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How to Install and Uninstall Fonts in Windows 10

Windows has always been the more customizable of the two most popular desktop operating systems. Although it doesn’t directly support modifying much, it does let you change accent colors, wallpapers and a few other parts of the desktop environment. This also includes fonts, which have been much easier to install on Windows than apps or software itself. All one has to do is download the font file, double-click on it and its installed. No installation wizard or anything, easy and seamless. The question always was, where to find these font files and could you trust the source? That problem is being addressed now by Microsoft as fonts in Windows 10 are officially getting a place in the Settings app.

Install fonts in Windows 10

Previously, other than Google Fonts, you couldn’t trust a source one hundred percent for downloading fonts. There are obviously very good websites for it, but there’s no guarantee that installing fonts from these won’t break your system. Windows 10 Insider Preview build 17083 rolled out to Fast ring members a while ago and among the most noticeable changes were fonts. The Microsoft Store now has a fonts section along-side the apps where you can browse and install fonts just as easily as apps.

  1. Go to Settings > Personalization > Fonts and click Get new fonts in the StoreHow To Install And Uninstall Fonts In Windows 10
  2. You’ll find all the available fonts listed in the store. Currently, there are only 7 fonts in the store but expect the number to rise in the coming months. How To Install And Uninstall Fonts In Windows 10
  3. To install a font, click on it and then click the Get button. This is exactly the same as installing an app from the Store.

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Uninstall fonts in Windows 10

Prior to Windows 10, fonts had their place in the Control Panel. Microsoft has been in the process of porting over all of the Control Panel’s abilities to the new Settings app. With the upcoming Redstone 4 update, users can expect to see Fonts in the Settings app as well. If you go to Settings > Personalization > Fonts you can see a grid of all your installed fonts. Currently, this is only available if you are running the Windows 10 build 17083.

  1. To uninstall a font, scroll down or search to find it and then click on it. How To Install And Uninstall Fonts In Windows 10
  2. On the next page, the very first button you’ll see is the Uninstall button. Just click on it and you’ll be asked for confirmation. Click Uninstall again and the font will be uninstalled as soon as you hear the click. How To Install And Uninstall Fonts In Windows 10

If you’re interested, you can also type some text in the box right below the uninstall button to see a preview. The slider below this can be used to change the size of the preview. The bottom of the page also contains information about the font such as its location on the system, full name, manufacturer and designer name, etc.

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