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Best Cases for Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 series are some of the best Android phones you can get your hands on. If you are a proud owner of one of the devices from the flagship duo and are looking for cases for the Galaxy Note 10, then you’ve comes to the right place. We’ve curated a list of the best cases you can get for your shiny new Galaxy Note 10  and Note 10 Plus in India.

Having a case on your phone prevents it from being scratched or damaged. Hence it’s a no-brainer  This list is in no particular order, therefore, we’d suggest checking out all ten options before you make a decision. Nonetheless, these are the best cases that you can currently buy for the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus.

Spigen Liquid Air Galaxy Note 10 case

Spigen Liquid Air Galaxy Note 10 case

Spigen cases need no introduction. The popular case-maker has a bunch of excellent cases for the Galaxy Note 10 series. And the Liquid Air case is one of the best out of the bunch. It’s fairly thin and lightweight but it does not compromise on protection. The case is even fingerprint-resistant and it offers a good surface to grip on. Moreover, Spigen’s Liquid Air Galaxy Note 10 case fits the device perfectly.

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Ringke Fusion-X Galaxy Note 10 case

Ringke Fusion-X Case

The Ringke Fusion-X case is an excellent clear case with colored accents. It can help protect your device from everyday scratches and even some minor drops. There’s a lanyard hole built into the case to attach a wrist or neck strap. Nonetheless, the case has been military-grade drop tested and it also has a lip around the camera to protect it from being damaged. Additionally, you also have a few color options to choose from — Black, Camo Black, Ruby Red, and Space Blue.

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Nillkin Super Frosted Shield

Nillkin super frosted Note 10 case

If you’re looking for minimal cases for the Galaxy Note 10, you must check out this case from Nillkin. The Super Frosted Shield case has a slim profile and will not add much bulk to the device. It does offer decent protection from scratches and dings. However, it definitely isn’t a replacement for a rugged case. The smooth rubberized material is soft to the touch and also prevents the phone from slipping on a flat surface.

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i-Blason Ares Series Galaxy Note 10 case

i-Blason Ares Case Note 10

This cool clear back rugged case from i-Blason offers excellent all-around protection for the Galaxy Note 10. The case comes with shock-absorbent TPU bumpers which help absorb the impact from a drop. It’s also got scratch-resistant polycarbonate materials. Therefore, this rugged case would not pick up scratches easily. The i-Blason Ares bumper case even has a front protection cover to prevent the screen from being damaged. This does not include a screen protector.

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UAG Plasma Rugged case

UAG Plasma rugged note 10 bumper

UAG makes some of the most stylish rugged cases for smartphones. The UAG Plasma cases offer great protection from drops and scratches without sacrificing on the looks. The case has a hard outer shell with a soft impact resistant core. And the raised rubber lip on the front helps prevent the screen from being scratched. Additionally, the case protects the buttons as well and it offers good tactile feedback. The Plasma Rugged case for the Galaxy Note 10 is available in two colors — Ash and Ice.

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Spigen Neo Hybrid Galaxy Note 10 case

Spigen Neo Hybrid Note 10 case

Here’s another great case from Spigen that’s perfect for those looking out for a slim and stylish case. It also offers decent all-around protection for the device. The case does not add much bulk and it fits the device precisely. The raized bezels around the screen protect it from scratches when left on a flat surface. Moreover, the case does not interrupt wireless charging or NFC functions.

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Case-Mate Twinkle Hard Back case

Case-Mate Twinkle Hard Back note 10 plus

These cases are for the ladies looking out for stylish cases for the Galaxy Note 10. Make no mistake, the case isn’t made just to look pretty. It also provides great protection for the device even from a drop as high as 10 feet. Additionally, the sides of the case are a tad flexible hence you get a better grip. The case is filled with glitter foil that looks fantastic when there’s light shining on it. This cool case is also scratch-resistant, therefore, long nails shouldn’t be a problem.

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SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro case

SUPCASE Unicorn beetle pro Note 10 case

This rugged Galaxy Note 10 case is built like a tank and offers the best overall protection for your device. It comes with a front cover that snaps into place and helps protect the screen from any damage. The case even has a few ‘Grip Points’ at the back which prevents it from slipping. The buttons and ports are also protected, therefore, it keeps dust and pocket-lint out from the device. Additionally, it has a built-in kickstand that lets you use your device hands-free on a flat surface. Even with all its ruggedness, the case still supports wireless charging.

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These are our top picks for the best Galaxy Note 10 series cases in India. Each case has its own advantages over the others. Nonetheless, every case on the list does support wireless charging and NFC functions. Therefore, feel free to go with anyone of these excellent cases.

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