25+ Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts Everyone Should Know

Clicking the mouse may get your task done, but keyboard shortcuts are fun. It has its own userbase. Sure, Windows 10 was designed keeping touchscreen in mind, but Microsoft didn’t forget their loyal keyboard users. I, for one, am a keyboard shortcut type of user. They just seem to do the work faster than mouse clicks. Well, this varies from person to person. But, you can’t deny the fact that keyboard shortcuts are awesome. With that said, here are 27 Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts that will make performing certain tasks and launching functions a lot easier and quicker.

While Windows is no stranger to keyboard shortcuts, Windows 10 sure has some new ones that will make the long-term users happy. To be upfront, there are a lot of keyboard shortcuts and listing everyone here would be very difficult. Plus, memorizing all keyboard shortcuts is hard. It may seem daunting at first, but once you get used to it, you will be able to run through the basic tasks more easily and fast. If you also own a Chromebook, you should not forget to check out these 100+ keyboard shortcuts for Chrome OS.

Windows 10 Virtual Desktop Shortcuts

Virtual desktops s one of the interesting features of Windows 10. It’s like having additional monitors. You can have different software open in different desktops and navigate between them efficiently using these shortcuts.

  • Windows Key+Ctrl+D — create a new virtual desktop.
  • Windows Key+Ctrl+Left — scroll through your desktops to the left.
  • Windows Key+Ctrl+Right — scroll through your desktops to the right.
  • Windows Key+Ctrl+F4 — close the current desktop.
  • Windows Key+Tab — see all your desktops and open apps via the Task View page.

Windows 10 Exclusive Shortcuts

  • Windows Key+A: Open the Action Center.
  • Windows Key+I: Open Windows Settings.
  • Windows Key+S: Open Cortana.
  • Windows Key+Q: Open Cortana in listening mode.

Window Snapping Shortcuts

Via the window snapping feature you can push an open window to the side of the screen while simultaneously keeping another window open. You can have four windows open at the same time.

  • Windows Key+Left — snap an active window to the left.
  • Windows Key+Right — snap an active window to the right.
  • Windows Key+Up — snap the active window to the top.
  • Windows Key+Down — snap the active window to the bottom.

Some Other Windows 10 keyboard Shortcuts

  • Windows Key+E —launch File Explorer.
  • Alt+Left —go to the previous folder in File Explorer.
  • Alt+Right —go to the next folder in File Explorer.
  • Alt+Up —go up one level in File Explorer.
  • Windows Key+T —cycle through taskbar items.
  • Windows Key+Any Number Key —open the app pinned to the taskbar in the numbered position.
  • Windows Key+R —open the Run dialog box.
  • Windows Key+, —temporarily hide apps to briefly show the desktop.
  • Windows Key+D —minimize apps to go straight to the desktop.
  • Ctrl+Shift+M —restore all minimized windows to full-size.
  • Windows Key+Home —minimize all windows except the one you’re actively using.
  • Windows Key+L —lock your PC and go to the lock screen.

I know I have left out a lot of awesome shortcuts, but my aim was to list out the ones that are most likely to be used by average computer users. I mean, most users use their computer for basic tasks like browsing, listening to music, watching movies, etc. They do not need to know the keyboard shortcut for the command prompt.

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