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How to Print Multiple PDFs At Once Without Opening Them

Printing multiple PDF files can be a time-consuming task, especially if you have to open each one individually and then use the print command. Fortunately, there are some ways to print multiple PDFs at once without opening them, saving you both time and hassle. In this article, we will properly and comprehensively guide you on how to print multiple PDFs at once using different methods, such as using UPDF, Adobe Acrobat, and a built-in printer. We will also explain the advantages and disadvantages of each method, and provide some tips to optimize your printing process.

If you want to save a webpage as PDF on Windows and Mac so that you can print it later, follow our guide.

How to Print Multiple PDFs All At Once on Windows 10/11

Printing multiple PDF files can be a tedious and time-consuming task, especially when dealing with a large number of files. However, with the help of UPDF, the process becomes much easier and more efficient. Follow these steps to learn how to print multiple PDFs at once on your Windows or Mac computer using UPDF on Windows and Mac.

1. Open the Batch Printing Tool: Open UPDF on your computer and navigate to the “Batch” tool from the homepage. Once there, select the option of “Print” from the next screen.updf pdf printing options

2. Add Files to Print: Once you are in the Batch Printing screen. Click the “Add Files” button to import the files that need printing. You can also try the other option of “Add Open Files” if the documents are already open on UPDF. Alternatively, you can add entire folders to the platform, making it easier to print multiple PDFs at once.add files to updf

3. Set the Printer for the Procedure: Define the printer that will be printing your documents in the available list. You can choose from a list of printers that are connected to your computer. Additionally, you can set whether you will be printing the document as a “Print as image,” “Print in grayscale,” or “Reverse Pages.”

4. Set PDF Printing Settings: In the next section of settings, select the options you will be printing in a specific PDF. Checkmark the options of “Document,” “Comment,” or “Form Fields” if you wish to print them. You can also define the “Paper Size” and “Orientation” of the document, ensuring that it prints correctly. Additionally, you can turn on the options of “Auto Center” and “Auto Rotate” if needed.batch print pdf files

5. Once you have set all the printing preferences, click “Apply” to execute the printing procedure and successfully print multiple PDF files at once on your computer.

In conclusion, using UPDF’s batch printing tool, printing multiple PDF files at once on your computer is easier, more efficient, and faster. With the above steps, you can customize the printing preferences to suit your specific needs and successfully print multiple PDF files in just a few clicks. Give it a try today!

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How to Print Multiple PDFs at Once in Adobe (Win & Mac)

If you have a lot of PDF files that you need to print, you might find it tedious and time-consuming to open each file and print it individually. Fortunately, there is a way to print multiple PDFs at once using Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. Here are the steps to follow:

1. First, you need to open Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader on your computer. You can find the program in your Start menu or on your desktop. If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader installed, you can download it from Adobe’s official website.

2. Next, you need to create a single PDF file that contains all the PDF files that you want to print. To do this, go to File > Create > Combine Files into a Single PDF. This will result in a new window where you can add and arrange the files.combine multiple pdf files into one

3. Then, you need to click Add Files and select the relevant PDF files that you want to print. You can also drag and drop the files into the window. It is totally up to you how many pdf files you want, but keep in mind that the more files you add, the larger the combined PDF file will be.add pdf files to print

4. After that, you need to arrange the files in the same exact order that you prefer for them to be printed. You can drag and drop these same files to change their order. You can also delete any files that you don’t want to include by clicking Remove.arrange pdf files

5. When you are happy with the order of the files, you need to click Combine Files. This will create a new PDF file that contains all the selected files. You can save this file to your computer or open it directly in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader.

6. Finally, you need to print the combined PDF file. To do this, go to File > Print or press Ctrl + P Windows keyboard shortcut. This will open the Print dialog box where you can choose your printer settings and click Print. You have successfully printed multiple PDFs at once using Adobe.print dialogue box windows 11

Printing Multiple PDFs at Once Via Built-in Printer

Steps for Windows

If you have multiple PDF files that need to be printed, it can be a hassle to open and print each file individually. Fortunately, Windows has a built-in feature that allows you to print multiple PDFs at once. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to print multiple PDF files via the built-in printer in Windows.

1. Locate the PDF files: The first step is to navigate to the folder where your PDF files are located. You can do this by opening File Explorer and browsing to the folder where the PDF files are stored.locate pdf files to print

2. Select the PDF files: Next, you’ll need to select all the PDF files you want to print. To do this, hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click on each PDF file you want to print. If the files are listed consecutively, you can select the first file, hold down the Shift key, and then select the last file to select all the files in pdf files to print

3. Print the PDF files: Once you’ve selected all the PDF files you want to print, right-click on any of the selected files to bring up the context menu. From the context menu, choose the “Print” option.print multiple pdf files in windows

4. Set printer preferences: A dialog box will appear, giving you the option to customize your printer settings before printing the PDF files. Here, you can choose your printer, the number of copies, the page range, and other settings such as paper size, orientation, and duplex printing.

5. Print the PDF files: After you’ve set your printer preferences, click on the “Print” button to start printing your PDF files. The PDF files will be sent to the printer one after the other, and you can monitor the progress of the print job from the printer dialog box.printing preferences windows 11

In conclusion, printing multiple PDF files via the built-in printer in Windows is a quick and easy process. By following these steps, you can save time and effort by printing all your PDF files at once.

Steps for Mac

If you have a Mac OS and you want to batch-print multiple PDF files at once, follow the steps outlined below:

1. Gather the PDF Files: First, gather all the PDF files which you want to print into the same location to make them easier to find and select. Then, click on the “Apple” logo located at the top-left corner of your Mac computer screen.

2. Access Printer Options: Next, locate and opt for the “System Preferences” tag from the drop-down menu that appears. In the pop-up tab, find and click on the “Printers & Scanners” option.printers and scanners option in mac

3. Open Print Queue: Within the printer options, choose the printer you want to use from the left panel. Then, click on the “Open Print Queue…” button located on the right print queue in mac

4. Select PDF Files to Print: Select the PDF files you want to print by either individually selecting them or using the keyboard shortcut “Command + AMac keyboard shortcut to select all. Drag and drop the selected PDF files into the “Print Queue” window.

The printing process should start, and the time it takes to print will depend on the file size and connection strength. Using the “Print Queue” option on Mac computers is an easy and efficient way to batch-print multiple PDF files.

Which One is Better?

Feature UPDF Software Adobe Acrobat Software Windows and Mac’s built-in computers
Interface Simple and intuitive Complex and cluttered Varies depending on the application
Easy to use Yes, just drag and drop the PDF file No, requires multiple steps and settings Depends on the application and printer compatibility
Prices Free Download, 29.99$/year


49.99$ One-time fee valid for lifetime

$12.99/month for the standard plan, $19.99/month for the pro plan Free, but may require additional software or drivers
Printing Quality High, supports various paper sizes and resolutions High, but may depend on the PDF file quality Medium to low, may not preserve the original layout or fonts
Additional features Supports editing, merging, splitting, compressing, and converting PDF files Supports editing, signing, commenting, and creating PDF files None

Following these comparisons, it can be concluded that UPDF is the best one because it combines the ease of use of Windows Explorer or Mac Finder with the functionality of Adobe Acrobat or other PDF readers. It also offers additional features that make it a powerful and versatile PDF editing tool. With UPDF, you can print multiple PDFs at once without compromising on quality or efficiency.

Final words

We sincerely hope that this article has helped you learn how to print multiple PDFs at once using different methods. If you are looking for an effective way to print multiple PDFs at once, we recommend you try UPDF. It is a free PDF editor, converter, annotator, and reader that will make your PDF printing experience easier and better.

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