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5 Tips to Keep Your Apps Safe from Hacking

Nowadays, people tend to use apps very frequently. The smartphones and computers are well-equipped with advanced processors and quality RAMs. The high computing power of the device allows the users to install multiple apps in their system and thus people no longer care about the apps they are installing. Such carelessness leads to major problems, which often allows hackers to penetrate your personal layer of security. In this article, we are going to give you 5 amazing tips which will allow you to keep your apps safe. Let’s get into the details.

Install apps from reliable sources

You should never install apps from unreliable sources. By doing so, you are putting your smart device at great risk. Most people don’t realize the fact that they are making silly mistakes by installing apps from unreliable sources. At times, the hackers make this app and upload it to the open source platform. Some applications will work really well, but they will steal your information. In most cases, such applications have explicit access to your device hardware, which makes hacking extremely easy for cybercriminals.

Application permission

When you install an application from unreliable sources, try not to give them explicit permission unless you need it badly. Once you are done using the app, make sure you uninstall it. However, removing the app from your device might not be the solution as hackers can penetrate into you within a minute. Once every month, check the permission given to your most frequent apps. If something looks suspicious, you should uninstall the app and reinstall it with the latest version. It’s always a good idea to manage app permissions carefully to keep things in your own control.

Use reliable VPN

Heavy internet users should always use VPNs. The apps are often developed with tons of bugs, which allows hackers to penetrate personal security. Try to use a good Windows VPN as it will hide your IP, and it will make things really difficult for the hackers. Some of you might not want to spend money on VPNs, and it is absolutely fine. Keep on using the free version of the VPN as it will add a slight layer of security to your applications.

Use of personal information carefully

While using the application, you should be using your personal information very carefully. Try to use the app with minimum information, as it will keep your private information safe. For instance, if an application asks for your SSN, think twice. If possible, try to find an alternative solution that will allow you to do the same task, but you won’t have to give your SSN. In the case of using the banking app, never rely on third-party apps or websites. Use the dedicated application developed by the banking company to keep your financial data safe.

Update your application

Most people don’t want to update their apps as they think it will slow down their system. In some cases, the system often becomes slow, but this is a normal factor provided that you are using an old device. As soon as the update for your application is available, you should be using it. The latest update contains security patches that help users to keep their personal information safe. And it becomes really hard for hackers to get into such apps as the developers close all the loopholes in their system. So, never forget to update your device software along with the apps.

Stop sharing your device

One of the key reasons why people lose control over their apps is sharing sophisticated information. Most apps use critical information to run efficiently. So, if you give your phone or computer to someone else, chances are very high that you will no longer have complete control over your apps. The other user might change the security protocol and thus make the app vulnerable.

While using social media apps, make sure you do not use common passwords like your birthdate or a portion of your name. Take your time and try to come up with a unique password so that it becomes hard for hackers to breach your personal security. If necessary, use a password manager tool, as it will help you to organize complex passwords.

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