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125+ Funny Websites to Cure Boredom and Kill Time

If you’re in the mood for something a little more entertaining than your usual online activities, then you’re in luck! In this article, we’ve rounded up 100+ of the cool and funny websites that will help to cure boredom and kill time at school or the office. From trivia games and silly quizzes to interactive games and silly memes, these sites are sure to provide hours of entertainment. So get ready to explore the internet’s best-kept secrets and check out these awesome websites.

The internet can both be a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it can help you stay connected with friends and family, catch up on the news, and even take online classes. On the other hand, it’s easy to become bored while scrolling through social media or searching for something new to do. If your boredom is getting the best of you and you are looking for a way to break away from the monotony of your day-to-day life, you must check out the cool and funny websites listed here.

Before you take a ride on the rollercoaster of fun, entertainment and laughter, do not forget to check out these 350+ most useful websites on the internet.

List of Funny Websites to Cure Boredom

Best Funny and Relaxing Websites

There are plenty of ways to kill time and cure boredom on the internet, but not all of them are productive. If you’re looking for a way to have some fun and take a break from your work, these funny websites are the perfect solution.

  1. This website offers a variety of web browser tools such as TimeStretch Player, Analog Film Emulator, Forensically, Neon Flames, etc. Using these interactive mesmerizing tools, you can relax your mind and have fun.
  2. 7Cups: Despite the fact that we are all surrounded by people, most of us feel isolated and alone, especially in bad times like depression, anxiety, and problematic relationships. There are times when we wish to talk to someone and seek emotional and mental support but find no one around. 7Cups provides a platform where we can anonymously chat with caring listeners.
  3. 750 Words: Writing is a good habit. Using this website, you can inculcate the habit by starting each morning with 750 words or 3 pages of spontaneous writing to clear away the mental clutter. It’s a great way to start your day with a fresh mind and pass time productively.
  4. AI Pickup Lines: If you want to impress your girlfriend or friends with fun, quirky, clever, and punny pickup lines, this site is the best place to visit.
  5. Anchor FM: It’s a free podcasting platform by Spotify that lets you create, host, and monetize your podcast episodes.
  6. Animated Drawings: This website by Meta AI Research does what its name says. Just upload a photo of your drawings or sketches and it’ll add life to them.
  7. A Good Movie to Watch: Looking for something good to watch? This website is full of meticulously picked highly-rated and less-known movies and shows. The list of recommended movies is updated regularly so you always find something new to watch.
  8. Awkward Family PhotosDo you have a photo from the past that looks embarrassing now? You are not alone then. People around the globe are submitting their embarrassing and awkward photos. Have fun watching others or submit yours. 
  9. B3ta: This is a digital arts community website offering lots of funny pictures, cartoons, games, quizzes, links, and more.
  10. Best Similar: If you love to watch a certain kind of movie, you can enter the name of your favorite movie or TV show to find similar matches.
  11. BinaryPiano: Listen to piano notes being played with a binary numeric countdown.
  12. Bored Panda: It is a website that features interesting, creative, and funny content from around the internet. Bored Panda is a great place to find entertaining content when you’re feeling bored.
  13. Cat Bounce: Go to this website a watch cats bouncing on your screen. You can also play with the cats by using your mouse pointer.
  14. Cloud Hiker: This website turns you into a hiker or explorer of the most interesting, astonishing, and awesome websites on the Internet. Just keep clicking on the ‘Next Site’ button to explore more and more of the Internet.
  15. Cracked: A website devoted to making you laugh, Cracked features articles on everything from history’s most bizarre unsolved mysteries to pop culture’s most ridiculous products. There’s also an extensive section of funny videos, as well as a forum where you can bond with fellow comedy fans.
  16. Cure your boredom and relax your mind with interactive animations, animated GIFs, and layered loops.
  17. Damn You Auto Correct!: If you own a smartphone, you’ve probably had to deal with situations where you wanted to write something but the auto-correct option wrote something else.  Damn You Auto Correct features tons of funny texts between people who experience all the communicational problems that come with auto-correct on a mobile device. You might be surprised to discover what kinds of words accidentally pop up when we really mean something else.
  18. Distractify: Distractify is a great source of funny videos, GIFs, and articles. The site is updated daily with the latest viral trends and stories, so you’ll always find something to make you laugh. Plus, their “Ask an Expert” section provides some serious education on topics like relationships and self-improvement.
  19. Dump a Day: This site offers a wide variety of funny, interesting, and sometimes bizarre content. The site includes everything from videos and pictures to articles and quizzes.
  20. eBaum’sWorld: Ebaum’s World is a humorous website that features user-submitted content, including videos, pictures, and articles.
  21. Eel Slap: Move your mouse pointer on the image and watch the man getting slapped and unslapped by an eel.
  22. Engrish: Ever written a spelling wrong and made it look funny? If yes, then this website is for you. This website takes photos from all over the world of things like signs or product packaging that are riddled with spelling and grammatical mistakes, or just convey an entirely different message due to translation errors and extreme unfamiliarity with the English language.
  23. Experiments with Google: Explore the collection of over 1600 awesome experiments related to art, technology, design, and culture. The experiments will amaze, inspire, teach, and delight you. My personal favorites are 100,000 Stars and Thing Translator.
  24. Explosm: The site is best known for its webcomic, Cyanide & Happiness. The comics usually deal with taboo subjects such as death, violence, sex, and bodily fluids. Despite the often dark subject matter, the comics are usually presented in a light-hearted manner.
  25. FailBlog: If you’re in the mood for some good old-fashioned schadenfreude, FailBlog is the place to be. This site is filled with videos and photos of people doing incredibly stupid things… which makes us feel better about our own lives!
  26. Film Grab: It is the internet’s leading library of movie stills that comprises over 100k images from over 2000 movies.
  27. FMyLife: It is a website where people can share their everyday life stories, usually in the form of short anecdotes. The site has become popular for its ability to make light of difficult situations and provide a sense of solidarity among its users.
  28. Funny or Die: This website features a mix of original content and user-submitted videos and pictures. There’s something for everyone here. Finally, if you want to make your own jokes, then Funny or Die is the perfect website for you. Here you can create your own funny videos, pictures, and articles. You can also browse through the work of other users and vote on your favorites.
  29. Future Me: Write an email to your future self or a friend and receive it after 6 months, 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, or a custom date in the future.
  30. Future Timeline: Do you ever what’ll happen to the world in the future? This site is loaded with interesting predictions of the timeline of future technology developments and events.
  31. Hacker Typer: Prank your friends with this cool hacker prank simulator. Just type randomly on your keyboard to make it look like you’re coding like a real hacker.
  32. Hyperbole and a Half: Hyperbole and a Half is created by Allie Brosh. Every picture here tells a story and is created using Microsoft Paints.
  33. I’m elgooG: I’m Google or Google Mirror is an interesting website for Google fans and Google’s Easter egg lovers. It’s a collection of official, unofficial, discontinued, and even enhanced versions of Easter eggs from Google that are funny and interactive. Try this website and you’ll love it. Don’t forget to check out more Google hacks, search tricks, and operators.
  34. IMSDB: Internet Movie Script Database. Read the scripts of your favorite movies and see how they look in the text format.
  35. Izismile: The content on Izismile is varied, but always positive and uplifting. This makes it a great place to visit when you need a pick-me-up or some distraction from the everyday stresses of life. Whether you’re looking for funny videos, interesting articles, or just some feel-good pictures, Izismile should be your go-to website.
  36. Jeopardy: The popular TV game show Jeopardy! has its own website where you can play against other users from around the world. Show off your smarts and see if you can become a champion!
  37. JibJab: With JibJab, you can create custom eCards for any occasion, including birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries. You can also create funny videos and animations.
  38. Lamebook: Lamebook collects and posts weird, funny, and hilarious stuff that people post on Facebook. The names and profile pictures of Facebook users are blurred to protect their real identities.
  39. Map Crunch: By default, this site gives you a random Google map from anywhere in the world. You also select a country and explore it via maps.
  40. Mental Floss: Mental Floss is a great way to learn some interesting trivia while having a good laugh. The site features funny lists, quizzes, and articles on everything from pop culture to science. So if you’re looking for something a little bit educational and a lot entertaining, you’ll love Mental Floss.
  41. Meta Demo Lab: Upload a picture of a drawing and this website will bring it to life with animation effects. You can choose from several animations presets.
  42. My90sTV: Do you ever feel nostalgic about watching programs on those old box TVs (CRT TVs) of the 90s? This website uses YouTube videos to simulate watching TV in the 90s. You can also specify what year you want and what categories you want to see when you change channels.
  43. Name that Language: This fun website tests your ability to decipher a foreign language. You have to listen to a short audio clip and guess the language.
  44. OMG Facts: OMG Facts brings you some of the most exciting facts online as voted by their site audience. You can submit your own fact if you have an idea to contribute to the site. You can also browse through their Top Facts section for some of the top-voted facts on the site.
  45. Onision: This website is a popular site for those who are interested in alternative lifestyles and cultures. The site features a wide variety of content, including interviews, articles, videos, and more.
  46. Paper Toys: A fun website with hundreds of free custom-designed paper toys that you can print and fold yourself.
  47. Pointer Pointer: A fun way to know where your mouse pointer is. Move your mouse pointer anywhere on the screen, and the website will show random images of people showing the location of the pointer using a finger.
  48. Quickdraw with Google: You draw, and a neural network tries to guess what you’re drawing.
  49. Random: Best website to generate random numbers, flip coins, and more.
  50. Replika: Create your own AI-generated replica who will see the world through your eyes and chat with you as a friend who understands you.
  51. Rum and Monkey: This website offers a variety of features that appeal to its users. These include the ability to create and share custom content, as well as a wide range of social networking features.
  52. Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: The site hosts a large archive of the comic, as well as a forum and store. The site is known for its humor and intelligent writing and has won several awards.
  53. Staggering Beauty: This is an interactive fun website with a weird object that moves with your mouse pointer. Move the mouse faster to surprise yourself with flashing images.
  54. Textastrophe: This website is a reminder of why you should not post your cell number on public websites. The creator starts an irritating yet funny chat with random numbers found on the internet or in newspapers. And believe me, when I say this, the chats are really funny. This is one of the best funny websites you’ll come across on the Internet highway.
  55. The Oatmeal: If you’re looking for a good chuckle, look no further than The Oatmeal. This site is packed with hilarious comics on everything from relationships to technology to pop culture. You can also buy some seriously funny merch, like “I tried soul searching but I couldn’t find one” shirts and mugs.
  56. The Onion: The Onion is one of the most popular websites worldwide for a reason. With its mix of political satire, pop culture parodies, and pure absurdity, you’re guaranteed to get a good chuckle out of every article.
  57. The Useless Web: Takes you to a random silly website.
  58. This is Sand: Simply drag your mouse to make digital colorful sand art. A great website to kill boredom creatively.
  59. This Is Why I’m Broke: Check out unique products on the internet that you never knew existed.
  60. Uncyclopedia: The site is designed to satirize conventional encyclopedias and other reference materials, by presenting inaccurate or deliberately false information. The Uncyclopedia website has been described as “the world’s largest encyclopedia of misinformation”, and its content has been called “gibberish”.
  61. Unreal Meal: A collection of AI-generated images of meals that don’t exist.
  62. Wasteables: Sit back, relax, and watch as the pond is filled by water striders. Also, click around and make water ripples.
  63. WcoFun: Do you love cartoons? Enjoy every cartoon ever made all in one place.
  64. What Came First: This Google Experiment offers you two choices, and you must select the one that chronologically came before the other. The faster you play, the more you score.
  65. Weird or Confusing: This website is a collection of strange, weird, and confusing stuff.
  66. Weavesilk: Make beautiful abstract patterns using your mouse pointer.
  67. The website simulates the experience of Windows 93 in your web browser.
  68. Window-swap: Lets you look through other people’s windows around the world.
  69. YTMND: The concept of “You’re the Man Now, Dog” is simple: users create “scenes” by combining an image with a sound file, and then other users can vote on them. The best scenes rise to the top, and the worst sink to the bottom. The appeal of YTMND lies in its irreverence and sense of humor. Many of the scenes are funny, clever, or just plain weird.
  70. XKCD: This website is a great place to find new and interesting comics. The comic features stick-figure drawings, often accompanied by humorous captions, and covers a wide range of topics, from science to pop culture.
  71. Z0R: Just open this website and click on the play button to surprise yourself with funny musical stuff.

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Best Cure Boredom Games Websites

Games and challenge websites are a great way to kill time and keep your mind active. These sites offer a variety of games and challenges that will keep you entertained for hours on end. Some of these sites even allow you to compete against other players from around the world, and many of them are specifically designed to cure boredom.

  1. Agar: It’s a multiplayer online action game that can be played in a web browser.
  2. Brainzilla: This website offers a unique spin on quiz games. It offers challenging puzzles and mini-games alongside traditional trivia questions, making it perfect for users who want a break from the mundane.
  3. Crazy Games: Enjoy the latest and best free online games on your PC or smartphone without intrusive ads.
  4. Escape Team: Play escape room games at home online or on your smartphone.
  5. Kongregate: If you’re looking for a website that offers a wide variety of games and challenges, Kongregate is a great option. Kongregate has hundreds of different games that you can play, ranging from arcade classics to new indie titles. You can also earn badges and high scores on some of the games, adding an extra layer of competition.
  6. Lumosity: Train your brain and test your memory, processing speed, and problem-solving skills with a fresh set of brain games to keep you challenged.
  7. MiniClip: The site offers a huge selection of online games, including sports games, puzzle games, and more. You can even create an account and add friends so you can keep track of your high scores across all of the different games.
  8. Money Simulator: It is a browser-based, retro sandbox game that lets you see the impact of your financial decisions. It’s free to play and simulates jobs, mortgages, pensions, savings, and real estate.
  9. Ncase: This website has a bunch of online interactive games like Adventures with Anxiety, Explorable Explanations, Nutshell, We Become What We Behold, Emoji Simulator, and The Evolution of Trust which uses game theory to simplify the problem of mistrust for us.
  10. Neal Fun: Features a host of interactive games and visualizations and other weird stuff to cure boredom and pass time.
  11. Old Games Download: Download every single PC game released in the 70s, 80s, 90s, and early 2000s.
  12. Sandspiel: Feeling bored? Have some fun playing this falling sand game on your phone or computer to relax your mind.
  13. Skribbl: It is a free online multiplayer drawing and guessing game to cure boredom.
  14. This is My Website Now: This website is a “hodge-podge of the useful, the useless, and the everywhere-in-between”. It offers 12 minimal, interactive, and fun games.
  15. Web Sudoku: For those looking for something a little more challenging than traditional video games, Websudoku is a great option. Websudoku offers Sudoku puzzles of varying difficulty levels, as well as other types of puzzles like Crosswords and Word Searches. You can even save your progress.

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Entertainment and Media Sites

Below. you’ll find everything from streaming music services to online radio stations to sound effects libraries, all of which are sure to provide you with hours of entertainment to pass time.

  1. Date Night Movies: We all love movies but our tastes differ. If you are having a hard time picking a movie to watch with your friend or girlfriend, you must pick something that balances the tastes of both parties. DateNightMovies lets you choose two movies, and then it combines them to show recommendations to split the difference.
  2. Every Noise: It’s a great website for music lovers as it helps you find hundreds of genres. Just open the website and click on the genre of music and listen to it.
  3. GitHub IPTV: Watch IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) for free on your laptop or desktop. It is a collection of 8000+ publicly available IPTV channels from all over the world which can be played for free on a computer over Internet Protocol networks. You can play live TV channels by language, category, and country. Just copy the playlist link and paste it into your browser. Double-click the downloaded M3U file. You can also paste this link into a web-based IP TV player or add the M3U file in video players like VLC Player to watch TV.
  4. Gnoosic: Gnod is kind of a search engine for music that helps you discover new music based on your liking.
  5. I Have No TV: Get free access to a curated list of more than 4000 documentaries and shows that can be watched online.
  6. iHeart: Find free broadcast, podcast, and radio streaming stations across the U.S.
  7. Just Watch: Do you have a movie or TV show in mind and want to know where to watch it online? Do you want to know if you can stream a movie or show free with ads or with a subscription? Just Watch has answers for all such queries. You can also check out
  8. Midomi: Just hum a tune and Midomi finds the song for you.
  9. Mixlr: This website lets you stream your audio live to listeners from anywhere.
  10. Music Map: Enter the name of an artist and get a neat chart of similar artists.
  11. Note Flight: It’s an online tool that lets you write and edit your own music, display, print music sheets, play music notation in a web browser, and publish it.
  12. Plink: If you are a music lover and feeling bored, just open Plink in a web or mobile browser and have fun playing your own tunes.
  13. Pod Castle: An AI-powered audio and video creation platform that helps professional and amateur podcasters create and edit production-quality podcasts. It also allows you to generate podcasts from written text.
  14. Pool Suite: It’s a retro-style light-hearted web radio service that also plays amazing music. The website lets you stream beachy, chill, or disco tracks.
  15. Radio Garden: Just point at any area on Earth to listen to their radio stations.
  16. Soap2Day: Watch top-rated TV shows and movies.
  17. Simply Scripts: A database of hundreds of scripts, screenplays, and transcripts of movies and TV shows that can be downloaded for free.
  18. Wimp: The website shares 7 random videos that are interesting, inspiring, and funny every day. All videos are family-friendly and light-hearted.
  19. Zero Dollar Movies: This website has a collection of over 15,000 movies that are available to watch for free on Youtube. It indexes only full-length movies. Its clean interface contributes to a good movie-watching experience.

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Best Funny Memes Website

If you love memes and jokes, check out the following funny websites to overcome boredom.

  1. 9GAG: This site features a variety of funny content, including memes, GIFs, and jokes.
  2. Appypie: Create funny memes online for free.
  3. Cheezburger: The site is known for its user-submitted memes, which often feature humorous captions accompanying pictures of animals, pop culture figures, and internet memes.
  4. I Can Has Cheezburger?: This site will make you smile with its collection of funny animal photos and memes.
  5. Know Your Meme: It’s a database of viral memes, videos, image macros, and catchphrases.
  6. LOL Cats: Best place to find and submit funny cat memes.
  7. Memebase: It is a website that allows users to create and share memes. The site has a large selection of memes, which can be browsed by category or searchable by keyword. Memebase also allows users to create their own memes, which can be shared with others on the site.
  8. SuperMeme: Generate funny memes using text with the aid of AI.

Quizzes and Trivia Websites

There are a ton of quizzes and trivia websites on the internet, but which ones are the best? Here are our top picks:

  1. Quiz Factor: This website is great for trivia buffs who want to test their knowledge. It has a wide selection of quizzes, and new ones are added regularly so there’s always something fresh to try.
  2. Quizlet: This website is perfect for students or anyone who wants to learn something new. It offers millions of flashcards on various subjects, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for here.
  3. QuizWitz: This website offers a variety of interesting and entertaining quizzes. From personality tests to IQ tests and everything in between, you’re sure to find something here that suits your interests.
  4. Sporcle: Another great website for quiz lovers. Sporcle has thousands of quizzes on all sorts of topics, including geography, sports, and movies.

We hope that this list of 100+ cool, funny websites to cure boredom will help you kill time on the internet. We tried our best to provide you with some new and interesting sites to explore. Whether you are looking for a laugh or an escape from reality, these websites can help make your day a little brighter. So don’t be afraid to take a break from work or school and explore some of these awesome sites!

Do you know some other fun websites? If so, let us know about them in the comments!

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