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ADB AppControl – Debloat and Control Android Device Remotely

We have covered a lot of ADB and Fastboot-related topics for Android users so far. ADB commands can be used to perform a host of actions like disabling and removing system apps, unlocking device, getting device information, pulling and pushing APK files, simulating hardware button gestures, and so on. While using commands manually can be painful and hard, tools like ADB AppControl Extended can help you do all these things easily from a user-friendly GUI. If you own a Windows PC, you are in luck because it’s not available for Mac as of now.

I have written dedicated guides laying down the steps to uninstall system apps on Android devices without root for mobile brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Oppo, Vivo, Nokia, Realme, Huawei, etc. You can even find a carefully picked list of bloatware apps that can be removed or disabled using ADB commands. If you are not comfortable with the ADB method to get rid of useless system apps, there’s a great tool as well. It’s called Universal Android Debloater GUI which allows you to debloat your Android device safely.

To be honest, the Universal Android Debloater is more user-friendly than ADB AppControl and the best bloatware remover for Android. However, the latter being more multifaceted, it simply is a must-have utility for Android users. The tool also has a full version and it’s called ADB AppControl Extended which requires purchasing a license or activation key for approximately $7.

Free Version Features

ADB AppControl is a feature-loaded utility for Android. It lets you do several things that can be done using ADB commands. Basically, it is an ADB-based tool with a graphic user interface and offers more features than any other similar program.

  • Manage app permissions via the inbuilt Permissions Manager.
  • Pull the APK files of the app installed on your device to your PC.
  • Save and load apps list presets.
  • Install multiple apps at the same time.
  • ADB console with quick commands.
  • Support for Fastboot commands.
  • Clear app data.
  • Disable and enable, or uninstall or re-install system or third-party apps from the program’s interface.uninstall android system apps in adb app control
  • Refresh ADB AppControl using the ‘Update application data‘ option.
  • Upload files from your computer to the ‘Downloads‘ folder on your device.
  • Use the ‘Auto permissions‘ option to grant all the necessary permissions to a wide range of popular apps like Tasker, SystemPanel, ATV Launcher, MacroDroid, Clipto Pro, bxActions, SamFix, SystemUI Tuner, AirFrozen Disabler, BetterBatteryStats, Greenify, Fluid Navigation, Wakelock Detector, Change Data, GSam, Battery Monitor, Navigation Gestures, Mi Control Center, Quick Settings, fooView, Flyrus, Android Monitor, Gesture Control, Automagic Automation, Naptime, 3C Battery Monitor Widget, Custom Navigation Bar, Power Shade, ForceDoze, Button Mapper, Keepass2Android, SecureTask, BatteryGuru, Brevent, Tiles, Settings DataBase Editor, Poweramp Equalizer, etc.
  • Take screenshots of your Android device and save them to the screenshots folder inside the ADB_AppControl directory.
  • Reboot into the system, recovery, bootloader, or download mode, or power off your phone without hardware buttons.adb appcontrol reboot options
  • Hide icons from the status bar of your Android device.
  • Change the screen resolution and pixel density of your device.
  • Record the screen of your Android phone.
  • Adjust the volume of your device without pressing the physical volume buttons.
  • Wake up your Android phone without the Power button.
  • Launch the camera of your phone and capture photos directly from your computer.
  • Control your device screen remotely using scrcpy.control android via scrcpy
  • Create a logcat of the activities performed on the tool.

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ADB AppControl Extended Version Features

adb appcontrol extended features

As I have already mentioned earlier, the tool also has a Pro version called ADB AppControl Extended. By purchasing it you can not only unlock some add-on features but also support the developer.

Along with the features of the free version listed above, ADB AppControl Extended offers the following extras.

  • Dark theme
  • Show the accurate size of the installed apps on the device.
  • Unlimited file transfer to the device.
  • Sort apps by name, size, and selection state.
  • Add APK files to the installation queue by dragging and dropping them into the ADB AppControl window.
  • Adjust the size of app icons and font on the program window.
  • Adjust the program window opacity.
  • Access to the Debloat wizard that lets you select from the 4 levels of debloating Android devices: Maximal, Medium, Safe, and Basic. You can launch the debloat wizard by clicking on the ‘Find and disable bloatware on your device‘ option. debloat levels in adb appcontrol
  • Hide or show application icons.
  • Ability to turn on the Silent mode that removes annoying confirmations of actions performed in the program.
  • Disable the auto-update data feature.
  • ADB key protector that allows you to set a password to safely enable USB debugging for your device.
  • Use system ADB from %PATH%
  • Save the device connection history for a fast wireless connection.
  • Save the app icon cache.
  • Ability to enable network debugging.

Download ADB AppControl Extended for Windows

ADB AppControl works exclusively with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11. Moreover, your PC should also have .NET Framework 4.6.2 (Windows 7 and 8 without SP1) or .NET Framework 4.8 (for Windows 7 SP1, 8.1, 10, or 11) or above installed on your PC. As for device OS compatibility, it works with Android 7 Nougat and higher. Additionally, on some systems, Visual C++ may also be required to run the program.

Note: You must enable USB debugging on your Android device.

You can download the free and extended versions of ADB AppControl by clicking the links below.

Download ADB AppControl: Free Version | Extended Version License Key

Please note that ADB AppControl free and extended versions are not separate programs. You just need to pay about $7 to purchase the extended version activation key, open the program and navigate to Settings, click on the Activate option, and enter the license key you received via email.

adb appcontrol extended activation key

ADB AppControl full version license key looks like this: D+456+p+392+l+724+R+ 341+S+954+e+920+8+344+000.

Instead of looking for ADB App Control extended version crack or free activation key, please purchase the program because it’s cheap and worth every penny you’ll spend on it.

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  1. I have downloaded the UAD from github, and unzipped it but cannot find the ‘ uad_gui-windows.exe ‘ to click on anywhere in the extracted files, I cant even find ANY .exe at all. Is there something I am missing form the github page to get a Windows version of the program (rather than linux) ?? I clicked ‘Code’ and then ‘download zip’ from the dropdown menu.
    Can you help? Thanks, Ed

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