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12 iOS Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Most people who have an iPhone use it as their status symbol instead of using it for the pleasure of it. In one of our previous articles, we shared some tips and tricks which would have helped you to become a pro-iPhone user. You can have a quick view of these tips here:

Here in this article, we will share 12 iOS tricks that you should know about.

Play Music by Plugging in Your Earbuds

If you are one of those people whose first task in the morning is to listen to some refreshing music at the same time each and every day, then iOS 9 has a surprise for you. Every time you plug in your earbuds in the morning, your iPhone will automatically know that it’s time for some music and will launch the music app.

Search Anything in the Settings Menu

iOS 9 introduced a search button in the settings menu. Now you can search for anything in the settings menu just by typing in the search bar. The search bar is present at the top of the settings menu and it will help you to jump quickly to any given setting.

See the Identity of the Caller Even if you don’t have the Number in your Contacts

Apple has introduced several new features in iOS 9. One of them is that you can see the identity of the caller even if you don’t have his/her number. If you are receiving a call from someone who is not added to your contacts but you have emailed him/her and that email id is associated with the phone number then you will be able to see the identity of the caller.

Access Medical Information from Lock Screen

You can see your Medical information from your lock screen if you have set up Medical ID from the Health app. To access your medical information, click on the emergency button and you will see the Medical ID button on the lower left corner.

See the Actual Signal Strength of your iPhone

The signal strength which you see on the top is not the actual signal strength of your iPhone. If you want to know the actual signal strength, then you can do it with the help of a hidden app called “Field Test Mode”. To open this app, dial *3001#12345#*. Now the “Field Test Mode” app will be opened. It will be filled with many menus but you don’t need to worry about any of them. You should observe the number on the upper-left hand corner of your iPhone. You will see that the signal symbol is now replaced by the number. These numbers will vary from -40 to -130. The closer the number is to zero, the better is the signal strength. The best signal is -40 and the worst signal is -130.

Save Battery by Using Grayscale Mode

If you are running on low battery and you need your iPhone for using just basic functionality, then you should switch to Grayscale mode. To turn on Grayscale mode, head to Settings-> General-> Accessibility-> Grayscale.

Control iPhone with your Head

The Accessibility section is one of the deepest and feature-rich sections in iPhone settings. One of the settings allows you to control your iPhone with your head. Just head to Settings-> General-> Accessibility and then navigate down to Interaction-> Switch Control. Now click on Switches-> Add new switch. Choose the camera option and then select “Left Head Movement” or “Right Head Movement”. After doing this, pick an action from the “System” menu and assign it to one of your head movements (either left or right). For example, if you select Maps as Right Head Movement then every time you tilt your head towards the right, the Maps app will open.

Track Each and Every Place You Have Been

Your iPhone records each and every place you have been and you can look into it by going into your phone’s settings. Click on Settings-> Privacy-> Location Services-> System Services-> Frequent Locations. Now see the History section and you will find the details of places you have been to.

Forward Text Messages

You can also forward text messages to other contacts in the same way you forward an email. “Double Tap” the text you want to forward and select the “More” option. Fill in the “To” field at the top and the message will be forwarded.

See The Apps Draining Most Battery

If you want to know which app is causing the most drainage of the battery, then you can view it in settings. Go to Settings-> General-> Usage-> Battery Usage. Now you can view the apps and the amount of battery each app is using.

Share Your Location With Your Friends

If you want you can share your location with your friends and family via text message and let them track you. Just click on “Details” in the upper right corner of your message thread and click on “Share My Location”. You have options to choose when you click on Share My Location. You can Share your Location for 1 hour, 1 day, or indefinitely.

Multitasking in Emails

Very few know that there is an option for Multitasking in Emails. If you are in the middle of composing a new email and want to view other emails, then you don’t need to trash this email. Simply tap on the top of the message where the subject of the message is displayed and drag it to the bottom of the screen. Now you can look at the other emails. Whenever you want to return to this email, click on the email at the bottom of the screen.

This was our list of 12 iOS Tricks. If you liked this article, share it on Facebook and Twitter.

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