets you pick your parts and track their price, and tells you where you can get them the cheapest.
  6. Retail Me Not: A coupon website that has coupons for both online and in-store products. The site offers coupons in retail categories including accessories, automotive, electronics, photography, clothing, furniture, baby products, beauty products, health, pets, home and garden, jewelry, toys, and travel.
  7. Spoken: This website works features household goods related to home decoration and offers the cheapest price so that you never overpay online.
  8. Woot: If you love heavy discounts, Woot might have a mouth-watering deal for you right now.

Most Useful Websites for Writers and Content Creators

  1. Adobe Color: Get ideas for colors and color codes, and also extract colors from photographs.
  2. Animoto: This lets you make a professional-looking video using your own images and audio with cool effects.
  3. Assembly AI: Easily transcribe audio from videos into text. Also check out
  4. Beatoven: An amazing AI tool that lets you create customizable music in any genre reflecting any mood. The music created is royalty-free and can be used in your videos and stories.
  5. Biteable: A great video maker that takes advantage of thousands of animations, images, videos, pre-built scenes, soundtracks, recordings, etc. to create impactful videos.
  6. Blush: Create and customize stunning hand-drawn illustrations and use them to tell a story. You should also use Open Peeps with Blush.
  7. Canva: If you want to design any kind of graphics like banners, logos, flyers, posters, invitation cards, business cards, resumes, memes, collages, graphs, social media graphics, and presentations, etc. using readymade templates, Canva is the best place to go.
  8. ClipChamp: It’s a full-fledged online screen recorder, GIF maker, video creator, and editor.
  9. Compose AI: A free amazing AI-powered writing assistant that can write anything for you. The tool currently works in Google Docs and Gmail only and you need to install a Chrome extension for that.
  10. Copy AI: It is an AI-based copywriting tool that can write blog posts, product descriptions, and social media posts. You should also try ,,, or to generate SEO-friendly content for you.
  11. This website is good for typing non-keyboard characters. It lets you insert a variety of symbols, special characters, glyphs, emojis, etc. into your regular text. Also, check out:
  12. Big Speak AI: An amazing AI-powered text-to-voice generator that can also transcribe voice into text in various languages like English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, German, French, and Arabic. Moreover, you can also generate voice clips in an artificial copy of your own unique voice using their voice cloning technology.
  13. Descript: Clone your own voice using Overdub, transcribe, record screen, create social clips and templates, remove noise, enhance speech, and sound like a pro with AI-powered features.
  14. Doratoon: Create animation videos using templates and features like AI drawing, PPT importing, repeated video editing mode and AI dubbing, etc.
  15. D-ID: Easily create talking avatars, and make the face in a photo speak by combining images with audio or text.
  16. Dictation: Transcribe your speech into text accurately, add paragraphs, punctuation marks, and smileys using voice commands with voice recognition in the Google Chrome browser.
  17. Dirpy: Convert Youtube video into an MP3 audio file.
  18. Easy-Peasy: It’s an AI content generator that helps create original content.
  19. Fontstruct: Create fonts using geometrical shapes.
  20. Hue Mint: It’s a great tool that lets you create unique color schemes for graphics design.
  21. Create great-looking pro videos with 5000+ templates, transitions, and effects at your disposal.
  22. Kartiv: Describe your design idea using text and AI will turn your description into beautiful visuals. You can also edit real images using words.
  23. Mid Journey: Using this amazing AI tool you can create images from textual descriptions. Just put your imagination using text and the AI will draw a uniquely beautiful image. You can also try Craiyons, and Night Cafe to draw images using text.
  24. Murf: It is a great AI tool to turn text into speech, clone voice, change voice, and create voice-overs for presentations, podcasts, YouTube videos, audiobooks,  advertisements, etc.
  25. Panzoid: Create intro or outro for videos faster using this web app.
  26. Paper Rater: Use AI to scan and proofread your essays and papers for any grammatical and spelling mistakes. It also lets you check intentional or unintentional instances of plagiarism.
  27. Pictory AI: Turn text, blog posts, whitepapers, and written content into videos with the help of A.I. and machine learning. You should also try Vidyo, Lumenn5, and Fliki AI.
  28. Plag: Another great AI-enhanced utility that checks plagiarism for you.
  29. Plausible: If you are a webmaster and find Google Analytics very complicated, Plausible might be a great alternative for you.
  30. Ranked AI: An AI-powered SEO service for your website.
  31. As a writer and blogger, I have been through that awkward situation when I have to stare at the blank screen trying to figure out how to start a topic and expand it. Rytr is a fantastic AI copywriting assistant for writing high-quality content that saves your time and brain energy.
  32. Scale Nut: If you are a blogger, marketer, or content writer, ScaleNut can be the best gift you can give yourself. Using this AI tool, you can supercharge your work by creating SEO content for your blog.
  33. Simplified: Whether you are a content writer, a social media creator, a marketer, or a graphics designer, Simplified has a bunch of AI tools to help grow your business.
  34. Squoosh: A great open-source image compression web app that allows you to compress images and compare the before-and-after results of the compression.
  35. Story Set: Download open-sourced illustrations for free. Similar website:
  36. Take Tones: Download 100% royalty-free music to use in your Youtube videos, reels, social media posts, and personal projects.
  37. Tango: If you are a blogger who writes step-by-step guides with screenshots, Tango might be a handy tool for you.
  38. Texti: A handy content generator that gets integrated into your web browser using an extension and writes AI-generated content.
  39. The Noun Project: An excellent repository of icons and photos.
  40. The Oat Meal: It’s a good website for students, architects, artists, and creators.
  41. Thumbnail AI: Create awesome thumbnails for YouTube videos, Facebook posts, and blog articles in seconds.
  42. Tome App: Get an article, speech, or presentation written within seconds by AI. The tool also inserts appropriate images and videos in your presentation.
  43. Video Scribe: It’s an easy-to-use animated GIF and video creator.
  44. WellSaid: Lets you create an impressively realistic AI-generated voice-over for digital content.
  45. What Runs: Have you ever visited and site and wondered what platform, fonts, theme, or plugins is it using? What Runs helps you identify the technologies used on any website.
  46. What the Font: Have you ever wanted to find out the name of the font used in an image or banner? WhatTheFont is a font identification tool that uses deep learning to search over 133,000 font styles and find the best match for the fonts in your photo.
  47. Word Tune: This AI-powered tool lets you turn your thoughts into words. Just install their Chrome extension, highlight the words or sentences and it’ll suggest you other ways to write them in better words.
  48. Write Sonic: If you are a blogger, writer, freelancer, or social media influencer, Whitesonic can help you create original and SEO-friendly content faster.

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Technology & Communication Websites

  1. Builder AI: An AI-powered tool that turns your ideas into an app.
  2. Built with: Just enter the URL of a website and you’ll find its technology stack.
  3. Carrd: Create fully responsive one-page websites for free without coding using templates.
  4. Code Academy: Avail free and interactive coding classes in programming and markup languages like HTML, CSS, Python, Java, Go, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL, C++, Swift, and Sass.
  5. Cyber Chef: If you are a developer, here is a swiss army knife of data processing for you.
  6. Dillinger: It is a cloud-enabled, mobile-friendly HTML5 Markdown editor.
  7. Flow Gram: This visual programming platform allows you to build apps without writing a single line of code.
  8. Hunter: Find the official email addresses of any website and connect with the right people.
  9. Poet: Just paste Twitter, LinkedIn, or Shopify links and create and share posts as visually pleasing images.
  10. Poised: It’s an AI-powered tool for Windows and Mac that works like a coach to improve and perfect your communication skills.
  11. Spokeo: Search for friends, old classmates, and acquaintances using details like name, phone, address, email, etc.
  12. Tall Tweets: Tall Tweets helps you write tweets longer than 280 characters on Twitter.
  13. Tiny Chat: Tinychat is an online video chat community that helps you find and connect with people just like you.

Travel Websites

  1. Flight Stats: Track the real-time status of your flight and check if it has been delayed or canceled and track its live position on a map.
  2. Rome2Rio: Find how you can travel between almost any two destinations in the world.
  3. Scribble Maps: Place your personal markers, shapes, and scribbles on Google Maps.
  4. Trip Planner AI: Are you planning a new trip? Take advantage of AI to find cheap flights, good hotels, interesting activities, and food you like according to your taste and budget!

Career & Job Searching Websites

  1. Career Builder: Find jobs that match your criteria.
  2. Glass Door: Glass Door is a website that allows you to search for jobs by location, keyword, and company. You can also read reviews of companies from employees, which can be helpful in deciding if a particular company is right for you.
  3. ZipRecruiter: It’s a great website for both job seekers who want to find jobs and businessmen who want to hire people. Businesses post their job openings on ZipRecruiter and job seekers can search for jobs by location, keyword, and other criteria.
  4. Sonara: If you are looking for a Job, this AI-powered tool will help you find the best job. You just need to tell AI the kind of job you need and it’ll automatically apply to the most matching job postings to find the perfect job for you.

Privacy and Security Websites

  1. 10Minute Mail: Create a temporary email address. This is very useful if you want to keep your real inbox safe from spam. If you want to sign up for a website or service, you can use this disposable mail address for email verification. You can also try,, or which provide the same service.
  2. 12ft Ladder: If you are unable to read an article because of a paywall, this website will let you bypass the paywall so that you can access the article.
  3. Ecosia: Ecosia is a user and environment-friendly search engine because it is CO2-negative and protects the privacy of its users. The company claims to use 100% of its profits for tree plantation and climate action.
  4. PaP: Check how strong your password is by simply typing it into this Passive Aggressive Password Machine and it will tell you in a fun way what you need to work on!
  5. Scam Detector: Scammers use malicious software, legitimate-looking websites, malicious links, or attachments to gain access to your personal information, and solicit money. Scam Detector is the Wikipedia of scams with the largest fraud prevention resource to protect you from online fraud.
  6. These days, people shirk from sharing their email addresses on public websites and forums. This website helps you to convert your email address into a short and safe custom URL that you can share on the web, social platforms, and public forums without fear of getting picked up by spam robots and email harvesters.
  7. Get rid of annoying spam emails in 3 clicks.
  8. Virus Total: Check a suspicious file, IP address, or URL with more than 60 antiviruses at the same time. Also see

Web Services, Apps, and Tools

  1. Browse: Easily extract and monitor data from any website with the help of AI.
  2. DwService: It is a remote control service that lets you access your computer from anywhere in the world.
  3. Experte: You can use this spam checker you can check how spam filters rate your email and how you can optimize your email deliverability. Also see
  4. Fast: Fast by Netflix is a clean tool to check your current network speed.
  5. Fax Zero: Send online faxes to US and Canada for free anywhere in the world at a fixed pay-per-use cost.
  6. Figma: It is a graphics editing and user interface design web app.
  7. File Pizza: This site offers free peer-to-peer file transfers in your web browser.
  8. File Pursuit: Search the web for documents, files, videos, audio, eBooks, etc. and download them directly.
  9. GoFile: It’s a mostly free and very cheap file-sharing platform with unlimited storage.
  10. IP Logger: Find the location of any IP address and track the exact location of any mobile device or PC. The site also lets you check URLs for hidden redirects for safer browsing. Also try
  11. Libre Speed: Free and ad-free open-source internet connection speed test tool.
  12. Marker: Easily highlight parts of a webpage for sharing. You’ll need to download the ‘Yellow highlighter pen for web’ extension in your web browser to do that.
  13. Mix: Formerly known as StumbleUpon, Mix sets up your profile based on your interests and shares the articles, photos, and videos based on your preference.
  14. Namechk: Check if a username on social media or a domain name for a website is available or not. The website checks over 30 domains and more than 90 social media platforms. The website has a name generator tool as well that generates an available username for you. Similar website:
  15. OpenAI Playground: Playground by Open AI is an amazing tool that is trained to respond to whatever you type in the most human way possible. Just type a topic in the Playground text box and click on the Submit button to see the magic. Don’t forget to check out Open AI’s intelligent chatbot as well.
  16. Similar Sites: Bypass the clutter of the web and find similar sites to the ones you browse. The recommendations are based on related content, web structure, link analysis algorithms, detailed user surfing behaviors, and user ratings.
  17. SnapDrop: An open-source in-browser Peer2Peer local file-sharing solution that requires no setup or signup. It’s similar to Apple’s Airdrop and works on all platforms like Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and macOS. It allows you to share images, videos, PDFs, and links with people nearby.
  18. Tiny Acquisitions: Buy or sell any kind of digital asset for $100k or less.
  19. Toffee Share: Upload your file and share it fast using a secure link directly without storing the file online. You can also try and if you want to share large files and folders with end-to-end encryption and a link that automatically expires.
  20. Tosdr: Most of us just click on the Accept button without going through the lengthy terms and conditions displayed to us on different websites. This website summarizes the terms of services for popular sites and shows you what you are legally consenting to.
  21. We Transfer: Send images and files to an email address without signing in.
  22. You: A great AI-powered search engine that protects you from being tracked online and your data from being sold to advertisers. Using their extension, you can easily switch between 4 search engines. Moreover, they offer some free AI tools that help you write, create images, and learn to code.

Miscellaneous Useful Websites

  1. Do Not Pay: An AI-powered robot lawyer that helps you file a legal case, fight corporations, beat bureaucracy, and sue anyone without hiring an attorney.
  2. Down For Everyone or Just Me: Check if there is a problem with your internet connection or if the site you’re trying to access is just down for everyone.
  3. Food Subs: You can refer to this website if you need to substitute an ingredient used in a food item with other. Very useful for people who love cooking.
  4. Home Styler: Whether you are a professional or an amateur, you can design home interiors easily using this great online interior design tool.
  5. I Fixit: Repair your things yourself with the help of repair guides written by experts for everyone.
  6. Instructables: Do you love to make things yourself but don’t know how where and how to start? This website has a vast community of people who share step-by-step instructions to help you become a DIY master in no time.
  7. Interior AI: Get beautiful ideas for interior design with the help of artificial intelligence.
  8. Ninite: Ninite creates a single executable that installs any number of open-source programs you choose from browsers. If you have to set up computers regularly, you’ll find this handy installer and updater one of the most useful websites for you. It creates a single executable that installs any number of open-source programs you choose right from your web browser. Instead of downloading programs manually, you can create your own installer and save time.
  9. Online OCR: Extract text from an image and convert it to PDF, Word document, Excel sheet, or any text format using Optical Character Recognition technology.
  10. Open Source Alternative: Find open source alternatives to a program or service.
  11. Repair Clinic: If you have a broken appliance and you want to fix it, go to Repair Clinic, enter the brand and model number, and describe what’s wrong with it. The website will not only suggest the parts that need to be replaced but also videos showing you how to repair the appliance.
  12. Upwork: Create a free profile to find the work that you love to do, or find and hire expert freelancers for any work you want to get done.

Download: List of Most Useful Websites on Internet PDF | 248KB

We’ll update this list of the most useful websites and web apps on the Internet whenever we come across something interesting. If you know about any amazing website that’s not already listed above, please let us know.

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