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How to Enable Two-Step Verification on the Amazon app

Here at Technastic, we always chalk out a wide variety of tips and tricks to keep your account safe. One such measure that we regularly discuss is regarding the Two-Step Verification process. Well as the name suggests, it adds an additional layer of security by incorporating an additional step to your regular login. And in this guide, we will be detailing the steps to enable Two-Step Verification on the Amazon app. Also, consider the steps to enable 2-step verification in Telegram.

It is always recommended to go for an extra security measurement in apps that stores your credit card and net banking information. And most of you might have saved your payment details in this app so that you could easily breeze past the payment gateway. Well, this is one reason why you should consider enabling the Two-Step Verification process on the Amazon app. Apart from that, the Amazon Pay wallet has also now been incorporated into the shopping app. Therefore, it becomes even more crucial to give paramount importance to the account’s safety.

Enable Two-Step Verification in the Amazon App

two step verification in amazon

Amazon, like other apps, follows a similar route of carrying out the said process. You could either choose the phone number method or use an Authenticator app for it. In this guide, we will be providing both methods. With that said, here are the steps to enable Two-Step Verification on the Amazon app. Moreover, have a look at our guide to Set up Two-Factor Authentication on Twitter.

Via Phone Number

  1. Open the Amazon app and tap on the hamburger menu.
  2. Head over to your Account and tap on Login & Security.
  3. Now tap on the Edit button next to Two-Step Verification on the Amazon app and henceforth tap on Get Started in the next screen.
    sms method for 2-step verification
  4. Next, select the Phone number option for the 2SV authenticator. Enter your number and then choose SMS or voice delivery- how you wish to receive the OTP. Tap Continue once you have made the selection.
  5. Enter the OTP in the provided field and tap Continue.
  6. If you are carrying out these steps from your own secure device, then you may suppress this OTA challenge for future sign-ins. To do so, tick the option that says “Don’t require OTP on this browser“.
  7. Finally, tap “I got it. Please turn on the Two-Step Verification” on your Amazon app.

With that, we conclude the first half of this guide. Now let us see how to enable 2SV via an Authenticator app. You should consider enabling two-factor authentication in Gmail.

Enable Two-Step Verification via Authenticator App

use amazon authenticator app

To enable the Two-Step Verification on the Amazon app via an Authenticator app, you’ll first have to download one. In this guide, we will be using the Google Authenticator app. You may try out other similar apps like Microsoft Authenticator, Authy, etc. Whatever app you choose, make sure to download it from the Play Store before you proceed ahead with the steps.

  1. Head over to the Amazon app on your Android device.
  2. Go to Account > Login and Security > Two-Step Verification and tap on Edit.
  3. Tap on Get Started and choose the Authenticator App option.
  4. Now, copy the 52 digit code, given just below the QR Code. This code will help to enable Two-Step Verification on Amazon.
  5. Head over to the Authenticator app and paste that code there. In the Google Authenticator app, here is how this could be done:
    Google Authenticator
    • Tap on Begin > Enter a provided key.
    • In the Account Name field, enter Amazon.
    • Then paste the 52 digit code in the Your Key field. Once done tap on Add.
  6. As soon as you do so, the Authenticator app will give you a six-digit code. Quickly open the Amazon app and enter that code in the space provided to Enable Two-Step Verification on the Amazon app.  Once done, tap on Verify OTP and Continue.
  7. If you wish you may suppress OTP, as mentioned in the earlier section.
  8. Finally, tap on “I got it. Please turn on the Two-Step Verification” on your Amazon app.

So with this, come to the end of this tutorial. Moreover, we shared two different methods to enable the Two-Step Verification for your Amazon account. What you end up choosing is completely up to you.

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