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7 of The Web’s Coolest Holiday Shopping Destinations

With the festival season just around the corner, almost everyone is crazy about shopping. If you fall in this ” almost everyone ” category, then you’ve come to the right place. I have created this list of some unique holiday shopping websites where you will find something for everyone, no matter how tight you are on your budget. And I believe you will not mind some money-saving deals too.

1. Etsy


Etsy is a marketplace where people around the world connect to buy and sell unique goods. Here people, like you and me, buy and sell 100% original and handmade stuff. Etsy lets you browse through various categories (e.g. mobile accessories, art, etc.). You can also find what is trending in the market place in their recent favorite section. Final verdict; if you want to gift someone something original and unique, look no further, just go on Etsy.

2. Think Geek

think geek

Think Geek is one stop for everything geeky. From T-shirts to gadgets, from action figures to board games, it has it all.  It has a lot of cool geeky things. You can browse via categories or interests. Want to buy that rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock T-shirt from the big bang theory, or an Iron man coffee mug? Everything is available on Think Geek.

3. Cafe Press

cafe press

Thinking of sending your friends some custom-made presents? This website lets you customize almost every item such as clothes, stationery, gadgets cases, and covers, etc. with images, slogans, etc. of your own choice. Cool thing is, you can either design your own product or buy products created by others.

4. Fat Wallet

fat wallet

Fat Wallet is all about finding money-saving coupons. This website tells you about the latest discount vouchers for various websites such as eBay or Amazon and lets you compare prices on different websites. Some deals are seriously awesome, like ” more-than-50%-off-awesome “. But as I said, “some deals” so keep your eyes open.

5. Deals Plus

deals plus

This website serves you with the hottest shopping deals available. I like the idea on which this website works, i.e. let the users decide which deal is the best. Deals are given either a thumbs up or down by the users, and the deal with the highest thumbs up makes to the homepage.

6. Whaaky

whaaky holiday shopping

Whaaky provides you some pretty amazing shopping deals. That is all what it does. Only quality shopping deals.

7. Current Codes

find your codes

Like the websites above, it also provides shopping coupons for various websites. But it tries to make it very easy and organized for the users. You can browse coupons by product categories, alphabets, or by the providers (i.e. merchants). Visit Current Codes, select a merchant, and hit go. And it is done.

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