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How to Send Emojis Using Scribble in Apple Watch

After Apple launched its smartwatch namely Apple watch, it has gone on to regularly update it and bring new features to its users. One such feature Apple Watch provides is “Scribble”. Scribble is a handwriting feature on the Apple Watch and you can use it to send emojis.

When the Apple Watch was launched, you needed to use a canned response or speak your message and hope that the watch will recognize the message in order to send it. But with the recent launch of watchOS 3, many new features are added to Apple Watch. One of the features is ‘Scribble’ which is available for apps where you need to send or enter text.

With Scribble, you can actually write letters on your Apple watch and they will be automatically converted to texts. From this, you can guess that it is a little slow but it works great. So now all you have to do is to write your texts with your finger and the handwritten word will be automatically converted. One more thing which Scribble can do is it can convert your handwritten words to emoji. In this article, we will guide you on how you can send emoji using scribble on your Apple Watch.

Send Emoji Using Scribble

  1. Launch the application from which you want to send the text i.e. mail or messages.
  2. Now, choose the conversation to which you would like to reply or you can also start a new conversation.
  3. In the conversation, click on Scribble.
  4. Write a word which also means an emoji, for eg. LOL, Pop, etc.
  5. Now, choose the emoji in which you want to use the word from predictions.
  6. Click on send to send the message.

Now, here some of you may be thinking that you can also use the emoji button to send the emoji. Well yes, but this step allows you to complete the sentence and emoji in one step.

This was our guide on how to send Emoji using Scribble on Apple Watch. If you felt that this article is informative enough, then share it with your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. For any queries, drop down a comment below and don’t forget to learn 10 less-known interesting facts about Microsoft.

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