How to Delete Apps on Samsung Smart TV (All Models)

What makes a TV “smart” is its capability to stream online content and connectivity features. Whether you get a Smart TV from Samsung or some other manufacturer, they all come with pre-installed apps. Moreover, they also let you install more apps from the application store. If you don’t like a SmartHub app and want to uninstall it, I’ll be describing the steps to delete apps on any model on Samsung Smart TV whether it was released in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, or 2020.

Modern televisions may have become smart but they still have limited storage space. My Samsung Q70R Series (65″) has a storage capacity of 2.18 GB.

samsung tv storage capacity

It means that if I install some more apps and games, it’s memory will be full in no time. To install more apps, I’ll have to free space by deleting the existing apps. There may be various reasons why we might want to delete apps on our Samsung Smart TV.

  • If an app is not useful for you.
  • Sometimes, we install new apps but later discover that they aren’t good enough.
  • Some people just don’t like lots of apps. The more apps you’ll have, the more effort you’ll need to make to navigate to the app you want to use. By uninstalling apps, we can keep our Smart TV clutter-free.
  • Samsung Hub doesn’t have hundreds of GBs of storage space. If you have too many apps installed on your Samsung Smart TV, you must delete some apps to add new ones.

Points to Note

Whatever your reason may be, if you want to uninstall apps from your Samsung TV, this tutorial is just for you. Before you proceed, however, please keep in mind:

  • You won’t be able to delete apps that come pre-installed on your Samsung Smart TV. The delete option for such apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc. is greyed out or disabled by default. That’s to say, you’ll be able to delete only those apps that you installed from the Samsung App Store after getting the TV. I have found a hack to delete pre-installed apps but I am not sure that will work on all TV models and firmware tv app delete option greyed out
  • Just in case you need the deleted apps sometime in the future, you can install them again whenever you want.

Before you check out the steps to uninstall apps, don’t forget to take a look at how you can turn off the voice guide feature on your Samsung Smart TV.

Deleting Apps on Samsung Smart TV

Below, we’ll check the steps to uninstall apps on different models and series of Samsung Smart TVs released during the last 7 years. I’ll start with the model of my TV that was launched in 2019.

Samsung Smart TV Models Released in 2017 – 2019

If your TV’s model number starts with K, M, LS, MU, NU, RU, or Q (Samsung TV Q70R Series, for example) and you purchased it in 2017, 2018 or 2019, follow the instructions described below.

  1. Press the Home Button on your remote to launch Samsung Smart Hub on your TV.

    samsung tv smart tv remote controls
    Smart Remote control buttons

  2. Now press the left side of the Directional Pad or Navigation Ring to select Apps.Samsung tv apps option
  3. Press the Center button to open see the list of all apps on your Samsung Smart TV.
  4. Now, highlight the cog-wheen Settings icon on the top-right corner on the screen using the Directional pad and open settings on samsung tv
  5. You should see the list of all installed apps on your TV. Select the app you want to delete from your Samsung TV.
  6. You’ll see all the available options for specific installed apps as shown below. Highlight the Delete option and press the Center button.delete option on samsung smart tv
  7. When you’re asked to confirm app deletion, select the Delete option.confirm app deletion samsung tv
  8. You’ll see a message saying “Deleted successfully“.

Samsung TV TU/Q/LS Series (2020)

If you purchased your Samsung Smart TV in 2020 and it belongs to the LS, Q, or TU series, you should follow the steps provided below.

  1. Press the Home button on your remote control to open Smart tv smart hub
  2. Navigate to the Settings option with a cog-wheel icon.
  3. When you get to the Settings menu screen, go to the Support and select the Device Care tv 2020 device care
  4. Device Care will run a quick scan of your Samsung TV and show you an option called Manage smart tv manage storage
  5. Open Manage Storage and you’ll be able to select one or more apps you want to delete.installed apps on samsung smart tv
  6. Having selected the apps to delete, choose the Delete option.
  7. When you see a pop-up window with the list of selected apps, click the OK button.confirm app deletion
  8. When the apps are deleted from your Samsung TV, you will get the ‘Deleted successfully‘ message.

On Older Samsung TVs

If you own a Samsung TV launched in 2016, 2015 or earlier, you should do as described below to delete apps. These quick steps will work on E, F, H, J, K, KU, and KS series on the Korean giant’s Smart TVs.

  1. Press the Home button your TV’s Remote.
  2. Go to Apps and click it.
  3. You’ll see your installed apps under the My Apps tab.
  4. Select the Options button located on the bottom right corner of the screen.
  5. Go to the Delete option and click it.
  6. You can now select the apps you want to uninstall.
  7. When you have selected the apps, click on the Done button.
  8. Now click the Delete button and the apps you selected will be removed from your TV.

Deleting Pre-installed Apps on Samsung TV

Depending on geo-localization, the Samsung Smart TVs come with certain pre-installed apps including stock apps and a number of third-party apps like Netflix, Prime Video, and so on. While it’s easy to delete apps that you have installed on your TV, deleting the pre-installed apps on a Samsung TV is not possible as the Delete option is greyed out for them.

It’s easy to get rid of bloatware on Samsung Galaxy devices but on TV, things get complicated. Anyway, there’s still a trick that might help you uninstalled pre-installed apps on your Samsung TV, and below are the steps to do the same.

  1. Press the Home button on your TV’s remote.
  2. Select Apps and click it.
  3. Now press the Number button on your remote and type ‘12345‘ using the on-screen number.
  4. You’ll then see the Developer mode pop-up. Highlight the On button and select tv developer mode on
  5. Now select the OK option. The Developer mode will be enabled for the Apps section on your Samsung TV. Select the Close option on the pop-up saying, “Develop Mode is On status.”samsung tv developer mode enabled
  6. Highlight the Settings (cogwheel) icon at the top-right corner of your TV screen and click tv apps develop mode
  7. On the apps settings page, highlight the app you want to delete.
  8. Go to Lock/Unlock option and click it to lock the app.
  9. Type ‘0000‘ (it’s the default password). The app will be locked and you’ll see a lock icon on the app banner image.
  10. Now, go to the Deep Link Test option and click tv deep link test
  11. On the window that pops up, highlight the Content id box and type anything using the on-screen keyboard. Click the Done button on the keyboard and select
  12. You’ll be asked to enter the unlock password. Don’t enter the password and select the Cancel option.
  13. The Delete option that was greyed out for the app previously, should be available now. As you can see below, the Apple Music app on my TV now has the Delete option enabled.delete pre-installed app samsung tv
  14. Click the Delete option and confirm your choice.
  15. You can repeat steps 8 to 14 for any other pre-installed app you want to delete from your Samsung TV.

You should also check out my list of Samsung TV error codes and how you can fix them.

You can watch the video below to view the above steps in action for better understanding.

That’s all about deleting apps on any Samsung Smart TV released between 2014 and 2020. In case you have any questions related to the topic discussed above, don’t hesitate to ask.

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    • Hi Prash,

      Nowhere in the tutorial have I mentioned that you can uninstall pre-installed or system apps on a Samsung TV. You probably missed this following portion in my article”

      “You won’t be able to delete apps that come pre-installed on your Samsung Smart TV. The delete option for such apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc. is greyed out or disabled by default. That’s to say, you’ll be able to delete only those apps that you installed from the Samsung App Store after getting the TV.”

      I even attached a screenshot to show that.


  • I have an NU7100 TV, and tried you developer mode trick, but unfortunately the delete option is still dimmed
    May be because the TV is updated to the latest update version? IDK, this sucks.

    • You may be making some mistake. It worked on my Q60R flawlessly but I had to make 3 attempts on my friend’s TV.

  • Have made several attempts to delete pre-installed apps using your method as described above. Not getting the Deep Link Test option.

  • Trying this on my UE43NU747OU and I don’t get the cog after setting it to developer mode.
    I also don’t see the the deep link test.
    Any other suggestions?
    Thanks in advance!

      • I am glad to know that it worked for you. As for apps getting re-installed, try this: turn off the tv as soon as you delete the app. Keep the TV disconnected (network) for around 20 minutes. You can also try disabling Software and app update. Let me know if it works. 🙂

  • Hi, the trick does’nt work for me, the model it’s UN50NU7100, I follow all the instruccions but the “delete” opcion don’t activate. the firmware it’s 1292, I hope some solution because the TV come with many garbage apps.

  • Hi, unfortunately I cannot get this to work for pre installed apps. I can enter developer mode, unlock/lock the app and enter the deeplinking content id however the delete option is still greyed out. The tutorial is really clear so a massive thanks for pulling it together but it would be a massive help if you had any suggestions for what else i can try. My model is QE55Q67RATXXU

  • Hello,

    thank you for the guide, it is cristal clear.
    however, I have the same issue than others, the delete option is not being activated even with the deep link trick.
    I have a RU7100.

    do you have any idea ?
    Thanks again!

  • Hi I have a samsung tv eu50mu and download a game which now I cant delte option to delete it there but nothing happens its nt locked tryed developermode any help plz

    • Hi Parweez,

      You don’t need to enter the Developer Mode on your Samsung TV to delete a third-party app or game. You told the ‘Delete’ option is there. What happens when you select the option. Doesn’t it uninstall the game?

  • Hi,
    Am having Samsung TU700D series TV which i purchased couple of weeks back. I have not installed any new apps. The default apps has consumed 1.05 GB and i have only 245 MB available. So am concerned if next firware upgrade might not work for me. I tried the steps as per develop mode, but once i lock the app am not getting “Deep Link Test” option.
    Should i restart the TV with develop mode as the pop says?
    Or is it really not possible to delete the default apps.

  • hi,
    Is this still working?
    i can go into developer mode
    deeppinktest or unlock/lock the DELETE button still greyed out on q90r
    fimware 1354


  • The developer mode doesn’t allow deletion of preinstalled apps either. Next step, find out if tv can be ‘rooted’

  • Thanks Developer mode worked, I was able to delete preinstalled apps. The problem I am having is I deleted the Magellan app, but it keeps coming back. Is there a way to permanently delete an app, has anyone else had a problem with this app not deleting, or reappearing after deleting?

    • Hi Mik,

      I am glad to know the trick worked for you. Did you try deleting some other apps too, or just Magellan? Do they also come back. Try one thing, keep your TV disconnected from the network for some hours after deleting the app.

      Between, which TV model and software version you have?

  • “You won’t be able to delete apps that come pre-installed on your Samsung Smart TV. The delete option for such apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc. is greyed out or disabled by default. That’s to say, you’ll be able to delete only those apps that you installed from the Samsung App Store after getting the TV.”

    my quick question is WHY?
    WHY I need to have pre-installed apps on my TV?
    it is MY TV!
    WHY I cannot control my apps on my TV that I paid for?
    Who decides which apps I need or preinstalled on my TV?
    Does he know me, what I need better than myself?

    I want to delete what I want to delete, this is sill!
    this is a malware by Samsung put on our TVs!

    never ever again another samsung.

    • You are absolutely right, Serkan! The end-user must have the right to choose what apps he/she wants to keep. I guess they impose apps on us because they get money from those companies. It has become a rampant practice among all OEMs and platforms including TVs, smartphones, and computers. It’s not just Samsung, I have an LG OLEDB7A and it is also stuffed with bloatware.

      • Rakesh- do you can or can’t delete apps like Hulu or the Vudoo whatever it’s called video app? I also don’t get the deep link option. What gives??

        • Hi Lou,

          The trick works for all pre-installed apps on Samsung TV including Hulu, Netflix, Vudoo, etc. The availability of the Deep link test depends on TV model and software version.

          • Rakesh
            I was able to get deep link but the delete is still greyed. Also is there a way to remove YouTube app??

          • Is there any tv brand model where you CAN control built in apps/pre-installed? Like no name brand or android type tv??
            I need to be able to fully manage w special needs kids that we don’t want seeing specific apps

        • Rakesh
          QN 65Q60 RAFXZA
          Version 1461 software

          I see deep link and get all that but delete still grey.
          I really want delete YouTube app
          Anyway?? Thank you sir

  • Just wanted to say thank you for the last bit about removing unwanted built in apps. It worked, but I needed to reset the TV, allow the apps to reinstall, then do this. Those are finding this not working, reset the TV.

  • Yep, I am not able to view any the “Deep Link Test” option while in Developer Mode on my Q80T series Samsung TV. I even called support, but they won’t give you any information and stress the warranty is void if you try to access the firmware directly.

    Seriously, I develop firmware for a living, there must be a hidden way they allowed for these to be disabled but do not want to publish that information. This is crazy that they won’t let you get rid of all this bloatware!

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