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How to Send Google Form Notifications to Multiple Emails

This guide contains instructions to notify multiple participants of the Google Form responses. Google Forms is probably the best forms creator and data collection tool. Without much of a complication, you could easily create different types of forms and send it over to the desired users. Filling of forms, creating reports and other such tasks is pretty easy too. However, one thing that I find missing is the ability to allow multiple users to get notified whenever a form is filled. If you have created a form, you stand its owner/admin. As a result, if anyone fills that form, only you will get notified for the same. Well, in some cases, it definitely makes sense, but not all the time. If you want to send Google Form notifications to multiple emails or people at the same, this tutorial is just for you.

Recently, we, a group of 4, wanted to carry out research through Google Forms. I, being the creator of the form, was the only one being notified of the responses. My other team members really had no idea of these forms. Every time I received a response, I had to forward the same to my other three teammates. This was quite an effort-taking and time-consuming task. So after digging the internet, I found a handy add-on that makes it easy to notify multiple participants of the Google Form responses. Here are the steps that you need to follow. Also, check out the steps to open websites apps on Google Chrome.

Email Google Form Notifications to Multiple People

  1. Head over to Google Market Place and download a Google Forms add-on called Email Notifications for Google Forms. This add-on will help you to notify multiple participants of the Google Form responses.
    google forms email notification add-on
  2. Next, click on Continue to initiate the installation process. This will take you to the Permissions screen. Please make sure to go through it once before clicking on Allow.
    google forms permissions
  3. Now head over to Google Forms and create a new form or open an existing one. Then click on the Add-ons icon present at the top menu bar. Also, check out these cool Google Chrome extensions to enjoy more features.
    activate google forms add-on
  4. Select the Email Notifications for Google Forms add-on. Then click on Emails Notifications from the menu that appears. This will help to notify multiple participants of the Google Form responses.
    enable email notifications
  5. This opens the Manage Rule pop-up at the bottom right. Click on Add New Rule.
    add google forms rule
  6. Give this rule a name. Then under Email Addresses to notify, enter the desired number of email addresses, separated by a comma.
    more rules for sending notification
  7. You may leave everything else as they are. Just scroll to the bottom and click on Save Rule.
    save google form rule
  8. Now send the Google Form to the intended recipients and wait for the responses. Once they fill and send it, all the users whose email address you fed above will receive that response, including you.

So these were the steps to notify multiple participants of Google Form Responses. Stick with us for more such tips and tricks.

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