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How To Fix “GPS Signal Not Found” Error in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is trending nowadays. It is a location-based augmented reality game based on the Pokemon TV series and is developed by Niantic for Android and iOS devices. Released in 2016, this game uses a camera, GPS, and mobile internet to capture, train and battle Pokemon. These Pokemon appear on user’s screen as if they are present in the real world location of the player. These features and the love for the Pokemon TV series combined together set the path to success for the Pokemon Go. Now, while playing Pokemon Go on Android you may have encountered an error saying “GPS signal not found”. In this article, we will fix the “GPS signal not found” error in Pokemon Go.

Make Sure GPS is Enabled

Most of the Android devices have GPS turned off by default in order to save battery life. You can turn on the GPS by heading to Settings > Location > Location Mode > High Accuracy. Keep your Wi-Fi on throughout the game even if a Wi-Fi network is not available because Pokemon Go uses your Wi-Fi, closest mobile network tower, and GPS satellite to place you correctly in the game world.

Getting “GPS signal not found” error even if GPS is Enabled

If you are getting “GPS signal not found” error even after enabling the GPS then it may be possible that GPS satellites have trouble locating you. In this case, head outside and hold your device firmly for about 30 seconds. This will help satellites to locate your device and place you in the gaming world after removing the error.


Q- Can we play Pokemon Go without using GPS?

A- Yes, you can play Pokemon Go without using GPS. So if you are using a tablet with Wi-Fi or phone without GPS then you can still play Pokemon Go. For this, you have been in areas with strong Wi-Fi networks such as restaurants, coffee houses. Pokemon Go only requires an internet connection to play the game so you will be located in the game world only with mobile data but the experience won’t be on the same level as compared to Android devices.

This was our guide to fix the “GPS signal not found” error in Pokemon Go. Feel free to share this article with your friends on Facebook, and Twitter.

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