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OnePlus Bloatware List | Remove Bloatware on OnePlus

OnePlus boasts of a bloat-free experience on OxygenOS, but is it true? The OEM has to face criticism recently injecting Facebook, Netflix, and HeyTap bloatware. Besides, you’ll also find a plethora of system apps from Google and Android on your device. I have made a list of around 100 safe-to-remove bloatware on the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro, OnePlus 10 and 10 Pro, OnePlus 10R, OnePlus Nord 3, OnePlus 11 Pro, and OnePlus 11R so that you can easily uninstall system apps on OnePlus phones using Oxygen OS Debloater.

You can easily remove bloatware from OnePlus devices without root using ADB. If you have a rooted phone, however, you can use Tomatot’s Oxygen OS Debloater script to quickly debloat your OnePlus phone. One more way to uninstall OnePlus system apps on a rooted OnePlus is the Debloater Magisk module.

OnePlus Bloatware List

Whether you use the ADB Shell commands or OnePlus debloater, you must the list of safe-to-remove system apps. I have prepared a list of pre-installed apps on OnePlus devices that can be uninstalled. However, I strongly advise you not to delete the apps blindly. Keep the OnePlus system apps you use and uninstall or disable only those apps that are useless for you.

Android Bloatware on OnePlus | Default Print Service | Chrome Browser | Easter Egg | OK Google | OK Google | Mobile printing service | SIM Toolkit
com.dsi.ant.server | ANT Hall Server
com.example.tmo | T-Mobile bloat

Google Bloatware on OnePlus | Google Drive | Google Maps | Google Photos | Google Duo | Google Wallet | Digital Wellbeing | Gooogle Calendar | Files 9 | Gmail | Search Widget | Gboard | Talkback | Google Play Music | Mobile printing service | Text to Speech | Google Play Movies & TV | YouTube | AR Core

3rd-party Bloatware on OnePlus


OnePlus System Apps

cn.oneplus.opmms | MMS app | OnePlus Gallery
com.oneplus.aod | OnePlus AOD
com.oneplus.aod.basiccolorblack.overlay | OnePlus AOD theme
com.oneplus.aod.basiccolorwhite.overlay | OnePlus AOD theme | OnePlus AOD theme
com.oneplus.aodnotification.overlay.purple | OnePlus AOD theme | OnePlus AOD theme
com.oneplus.calculator.basiccolorblack.overlay | Calendar dark theme | Calendar dark theme
com.oneplus.calendar.white.overlay | Calendar light theme
com.oneplus.filemanager | File Manager | File Manager dark theme
com.oneplus.filemanager.white.overlay| File Manager light theme | Stock Gallery app
com.oneplus.gamespace | Game Space | Game Space dark theme
com.oneplus.gamespace.white.overlay | Game Space light theme
com.oneplus.membership | OnePlus Membership
com.oneplus.membership.basiccolorblack.overlay| Membership dark theme
com.oneplus.membership.basiccolorwhite.overlay | Membership light theme
com.oneplus.mms | MMS app
com.oneplus.screenrecord | Screen Recorder | Screen Recorder dark theme
com.oneplus.screenrecord.white.overlay | Screen Recorder light theme
com.oneplus.tvcast | Screen Mirroring

Get the List of OnePlus System Apps

I have created the above list of system apps on the OnePlus 9 Pro using an ADB command. If you want to generate the list of pre-installed apps on your OnePlus device, follow the steps given below.

  1. Download Minimal ADB  and Fastboot tool or the latest SDK Platform tools (recommended) to Windows, Mac, or Linux.
  2. Turn on the USB debugging that is located under the Developer options on your phone’s settings.
  3. Extract the file and open the extracted folder. Launch a command prompt or PowerShell window in this folder. To do so, click in the folder address bar, type “cmd” and press the Ener key. If you have set up universal ADB and Fastboot on your PC, you can execute the ADB commands from anywhere.type cmd in file explorer address bar to launch command prompt
  4. When the command window is launched, unlock your phone’s screen and connect it to the computer via a USB cable.
  5. Now run the following command to verify that ADB has detected your connected OnePlus device. Don’t forget to Allow USB debugging to authorize ADB on your phone’s display when devices command on oneplus
  6. Now, type adb shell, press the Enter key, and issue the command to print the list of system apps on your OnePlus phone.
    pm list packages -s

    oneplus system apps and bloatware

  7. Select the list of apps using Ctrl+A, copy it using Ctrl+C, and paste it into a text file.

Remove Bloatware on OnePlus

Whether or not you have rooted your OnePlus phone, you can easily remove bloatware from it. Since you already have the OnePlus bloatware list, you can clean your phone safely and easily by following the instructions provided below. The ADB command method of uninstalling the system apps without root is very time-taking. There is a bloatware remover tool called Universal Android Debloater GUI that lets you get rid of bloat apps safely and quickly.

Using ADB Commands without Root

I prefer the ADB method because it’s more flexible than a debloater script. Using ADB commands, you can not only uninstall OnePlus system apps but can also disable and freeze them. Moreover, if you delete the wrong app by mistake, it’s very easy to install it back.

Uninstall apps: adb shell pm uninstall --user 0 <package name>

Reinstall an app: cmd package install-existing --user 0 <package name>

Disable an app: adb shell pm disable-user --user 0 <package name>

Freeze an app: cmd appops set <package_name> RUN_IN_BACKGROUND ignore

Since the steps to remove bloatware using ADB are the same for all Android devices, please follow my detailed tutorial on uninstalling system apps on Android.

OnePlus Oxygen OS Debloater (Root)

If you have a rooted OnePlus phone with TWRP recovery installed on it, you can use a readymade Oxygen OS debloater script like Tomatot Debloater. There are 3 versions of Tomatot‘s Oxygen OS debloater.

Invisible: Removes 41 apps related to telemetry and those that don’t play any useful role.


Light: Removes 76 apps that most users rarely use. The list includes all apps from the invisible version.


Extreme: Removes 107 bloatware from Google and OnePlus. If you want to use any Google app, you can download them from the Play Store. It includes all apps listed under the light and invisible versions.


Download one of the OnePlus debloater scripts below

If you want to check the list of apps that the Oxygen OS debloater script will be removing from your device, extract the zip file, and open the updater-script file with NotePad++. In case you don’t want the debloater to uninstall an app, just remove the entry for that app. Save the file after making changes and zip it again.

  1. Now, copy the Oxygen OS debloater zip file to your phone.
  2. Turn off your phone and reboot it into recovery mode by holding the Volume down + Power keys.
  3. Tap the Install option in TWRP, and select the zip.
  4. Just swipe at the bottom to initiate flashing and let the script do its magic.
  5. Finally, reboot your phone.

Once your phone boots up, it won’t have the apps included in the OnePlus bloatware list. With the hope that this tutorial would have helped you uninstall system apps on your OnePlus smartphone, it’s time to wind up this article.

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4 thoughts on “OnePlus Bloatware List | Remove Bloatware on OnePlus”

  1. Thank you so much.
    On my OP7T Pro Mclaren, “com.oneplus.membership” is “com.oneplus.account.”
    Removing it removed the nuisance “Log In To Your Oneplus Account” setting at the top of my settings.

  2. Thanks for the information.

    I managed to clobber my MVNO mobile network APN settings using some of the above so I redid it with a bit less ferocity 😉

  3. I removed several of these items and my google calendar stop working; so I ended up removing this app and tried reinstalling this from the play store and same issue. Plus, I have lost my Internet connection – I need help…

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