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How to Remove 3D Objects Folder from This PC on Windows

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With the recent Windows 10 updates, Microsoft has been focusing more and more on the creators among its user base. This is a demographic which over the past few years have sort of titled away from the platform. With the Windows 10 Creator’s update, and now the Fall Creator’s update, Redmond is making sure to make Windows a lucrative option for them. Not all the new features and changes in the aforementioned updates have been about creators though. But there are a few of these features that the company just pushes in your face. Like the 3D Objects folder which was placed right under This PC. The folder has been included as a Library and is the default storage location for 3D objects on your PC.

This was added to Windows with the Fall Creator’s update, i.e. in Windows v1709. The company is clearly trying to promote Paint 3D and other 3D features of Windows 10. Most Windows users don’t create or deal with 3D objects at all, however. And while the presence of a folder you don’t want is not really bothersome (that is so not true), some of you might want to get rid of it anyways. There is no official way to remove the folder from your Library but with a simple Registry tweak, it is quite possible.

Before we go there though, we must tell you that fiddling around with the Windows registry is not a good idea when you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s a powerful tool but it can also make or break your system. As long as you stick to this tutorial though there should not be any problems. Just try not to get adventurous.

Remove 3D Objects folder by editing Registry

  1. Open registry editor. Hit Windows + R and type regedit in the Run dialog that appears, then hit Enter. Alternatively, you can click the search bar in the taskbar or hit the Windows key and type regedit to find Registry Editor. Then click on it to launch the program. How To Remove 3D Objects Folder From This PC
  2. Navigate to the following key in the Registry Editor window. You can navigate via the sidebar or simply copy and paste the address into the address bar and hit Enter.
    How To Remove 3D Objects Folder From This PC
  3. Under the NameSpace key, locate the subkey {0DB7E03F-FC29-4DC6-9020-FF41B59E513A}.
  4. Right click on it and select Delete and click Yes on the confirmation dialog to confirm the action. How To Remove 3D Objects Folder From This PC
  5. If you’re using a 32-bit version of Windows 10, you can stop right now and close the registry editor. However, if you’re using a 64-bit version of Windows 10, there’s another NameSpace key you should check out now. This one is located at the following path.
  6. Locate the {0DB7E03F-FC29-4DC6-9020-FF41B59E513A} subkey once again and delete it just like you did the last time. How To Remove 3D Objects Folder From This PC

You’re all done now. Open This PC and you should no longer see the 3D Objects folder there. This does not usually require restarting your PC. But in case the folder does not immediately disappear for you, a restart should fix the problem. Keep in mind though that this registry tweak only removes the folder from This PC, it does not entirely delete the folder. You can manually delete it by going to C:\Users\NAME\ and deleting the 3D Objects folder.

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