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Here’s What the Tiny Hole Between iPhone’s Camera and Flash Does

Apple, the company behind the creation of iPhone, the smartphone which started and brought a revolution in the smartphone industry has recently launched iPhone 7. When we think of an iPhone we think about its price? Whether we can afford it or not? What is new in the phone which Android lacks and the debate between Android and iOS starts.

But the question is what do we look on an iPhone? Most of us will say design, software, iOS version, waterproof technology etc. While doing this we often miss out on small details like microphone, sensors etc. One such thing is a tiny hole between your iPhone’s camera and flash.

Ever wondered what the tiny hole between the iPhone’s camera and flash does? We bet you didn’t. The reason is if we aren’t using a feature on our phone, we don’t bother finding its purpose.

So here’s the purpose of the tiny hole between your iPhone’s camera and flash. The tiny hole is a powerful noise cancellation microphone. There is a total of 3 microphones on an iPhone. One is the front microphone near the earpiece, the second is the bottom microphone near the headphone jack and the third is the rear microphone between the camera lens and the flash.

The uses of the rear microphone located between the camera lens and the flash are:

  1.  This rear microphone is used to eliminate background noise while using Facetime/Skype. This helps another person as he/she receives the clearest voice possible.
  2. It keeps call quality clear and enhances it in the crowded area by eliminating the disturbances and making call quality smoother.
  3. It helps Siri in recognizing your accent easily.
  4. It helps in recording better audios while shooting videos.
  5. It removes pixel noise to a great extent while clicking pictures.

Now, from these uses, if you understood the importance of the tiny hole (called microphone) located between your iPhone’s camera and flash then while searching for a protective case, try to buy one which does not cover this essential microphone. Because if you are lucky to have such an advanced device, then explore it to its full potential.

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