How to Use Multiple Apps on iPad at Once

With the launch of iOS 11 and thanks to its multitasking feature, iPad is now more powerful. iOS 11 has the ability to move content between apps using its drag and drop feature and launch apps in split-screen mode. These new features have done wonders for iPad. iPad now supports three types of multitasking: slide over, split view, and picture in picture mode.

We, here, are going to discuss all these types to use multiple apps on iPad at once.

Drag and Drop on iOS 11
Drag and Drop on iOS 11

In iOS 11, drag and drop isn’t just limited to open apps along with other apps. Now, it is a way to move data from one app to another just like we do it on a PC. Using drag and drop feature is easy. You just have to:

  1. Just long press something, you want to drag and drop in another app.
  2. Now, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to view the dock.
  3. Choose the app in which you want to drop content.
  4. Your iPad will switch to the app.

To use this features, apps have to be updated so as to support it.

Devices that support this feature currently: iPad Pro (any), iPad Air and Air 2, iPad Mini (2,3 and 4) and iPad (5th Gen).

  • Dock


With the recently launched iOS 11, most of the things have changed. The Dock, which was previously visible on your home screen is now available in every app you use. You just have to swipe the bottom of the screen, and the dock will appear with all your favorite apps at left and apps you have used at right.

With the dock, you can now easy multitask. If you will continuously swipe up from the bottom of the screen even after dock is available, then you will see a multitasking view here, you will be able to see all the recently used apps. Just click on any of the apps to switch to it.

  • Slide Over

Slide Over
Slide Over

With Slide Over mode, you can open an app quickly without leaving your present app.

You can’t use both apps together, but this mode can be used if you want to chat with someone or you know, take some notes.

To Slide over, swipe left from right side of your iPad. It can be done both in portrait or landscape mode. A small side view will appear. Click on an app which you want to run. You can switch between 2 apps in “slide-over” view by swiping down the app in the sidebar from the top.

  • Split View Mode

Slide View Mode
Slide View Mode

To use split View mode, just open an app in landscape view in “Slide-Over” mode. You will see a handle between 2 apps just move that handle toward the center of the screen. Now, you can view and interact with both the apps together.

  • Picture in Picture Mode

Picture in Picture Mode
Picture in Picture Mode

This mode in iOs is designed for everything related to the video. You can watch a youtube video or make a FaceTime call while using another app with Picture in Picture mode. This mode takes the video and converts in small thumbnail so that it can stay on whatever app you are using.

While watching a video just tap the home button and the video will reduce in size so that you can continue doing your other work. There is also a “Picture-in-Picture” mode icon in video controls you can press to activate this mode.

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