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How to Hide Photos on Android without Using Any App

Images are one of the most wonderful modes of recapturing memories, but they also are one of the most disastrous ways of distorting your reputation. Sometimes people view your images that are too personal or are just straight-out embarrassing. If you want to hide that creepy sleepy face of yours, but still retain the memories, then this is the right place you’ve come to. Down below, you will learn how to hide photos on Android.

However, this guide is going to be a bit different. Instead of insisting you to go download a locker application of some sort, this method on how to hide photos on Android doesn’t require any downloads. All you need is your Android device, and a file explorer, with the photos you want to hide. With these prerequisites fulfilled, you’re pretty much good to go.

So, how are we going to achieve this? With no sort of third-party help, we are going to use a nifty little trick that you don’t even know exists in all Android devices. You see, adding a (.) or a period before a folder or a file makes it hidden from any of the system applications. The only way you will be able to view the hidden photo is with the help of your file manager. Without any further ado, here is how to hide photos on Android.

 Hide Photos on Android Devices

  1. Download CX File Explorer, or any other file manager from the Play Store. Or, if your Android device has a built-in file explorer, then that made just one step less to your success!
  2. Open the file explorer of your choice. 
  3. Add a new folder which starts with a period (.) followed by a name, like “.hidden”.
  4. Move your photos into this folder.create hidden folder android
  5. The next time you launch your gallery, there will be no photos you just hid.

Going going! Now you’ve successfully hidden your private photos. Just in case you want them back, just remove the period (.) from your folder, and you’re all set to go.

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