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Uninstall System Apps on Huawei and Honor Devices

Bloatware is a real problem on Android and when it comes to custom skins like MIUI and EMUI, the problem becomes even bigger. Thankfully, it’s easy to remove EMUI bloatware and uninstall pre-installed system apps on Huawei and Honor devices without root. To help you with bloatware removal, I have prepared a list of Huawei bloatware list so that you are aware of the apps that are safe to remove.

While some OEM apps are visible in the app drawer, there are many which keep running in the background stealthily. Such apps, most of which are useless, play a big role in draining your phone’s battery and slowing it down over time. Since manufacturers disable the uninstall option for most pre-installed apps, we can’t either disable or uninstall them from app settings. Luckily, there are ADB commands that make the job easy by letting us disable, freeze, and uninstall them without root.

Huawei & Honor Bloatware List on EMUI

While the procedure to remove bloatware on all Android devices is the same, the apps and app packages differ depending on the OEM, Android version, and skin. With that said, here is a detailed list of bloatware on Huawei and Honor running EMUI. These apps are safe to remove but you must not uninstall the apps you use. Don’t forget to check out my list of bloatware for other OEMs as well.

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  2. Nokia bloatware list
  3. Xiaomi & Redmi bloatware list
  4. Realme UI and ColorOS Bloatware
  5. Oppo bloatware list

Huawei EMUI Built-in Apps | Chinese keyboard
com.huawei.appmarket | Huawei Market app | HwChrService | Floating dock function | Huawei Services Framework | Huawei Pay | Karaoke mode | MirrorShare feature | Huawei Smart Controller | HiSearch
com.huawei.stylus.floatmenu | Floating menu | Huawei Tips | Huawei Weather
com.huawei.arengine.service | Augmented reality service
com.huawei.browser | Huawei Browser
com.huawei.contactscamcard | Business card reader
com.huawei.compass | Huawei Compass
com.huawei.desktop.explorer | Service that is been used when you wanna use your phone as an OS on a PC | Fast ID Online function
com.huawei.gameassistant | Huawei Game Suite (HiGame)
com.huawei.geofence | Geofence service
com.huawei.hdiw | Huawei ID app
com.huawei.hifolder | Huawei Online Cloud folder service
com.huawei.himovie.overseas | Huawei Videos App
com.huawei.hitouch | Floating dock by Huawei
com.huawei.hwdetectrepair | Huawei Smart diagnosis app
com.huawei.iaware | hUAWEI infp app
com.huawei.livewallpaper.paradise | Live wallpaper service
com.huawei.parentcontrol | Parental controls functions
com.huawei.pcassistant | HiSuite service
com.huawei.phoneservice | HiCare app
com.huawei.mirror - Huawei Mirror app
com.huawei.screenrecorder | Huawei Screen recorder feature
com.huawei.vassistant | Huawei Voice Assistant
com.huawei.videoeditor | Video editor function
com.huawei.wallet | Huawei Wallet | Huawei Watch sync function
com.iflytek.speechsuite | Default voice input method

Android Bloatware List | Print Service | Calculator app | Calendar app | Carrier-specific configuration | Cell Broadcast | Screensaver mode | Photo screensaver |Android build's easter egg feature | Stock email app | Emergency Contacts | Non-Gmail email support | Gallery | In-built HTML viewer | "OK Google" detection service | Live wallpaper | EMUI or Huawei Music app | SMS app | MMS app | Live wallpaper | Wallpaper |  Mobile Printing service | Proxy auto-configuration | Call recorder | Mobile printing service | Storage of blocked numbers | Calendar sync | Google Chrome bookmarking service | Dictionary for keyboard apps | Search box | Sound recorder | SIM Toolkit | Google Play Store | Voice search | VPN system | Live wallpaper | Wallpaper picker | Wallpaper cropper | Notepad

Pre-installed Google Apps on Huawei | Google Books | Cloud print | Currents | Google Drive | Google Fit | Google Maps | Google Photos | Google Duo | Google Wallpapers | Digital Wellbeing | Google Feedback | Google Search | Gmail | Google ARCore | Talkback | Google Play Games | Google Street View | Google Play Movies | YouTube | Google Measure

Miscellaneous 3rd-party Apps on Huawei devices - - eBay
org.smsalliance.openmobileapi.service - SmartcardService

Get the List of Pre-installed Apps on Huawei

If you want to, you can easily get the list of system apps installed on your Huawei or Honor phone using ADB Shell commands. If you don’t want to get into geeky exercises, you can simply install apps like Package Browser, App Inspector, Package Name Viewer, etc. to find the package names of all pre-installed apps on your device.

Anyway, I am going to lay down the steps to get the list of system app packages present on your Huawei or Honor device.

  1. Download and install Huawei HiSuite or USB driver on your computer.
  2. Also, download the latest SDK from Google servers and unzip it on your desktop.
  3. Go to Settings > Developer options and turn on USB debugging on your Huawei device.
  4. Open the ‘Platform-tools’ folder that you extracted earlier and launch a Command Prompt or Windows PowerShell window inside the folder. If you don’t know how to do that here are 3 methods to open a command window inside a folder path.
  5. When the Command Prompt window is launched, type the following command to make sure your Huawei device is properly connected.
    adb devices

    adb devices command prompt

  6. Okay, type adb shell in the command window and hit the Enter key and then execute the following command.
    pm list packages -s
  7. You’ll see the list of all system apps installed on your phone. Press Ctrl+A to select the contents of the cmd window and then press Ctrl+C to copy it. Paste the copied content in a text file. You now have the list of all system app packages that came pre-installed with your device.

Remove Bloatware on Huawei and Honor Devices

As I mentioned above, the ADB command to uninstall system apps on Android without root is common to all devices. You can execute the following command to remove bloatware on your EMUI-powered Huawei device. Please note that you must run the adb shell command first.

adb shell
pm uninstall --user 0 <package name>

adb pm uninstall system apps

For instance, if you want to uninstall Huawei Assistant, type pm uninstall --user 0 com.huawei.vassistant. For more detailed steps, please head over to my tutorial on freezing and uninstalling system apps on Android devices. Alternatively, there is a great tool called Universal Android Debloater GUI. You can use it to debloat your Huawei smartphone easily and safely.

Just repeat the same command with different package names to uninstall system apps on Huawei and Honor devices.

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  1. Neither CMD nor Powershell will recognice the abd command even inside the correct folder.

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    CMD nor Powershell doesn’t recognice the abd command even inside the correct folder.

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