Uninstall System Apps on Vivo without Root

Bloatware is a real problem on Android devices, especially on smartphones that come with a custom skin like FunTouch OS. Android devices from Chinese OEMs like Realme, Xiaomi, Huawei, Lenovo, Vivo, etc. are notorious for bloatware. If you own a Vivo phone and want to uninstall system apps that come pre-installed on it, here’s a list of Vivo bloatware that is safe to remove without root. Let’s see how we can debloat Vivo phones.

I recently purchased the Vivo X50 Pro for my wife and I must admit that I am impressed with its performance and Gimbal camera system so far. However, this Vivo phone comes with more than 270 pre-installed apps many of which are useless. Therefore, I decided to delete factory apps like Hot Games, Vivo App Store, Vivo i Manager, Game Watch, certain BBK junk, Vivo Web Browser, and other apps that I didn’t intend to use.

By default, Vivo has disabled the option to uninstall most pre-installed apps. There are some bloatware remover apps in the Google Play Store but they require root. Thankfully, we can freeze, disable, and remove system apps on a Vivo phone using ADB commands without rooting it. Since the ADB method to remove bloatware on Vivo phones is universal to all Android devices, you can use the commands mentioned below on any device. Check out my list of pre-installed apps on the devices from the following manufacturers as well.

If you own any of the following phones, my list of Vivo pre-installed apps list will help you get the package names of bloatware you want to remove.

  • Vivo X50 Pro
  • Vivo X50
  • Vivo Y30
  • Vivo Y50
  • Vivo V10
  • Vivo V11 Pro
  • Vivo S1 Pro
  • Vivo S1
  • Vivo V15 Pro
  • Vivo V15
  • Vivo V17 Pro
  • Vivo V17
  • Vivo Y11
  • Vivo Y12
  • Vivo Y15
  • Vivo Y17
  • Vivo Y19
  • Vivo Y81
  • Vivo Y90
  • Vivo Y95
  • Vivo U20
  • Vivo U10
  • Vivo Z1 Pro
  • Vivo Nex

Vivo Bloatware List

Though I own the Vivo X5o Pro, I borrowed phones like Vivo V19 (Android 10), Vivo S1 Pro, Vivo V17 Pro (Android 9.0), and Vivo V11 (Android 8.0) from people around me, extracted the list of system apps from them and created the bloatware list shared below. These apps are safe to remove as I deleted them on my Vivo X50 Pro and noticed no issue.

Android OS Common Bloatware

com.android.chrome | Chrome Browser
com.android.egg | Android Easter Egg app
com.android.filemanager | Google' Files app
com.android.mms | MMS
com.android.mms.service | MMS
com.android.notes | Notes
com.android.printspooler | Mobile Printing
com.android.providers.partnerbookmarks | Bookmarking service for Chrome
com.android.providers.userdictionary | Keyboard dictionary
com.android.stk | SIM Toolkit
com.android.VideoPlayer | Video Player
com.android.vpndialogs | Content dialogue interface
com.dsi.ant.server | ANT Hall Service

BBK Bloatware List

(BBK Electronics Corporation is the Chinese conglomerate that owns smartphone brands like OnePlus, Realme, Vivo, Oppo, etc.)

com.android.bbkcalculator | Calculator app
com.android.BBKClock | Clock app
com.android.bbklog | Log Collection
com.android.bbkmusic | i Music
com.android.bbksoundrecorder | Sound Recorder
com.bbk.account | Vivo account
com.bbk.calendar | Vivo Calendar
com.bbk.cloud | Vivo Cloud
com.bbk.photoframewidget | Photo widget
com.bbk.scene.indoor | My House app
com.bbk.SuperPowerSave | Powersaver
com.bbk.theme | i Theme
com.bbk.theme.resources | Theme Store
com.baidu.duersdk.opensdk | ViVoice
com.baidu.input_vivo | Chinese keyboard

Facebook Bloat


Google Pre-installed apps on Vivo

com.google.android.apps.docs | Google Drive
com.google.android.apps.maps | Google Maps
com.google.android.apps.photos | Google Photos
com.google.android.apps.tachyon | Google Duo
com.google.android.gm | Gmail
com.google.android.gms | Gmail service
com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox | Google search widget
com.google.android.marvin.talkback | Talkback
com.google.android.music | Google Play Music
com.google.android.printservice.recommendation | Mobile Printing
com.google.android.syncadapters.calendar | Calender sync
com.google.android.syncadapters.contacts | Contacts sync
com.google.android.tts | Text-to-speech
com.google.android.videos | Google Play Moviews & TV
com.google.android.youtube | YouTube
com.google.ar.lens | Google Lens

Qualcomm Bloatware on Vivo


Vivo Pre-installed Apps List

com.ibimuyu.lockscreen | Glance Lockfeed
com.iqoo.engineermode | Vivo Engineering Mode
com.iqoo.secure | Vivo i Manager
com.vivo.appstore | Vivo App Store
com.vivo.assistant | Jovi Smart Scene
com.vivo.browser | Vivo Wen Browser
com.vivo.collage | Photo collage maker
com.vivo.compass | Stock Compass app
com.vivo.doubleinstance | App Clone
com.vivo.doubletimezoneclock | Timezone widget
com.vivo.dream.clock | Screensaver clock
com.vivo.dream.music | Screensaver music
com.vivo.dream.weather | Screensaver weather
com.vivo.easyshare | Easy Share
com.vivo.email | Email app (not Gmail)
com.vivo.FMRadio | FM app
com.vivo.gallery | Gallery apps
com.vivo.globalsearch | Vivo global search
com.vivo.vivokaraoke | Movile KTV
com.vivo.magazine | Lockscreen Magazine
com.vivo.motormode | Motor Mode
com.vivo.carmode | Driving Mode (old phones)
com.vivo.translator | Translator app
com.vivo.unionpay | Vivo Pay
com.vivo.video.floating | Video floating widget
com.vivo.videoeditor | Video editor
com.vivo.weather | Weather app
com.vivo.website | Opens Vivo website
com.vivo.widget.calendar | Calendar widget
com.vlife.vivo.wallpaper | Vivo live wallpaper
com.kikaoem.vivo.qisiemoji.inputmethod | Emoji for stock keyboard

Get the List of Vivo Pre-installed Apps using ADB

Please note that depending on your phone model and Android version, the list of Vivo system apps might differ. In case you want to get your own list of all app packages that come preloaded on your Vivo phone.

Whether you want to generate the list of pre-installed apps on Vivo phone or want to uninstall them without root, you need to set up ADB and Fastboot on your PC first. Follow the steps below to learn how you can do that.

  1. Download and extract the latest Android SDK Platform-tools.zip.
  2. Launch a Command Prompt window or Windows PowerShell from the ‘platform-tools‘ folder window.
  3. Enable USB Debugging on your Vivo phone, You can do that by going to Settings > System management > Developer options.vivo developer options and usb debugging
  4. Connect your Vivo phone to the computer and make sure to extend the screen lock timeout to 15 or 30 minutes.
  5. It’s time now to verify that your phone and ADB can communicate with each other. Issue the following command to test the connection.
    adb devices
  6. If you get the ‘adb is not recognized…‘ error, try the solution to fix ADB errors.
  7. Now, type the following command and press the Enter key on your keyboard.
    adb shell
  8. Make sure to authorize ADB on your Vivo phone by allowing USB debugging, or ADB won’t be able to detect your device.allow usb debugging on vivo phones
  9. To print the list of Vivo pre-installed apps, execute this command.
    pm list packages -s

    adb shell list packages command mac terminal

  10. As soon as you hit the Enter key, you’ll get a complete list of system apps preloaded on your Vivo phone.vivo pre-installed apps list
  11. You can copy this list using Ctrl+C and paste it in a text or Notepad file. You now have the package names of all Vivo system apps installed on your device. You can use them to remove bloatware on your Vivo phone.

Uninstall System Apps on Vivo without Root

Now that you know how to execute ADB commands and have the package names of Vivo bloatware, you can uninstall or debloat your Vivo phone easily using the ADB Shell commands mentioned below.

  1. Launch the Command Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (Mac).
  2. Connect your Vivo phone to the computer.
  3. Type adb shell and press the enter key. Then use one of the following commands to disable or uninstall a system app.
    • Uninstall: pm uninstall --user 0 <package name>
    • Freeze: cmd appops set <package_name> RUN_IN_BACKGROUND ignore
    • Disable: adb shell pm disable-user --user 0 <package name>
  4. For example, if you want to uninstall the Vivo Compass app, use the following command.adb app uninstall command mac terminal

I have already written a super detailed tutorial on uninstalling bloatware on Android devices with and without root. Please refer to that.

If you encounter some issue while trying to uninstall system apps on your Vivo phone, please drop a comment below describing the issue.

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