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5 Solid Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogging

Blogging is trending from past few days, especially in the context of online money making. Let’s see what blog, blogging and bloggers are all about. There are so many definitions regarding this particular topic. I would like to pick up some, through which you may easily get into the topic.

The word blog is originally obtained on truncating the word weblog, and this term describes a website in which a “blogger” or a group of them maintains an ongoing chronicle of information. You can consider a blog as an online journal or a diary in which a person share information or his thoughts on a particular topic, usually of his interest. Now to add on mass layers to your blogging knowledge bones, we move to the word blogging. Blogging is the process of writing a post on a blog and the person who does this task is designated by the word “blogger”.

These typical definitions might have given you an idea of what blogging is all about. But someone has given very simple lines to describe blogging, and he stated blog as “A blog is merely a tool that lets you do anything from changing the world to sharing your shopping list. People will use it however they wish. And it is way too soon in the invention of uses for this tool to limit it with a set definition”.

So now, having ample knowledge about blogging, let’s have a look at how it works for our bloggers. Getting the knowledge of this topic seems much easier, but doing the work as a blogger is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need to be focused as well as passionate about this. It’s true that handsome amount of money could be made through blogging, but it requires patience as well. The changing trend in the world of blogging has impacted people such that they are choosing full-time blogging as their profession. Being a full-time blogger makes a lot of difference from blogging as a part time job. Full-time blogging involves the big risk of quitting your job to start your blogging business because blogging requires time before it gives money as the output to you.

Since people have started choosing this as their means of daily bread there is a need to look at both sides of this coin. Let’s look at 5 solid advantages and disadvantages of blogging to help you make a proper business plan if you are about to choose it as your professional career.

Pros of Blogging

  1. Managing Time Easily:

When you are working as a blogger, you can work according to your suitable timings. Unlike the usual 9 to 5 jobs, it’s easy to manage your time as you can divide your time for other activities too and there is no necessity to work for a particularly bounded time of the day. If you are willing to opt to blog as your full-time profession then you can increase the time you used to give to your blogs as a part-time job, but there is a need to prioritize your everyday tasks along with blogging. But that won’t bother you much. You can properly plan and work upon it.

  1. Working with better Concentration:

You can do your work with more concentration as it is of your interest and no one is there above you howling every time. It is obvious that at home you can get the most comfortable environment and what could be better than working in the environment you like. You can give your best when you work with full concentration and proper planning.

  1. Save your Energy:

Blogging as a part time job involves division of your energy. You come home, tired from your office work and then you might not have much energy to give on to your blog writing. Thus, if you choose to do full time blogging this plus point add upon that you can save your energy and give full energy required for writing. And remember blogging is a work of your interest and giving your fullest to the work you like will add on to your success.

  1. Financial Flexibility:

In blogging, you have the option to earn money the way you want. You have options to work as much you can and get paid for whatever you do instantly. You can earn as per your requirement. So no money problems involved once you are set to take blogging as your career. Also, there is nothing like a company going at a loss this means you are secured with your job too.

  1. Easy Interaction with Customers:

If you have a blog where you need to provide services to your customers then you have a plus point here. When you are working as a full-time blogger you can give more time to your customers and find clients with full enthusiasm and no annoyance of being time bounded. Thus, you can work for your blog with full efficiency.

Cons of Blogging

  1. Dependency Increases:

As a full-time blogger, you become solely dependent on your writing work. You have to be very active when you choose to become a blogger. Being human beings there are chances of falling ill and here comes a drawback especially for bloggers who work alone. If you get a break from blogging due to some reason, this would result in fall in blog income and traffic. A way out of this is hiring other people to write for you.

  1. Loneliness Increases:

If you used to work in an office environment, you might feel alone and miss your colleagues. This is a genuine problem many bloggers come up with. Being a professional blogger requires time and you have to struggle alone till a time you attain stability to increase your work area. Feeling alone might involve irritation and frustration at times and this may reflect on your work. A solution to this problem can be that you manage to have a balance between your social life and your work.

  1. Requires Time:

Blogging needs a lot of patience, at least in your earlier phases. You can’t expect to earn too quickly. You have to find ways to attract readers to your blogs if you want to make a good amount of money. So patience is the biggest key to success in the case of blogging.

  1. Unstable Income and Economy Conditions:

In blogging, you don’t have a fixed income. You may love blogging but there might come situations that at times you will be paid low for your work. When you work as a full-time blogger you initially have to put some money and you might face problems if you lack good economy conditions for satisfying few needs of your blog.

  1. Discipline:

If you want to be successful in your blogging career, you need to have discipline. Blogging is a full-time job and you have to plan out and work. If you are not able to maintain proper discipline, there are chances that you might fail in making out a hundred percent from your blogging skills.

Here was our guide on advantages and disadvantages of blogging. Now choosing full-time blogging as a career option or not? Well, you decide!


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