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Disable Bixby on Samsung Smart TV [Guide]

The voice assistant feature on Smart TVs makes it easy to control the device and get things done using voice commands. Samsung ships its Galaxy devices and Smart TVs with the Bixby AI assistant. While it’s very easy to replace Bixby with Google Assistant on Android, we don’t have any such option on Samsung TV. If you are having issues with Samsung Bixby, here is how you can disable it on your Samsung TV. So, if Bixby keeps activating on your TV and wakes up randomly to hinder your viewing experience, you can tweak its sensitivity or turn off Bixby.

Some people seem to confuse the voice description on their TV with the voice assistant. In case you are getting audio feedback for every action you perform, you should consider turning off the voice narrator on your Samsung TV instead.

There could be many reasons why a user might want to get rid of the Bixby voice assistant. While some people including me don’t find Bixby satisfactorily user-friendly. In my case, it keeps returning “Sorry….” for most queries most of the time. When it works, it gives unrelated responses to the voice commands. Sometimes, when I say a voice command, Bixby returns with its classic irritating responses:

  • “It is taking me a while to respond because of too many tasks. Get back to me later.”
  • “I didn’t understand that.”
  • When you want to ask for something, try saying: “What can I say?”

In fact, Bixby was so frustrating to me that I decided to get rid of the feature from my Samsung Q60 TV altogether.

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, there may be a few other grounds for disabling Bixby. Some Samsung TV users find it annoying because Bixby keeps activating on the TV without pressing the microphone button on the remote. Nobody would like a voice assistant that exists to make things easy for users, to interrupt TV viewing, mute the audio and look for further voice commands. It’s going to make one feel intimidated.

If you want to explore what exactly can you do using voice commands, you should check out these Bixby, Alexa, and Google Home commands for Samsung TV.

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Turn off Bixby on Samsung TV

Well, we can’t remove the Bixby button from the smart remote but we can disable Bixby on the Samsung TV, and below are the steps to do just that.

  1. Press the Home button on your remote and navigate to Settings.
  2. Open Settings and go to select General.
  3. Highlight Bixby Voice Settings and open it.bixby settings on samsung tv
  4. Go to Voice response settings and turn it off.turn off bixby on samsung tv
  5. Now open Voice wake-up settings and select Off.bixby voice wake-up

That’s it! You have successfully disabled Bixby on your Samsung TV.

Fix Bixby Randon Wake-ups

In case you want to disable Bixby only because it keeps activating on your Samsung TV or wakes up randomly interrupting your TV viewing experience, here’s how to fix that.

  1. Press the Home button and navigate to Settings > General > Bixby Voice Settings.
  2. Go to Voice wake-up and set the Wake-up Sensibility to Low.bixby sensitivity on samsung tv

Doing so will not only stop Bixby from waking up automatically but also save your remote’s battery consumption.

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  1. I cannot believe samsung is forcing customers to use their AWFUL apps. It is all bloatware and entirely unnecessary. This type of behavior mimicks apple and microsoft. It should always be an option whether to use the customized software, regardless of intent. I find the samsung apps to be invasive and childlike.

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