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How to Turn off Voice Guide on Samsung TV

If you have an Android device, you must be familiar with Talkback and Accessibility features that help people with weak eyesight. They include a voice guide, High contrast, greyscale, enlargement of menu area and text, and sign language. Once enabled, the Voice assistant starts giving an audio description of the TV menu and options. If you have enabled this feature, here is an easy way to turn off Voice Guide on Samsung Smart TVs.

The tips to stop Samsung TV from talking by turning off the audio description will work for all models. Whether you own Samsung TV 5-Series, 6-Series, 7-Series, 8-Series, 9-Series, QLED, or SUHD, you can turn off the Voice Guide feature on all of them. I have tried it on my Q70R, but it should work on a broad range of Samsung TV models including Q60T, Q70T, Q80T, Q95T, Q60R, Q80R, Q90R, Q90T, Q8C, Q950T, Q800T, Q900R, Q6F, Q7F, etc. You should also keep your TV up-to-date by updating your Samsung TV automatically or via USB.

What is Voice Guide?

Voice Guide is a voice assistant or narrator on Samsung Smart TVs that gives an audio description of all the menu items and options. Moreover, it also gives audio feedback when you switch to connected devices such as a set-top box or streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar, etc. Besides, it will also tell you all details such as movie names and descriptions when you browse online streaming services.

The Voice Guide feature is similar to the Talkback feature on Android TVs. Fortunately, turning off the Voice Guide on Samsung TV is much easier than disabling Talkback on Android devices. This accessibility feature might be useful to some people, especially those with bad vision. However, if you can easily read everything and don’t need a voice assistant, you might find Voice Guide loud and annoying.

Annoying?? Yes, it really is! I recently purchased a Samsung Q70R Series. One day, my son was in charge of the TV remote and he started playing with it. He somehow got into the TV settings and turned the Voice guide feature on. On returning home, I found a TV that kept giving an audio description that sounded like some irritating voiceover. Moreover, you can also uninstall the default apps on your Samsung Smart TV.

Turning off Voice Guide on Samsung TV

Method 1: Holding the Volume Button

Well, this is the easiest method to go directly to the Accessibility Shortcuts on your Samsung TV. Actually, I discovered it accidentally while trying to do something else.

  1. Press and hold the Volume button on your Samsung Smart Remote.Samsung Smart Remote Volume button
  2. Doing so will directly take you to the Voice Guide option. Just press the Center/Select button to turn off Voice Guide.

Method 2: Via Accessibility Settings

Let’s see how we can stop a Samsung TV from talking in a few simple steps by navigating to Settings > General > Accessibility > Voice Guide Settings > Voice Guide. For detailed instructions with screenshots, see below.

  1. Press the Home Button on your Samsung TV’s Smart Remote Control.

    samsung tv smart tv remote controls

    Smart Remote control buttons

  2. Press the left side of the round Directional pad on your remote, navigate to Settings and press the center button to open it.

    samsung tv settings icon

    Open Settings on Samsung TV

  3. When the Settings menu is open, highlight the General option.

    Samsung Smart TV Settings

    Samsung Smart TV Settings menu

  4. Now, press the Center Button or the right side of the Directional pad on your remote to open the General settings menu.
  5. Navigate to the Accessibility option by pressing the low side of the Directional pad and open it.

    General settings menu

    Samsung TV General settings

  6. Among the Accessibility options, you will see Voice Guide Settings.

    samsung tv accessibility menu

    Samsung TV Accessibility settings

  7. Open Voice Guide Settings.

    turn off voice guide samsung tv

    Turn Voice Guide off

  8. As you can see in the above screenshot, Voice Guide is currently enabled. Just press the Center Button and it will be turned off.

Turning off Voice Guide using Voice Command

If your Samsung TV remote has a microphone button, you can turn off the Voice Guide as follows:

  1. Press and hold the microphone button on your remote.
  2. Say “Voice guide off“, or “Turn off Voice guide.”

I have created a list of hundreds of Bixby, Alexa, and Google Home voice commands for Samsung TV that you can use to control your TV by using your voice.

On Old Samsung TVs (2014-2018)

If you own an older Series Samsung TV, follow the quick steps given below to turn off Voice Guide.

  1. Press the MENU/123 button on the Samsung TV remote control.
  2. Select Menu > System or Settings.
  3. Now, select Accessibility > Voice Guide.
  4. Select Voice Guide again.
  5. Press the selection key on the remote and select OFF to disable Voice Guide.

    samsung tv voice guide off

    Samsung TV voice guide turned off

Turning off Audio Description on Samsung TV (2008-2013)

I was recently notified by one of our visitors that the steps given above didn’t work because the Accessibility menu wasn’t available on her 2010 Samsung Series 6 LED TV. If you own a Samsung TV released between 2008 and 2013, follow the steps given below to turn off Audio Description.

  1. Press the Menu button on your Samsung TV remote.
  2. Navigate to Sound or Sound Mode using the directional arrow buttons and press OK.
  3. Now go to the Broadcast option and select Audio Language.
  4. If Audio Description is enabled on your Samsung TV, you’ll see English AD selected. Here “AD” means ‘audio description’.
  5. Switch to “English” only to turn off Audio Description.
  6. On some Samsung TV models, you can enable or disable Audio Description simply by holding the Menu button for a few seconds.

Having turned off the Voice Guide feature on your Samsung Smart TV, you will get rid of the annoying voice description. Some Samsung TV users reported they are still getting voiceover on their TV after disabling the Voice Guide. Since the Voice Guide and Bixby are the only functions that give voice output, you should also try to disable Bixby on your TV to get rid of the audio description altogether.

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24 thoughts on “How to Turn off Voice Guide on Samsung TV”

  1. I turned my off but the voice guide is still activated. When I hold the microphone icon and speak the words “turn off voice guide” it responds with “actually, voice guid is off” ???

        1. Hi Jeanie, sometime people get confused between Bixby and Voice Guide. Is your TV giving audio feedback for every action you perform via the TV remote, or you see the mic icon on the TV asking you to give it a voice command. Can you show me the picture showing that both Bixby and Voice Guide are turned off?

          Please follow the steps given in this guide to turn off Bixby on TV.

          1. I am at work now, but will do this when I get home this evening. Basically, when watching a TV show, it narrates what is happening, which is Voice Control. So, I double check and hold down the volume button on the Samsung remote to bring up the Voice Guide and make sure it’s turned off, which it is. However, it still happens. Weirdly, it seems to happen on network channel ABC the most. I am in the process of waiting for a new Xfinity Cable box because I am having sound issues on one network channel and was advised it may be a bad cable box. I am wondering if a cable box could also mess with the voice control.

            Honestly, I never heard of Bixby. After Googling what it was, when I checked Bixby, I held down the microphone button on the Samsung remote. The message that came up was Bixby was not on or activated (can’t remember exactly what it said).

            Thank you for trying to help! It’s amazing how this Voice speaking while watching TV can make you go a little crazy!

        2. I must have a really old Samsung because I don’t have accessibility, settings or voice guide on my tv. The voice just turned on this morning and I can’t get it to stop. This tv is hooked up to TiVo, could the problem lie there?

              1. Hi Emily,

                I just updated the tutorial with steps to disable the Audio description on the 2010 Samsung TV models. Try it and let me know. I hope it helps.

        3. Thank you god. This was driving me it’s. I tried google , settings , the manual. Nothing correlated to my new tv. You saved me from certain insanity

        4. This helped because of your naming “voice guide.” I have a Samsung with the separate aluminum box that is the “brains.” Awful system. Anyway I found the “voice guide” through a different route as your steps did not show up on my TV.

          Did get it done; wonder how my wife turned on the voice guide to begin with!

        5. Thank you so much – I tried everything I could think of but never went to Accessibility – now it seems fine.
          This has driven us nuts for months. Thank you again. My TV is a Ultra Hd LED LCD, 50″ Class4K

        6. Hi, great post thank you although none of the options worked for me. I think my Samsung smart TV is about 10 years old and after trying every menu possible. I’ve just realised there is an AD/SUBT on the lower right hand side of the remote. Thought it might help someone else.

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