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How to Set up Two-Factor Authentication on Twitter

Two Factor Authentication is a great way to further solidify and secure your account. This adds an additional layer of security over your account by incorporating a secondary login method, apart from the usual password that you enter. More apps are now moving forward and welcoming this two-step verification on their apps. In this guide, we will be listing the steps to set up two-factor authentication on the Twitter app for Android. Let’s begin with the steps. Also, check out the steps to enable the secure sign-in feature in Windows 10.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication on Twitter

There are three different methods to carry out the said task: via Text Message, Authentication App and Security Key. The third one isn’t yet available on the app. Therefore, we will be restricting ourselves with the first two methods of enabling the Two-Factor Authentication on the Twitter app. With that said, here are the steps to follow. Moreover, also have a look at the steps to block Tweets and Retweets from individuals on Twitter.

Via Text Message

twitter 2fa via text message

  1. Open the Twitter app and tap on your avatar situated at the top left.
  2. Head over to Settings and Privacy and go to the Account section.
  3. Next, tap on Security > Two-Factor Authentication on the Twitter app.
  4. Select the Text Message option and tap on the Get Started option.
    two factor authentication phone number
  5. You’ll now have to enter your Twitter account password.
  6. Next, enter your phone number in the provided section and tap Next.
  7. You’ll receive a confirmation code on the given mobile number. Enter it and tap Next.

That’s it. These were the steps to enable Two-Factor Authentication in Twitter via the SMS way. The next time you log in to Twitter, you will receive a text message with an authentication code. You’ll have to enter that code, apart from your usual password, for a successful login to your account.

You might have also noticed that there’s a single-use backup code. This code will help you in signing in, in case you don’t receive the intended SMS with the code. Let’s now have a look at the steps to enable Two-Factor Authentication on Twitter via an authenticator app. Also, consider enabling two-step for your Gmail Account.

Via an Authenticator App

Open Play Store and download the Google Authenticator app. There exist other apps like Microsoft Authenticator or the Authy app that are very much capable to act as a Two-Factor Authentication app for Twitter. But in this guide, we are going ahead with the one provided by Google.

auth Google Authenticator app

  1. Now, on your Twitter app, head over to Settings and Privacy.
  2. Go to the Accounts section and tap on Security.
  3. Tap on Two-Factor Authentication on the Twitter app and select the Authentication App option.
  4. Click Start and enter your password to verify your account.
  5. Next, click on Link app now. Doing so will take you to the Google Authenticator app (or any other app that you have installed).
  6. A pop-up will now request to save this key linked to your Account. Tap OK. You will now get a six-digit verification code.

Open the Twitter app and enter this code over there. Make sure to do it quickly as the provided code expires within seconds. On the successful attempt, you’ll now get the success message. The next time you log in to Twitter, you’ll have to enter the Verification Code from the authenticator app, apart from the usual account password.

With this, we conclude the guide on how to enable Two-Factor Authentication on the Twitter app for Android. Which method will you end up choosing? Do let us know the same in the comments section.

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