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How to Boost Network Speed in Google Chrome

While browsing the web, you might have noticed that a particular website hogs most of the bandwidth. As a result, it takes ages for other tabs to load. The same happens when you are downloading any file. To effectively manage the speed, there exists some third-party extensions or  Download Managers. But what if the same could be done without their help? That is very much possible if you are using the Chrome browser. You could throttle or boost the network speed in Chrome and assign it a preset upper-speed limit.

Or you could even create your own network profiles and assign the desired speed. The best part? Well, this works on a per-tab basis and not throughout the browser as a whole. Want to know how this works? Then follow the below steps. Also, have a look at the steps to disable send to devices option in Chrome (Android & Web).

Throttle Network Speed in Chrome

For the said process to work, we will be taking the help of Chrome’s Developer Tools. The steps might seem complicated at first. So please follow the steps exactly as mentioned. And while creating your own network profile, keep a note of the speed you’re entering. It’s in KBPS and not kbps! With that said, here are the instructions to Throttle Network Speed in Chrome. On the other hand, try out this guide to open websites in application mode on Google Chrome.

Creating a New Network Profile

  1. Click on the overflow menu on your Chrome browser.
  2. Go to More Tools > Developer Tools. You may also use the Ctrl + Shift + I shortcut or the F12 key.
    google chrome more tools
  3. Next, click on the overflow menu and select Settings. This will be present at the extreme right.
    chrome dev settings
  4. Go to Throttling from the left menu bar and click on Add custom profile. This section will help to Throttle Network Speed in Chrome.
    throttle network speed in chrome
  5. Give this profile a name and enter the desired Download and Upload speed. Leave the Latency section as it is.
    enter network speed
  6. Click on Add to save this newly created profile.

Testing the Created Network Profile in Chrome

  1. Head over to the Developer Tools section in Chrome.
  2. Go to the Networks tab and click on the Throttling icon. This will be a drop-down icon, right next to the Online option. Take the help of the attached image as a reference.
    check network speed in chrome
  3. Select your newly created profile from the Custom section to Throttle the Network Speed in Chrome.
    netork profile chrome
  4. You might also try out the preset profiles provided by Chrome.

So these were the steps to create and test the network profile. With that, we also conclude the guide on how to throttle network speed in Chrome. Keep one thing in mind. You will only be able to faux throttle your network till this Developer Tools section is opened. As soon as you close it, everything will revert back to normal.

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