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Dim Your Phone’s Screen With Screen Dimmer on Android

While it’s best to ditch the phone before sleeping, most of us still love using your smartphones at night. Recent studies have shown that the blue light filter on phones has the opposite effect of what it’s meant for. Therefore, if you use your phone at night, then you should check out Screen Dimmer on Android. This application lets you dim the screen by applying a color overlay. And unlike blue light filters, you can even use dark colors to dim the display rather than change the color.

Screen Dimmer is perfect for those who have phones that cannot achieve a low brightness. Although, it can be used by anyone who feels their phone’s screen is too bright to use at night. You do not even need to have a rooted device to use the app. You can also check out how to enable night mode for all websites. For those who have an unrooted device, follow this guide and check out how to use Screen Dimmer on Android to lower the brightness on your Android phone.

Setup Screen Dimmer on Android

Follow the steps below to set up the application on your Android smartphone.

Note: The screenshots below are taken on a device running Color OS 6.1. The Accessibility Settings page might look different on your device.

Screen Dimmer on Android setup

  1. Download and install the app from the Google Play Store.
  2. Launch the app and then tap on the Screen Dimmer toggle.
  3. A pop-up will appear asking you to enable Screen Dimmer in Accessibility Settings.
  4. Tap on Open Accessibility Settings.
  5. Enable Screen Dimmer to use the required Accessibility Settings.

Once the option is enabled, you should notice the phone’s screen becomes dimmer right away. Head back to the Screen Dimmer application. From here you can set up the opacity of the color overlay on the screen. Additionally, you can even change the color overlay by tapping on the Color option. By default, Screen Dimmer on Android has black selected. We recommend using the default black color overlay since it does not mess with the colors on the screen. However, you still have the option to use just about any color as an overlay.

Screen Dimmer is also one of the only apps that even dims the notifications in the notification bar. Most other screen dimming apps do not dim the notifications. Hence, if you choose to use them you will notice that the notifications remain bright.

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Other features and settings

The app also has a few other features that you should know about. For instance, you can set Screen Dimmer to automatically start when you set the system brightness to low. Doing this would get rid of the need to manually enable Screen Dimmer on Android. Additionally, you can use the ‘Shake to turn on’ and ‘Shake to turn off’ feature as well.

You also have the option to adjust the opacity of the color overlay. Therefore, you have granular control over the color overlay and how dim you want the screen to become. Although the default 50% opacity seems to be the best option for most cases. Screen Dimmer on Android is a free app supported by ads. However, you can pay a small fee to remove the ads from the app forever. Albeit the ads within the app are non-intrusive.

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