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OnePlus 8 Leaked Wallpapers are Here! (Full HD)

OnePlus 8 is one of the most anticipated smartphones. If you follow technology news, you must be hearing something new about this phone which is about to be launched very soon. While the rounds of unofficial renders and tech specifications still continue, we have got our lands on the supposedly leaked wallpapers from the upcoming OnePlus 8. The quality of the wallpapers is pretty good and they match closely to the wallpapers shown on the leaked renders. This gives us reason to believe that when the phone is launched officially, we’ll only be getting form more wallpapers from the phone in higher quality and 4K resolution.

As you can see in the attached gallery, we have 3 wallpapers from the phone. Moreover, there are Never Settle variants of all 3 wallpapers and thus, we have a total of 6 wallpapers. The resolution of the wallpapers is 1080 x 2400 px that translates into Full HD+ resolution. As for the aspect ratio of the available OnePlus 8 wallpapers, it’s 16:10. The color combination and partially round shapes with touching tips really look great. Of all three wallpapers, I love the third one most because of its color combination.

You can download the OnePlus 8 wallpapers individually from the gallery below. Besides, we have also uploaded all 6 wallpapers packed in a zip so that you can grab them all in a single click. Please note that the wallpapers featured in the image gallery have been compressed to keep the page load time fast. If you want them in the original quality, please download the zip file instead.

Download OnePlus 8 Wallpapers

Once you download the wallpaper zip from above, unzip them and copy them to your Android phone. You can apply them from Gallery or the home screen itself.

We have some more wallpaper collections that you should consider downloading as well.

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