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Easily Add Slow-Motion Effect to Any Video on Windows 10

Easily Add Slow-Motion Effect To Any Video On Windows 10

The year was 1999 and the movie was Matrix. It was then that the divided human society finally united to agree that slow-motion effect is pretty cool. It took a while but finally, the slow-motion effect wasn’t something limited to the professional movie makers. But it wasn’t until our smartphone cameras gained the ability to record high fps videos that slow-motion really reached in everyone’s hands. Most flagship smartphones today, whatever OS they run, are capable of capturing slow-motion videos. Some even go as far as capturing video at 960 fps for that ultra slow motion effect. But that usually means you have to know beforehand that there is something you want to capture in slow-motion. What if you already have some footage and looking at it you think, “hey this would look cool in slo-mo”? Microsoft’s Photos app on Windows 10 might come in handy.

It ships pre-installed with your copy of Windows 10 no matter which of the various versions you get. That means you won’t have to install any third-party apps or heavy piece of software like Adobe Premier. The slow-motion in Photos is not as great as a full-featured video editing app, but it’ll do for quick and dirty edits. You will need to update the Photos app to the latest version if you haven’t. This version of the app is only available for users who have the Windows 10 Fall Creator’s update installed. You can go to Settings > System > About and check the version number of your Windows 10. If it’s at least 1709, you have the required version of Windows 10 and can update to the latest version of Photos app if you haven’t already.

Easily Add Slow-Motion Effect To Any Video On Windows 10

Add slow-motion effect to video in Windows 10

  1. Launch the Photos app, assuming you have the latest version of the app and Windows 10 and find the video you want to add the effect to and click on it. You might not see videos by default in the app if you haven’t manually added your video folder to the app in Settings. In that case, you can either first add the folder or use the Windows File Explorer to navigate to the video. Right click on it and select Open with > Photos.
  2. Regardless of how you open the video in the Photos app, your video will begin to play and you will have three buttons on the top-right: Edit & Create, Share and a three-dot menu button which contains options like Slideshow. Easily Add Slow-Motion Effect To Any Video On Windows 10
  3. Now you want to add a slow-motion effect to the video. Logic dictates that you should click on the button that says Edit & Create so let’s do that.
  4. In the drop-down menu, you will find an option to Add slo-mo (Whoa!). It is possible that you actually get surprised when you don’t find the option here. In that case, click on the three-dot menu button and you might find the said option hidden there. Easily Add Slow-Motion Effect To Any Video On Windows 10
  5. Click on Add slo-mo. You can then adjust the speed of the slow-motion effect by moving the slider on the top. You can select the part of the video where you want the effect to be applied using the markers at the bottom.
  6. When you’re happy with what you’ve done click on the Save a copy button at the top. Your video will be saved with the slow-motion effect applied. As is quite clear from the saving option, this does not alter the original video in any way and creates a copy of it with the slo-mo applied. Easily Add Slow-Motion Effect To Any Video On Windows 10


You may wonder where the file got saved though since it doesn’t really ask for a save location. The Photos app usually saves the edited copy in the same folder as the original file. This is also true in the case of slo-mo copies of a video.

Easily Add Slow-Motion Effect To Any Video On Windows 10

There are only three pre-set speeds you can choose from. These are – Normal (man icon), Slow (in the middle) and Super slow (tortoise icon). The video is already at normal speed so you don’t get selection markers if you select that speed. If you select Super slow, you only get a single marker using which you can only select the end point for the effect. The start point is always the start of the video. With slow speed selection, you get two markers which can be used to select a start and an end point.

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