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How to Charge Your iPhone Faster

Complaining about your iPhone’s battery life and purchasing high capacity power banks is not going to solve any of the battery life problems. These are just a way to be comfortable with all the things that are irritating you. We live in a time where smart features are more important than the battery life of the device. Well, obviously everyone is pissed with the battery performance of iPhones but you have to live with it if you want all those stupendous features.

When it comes down to battery life and cool interface, most of the users tend towards the later. Taking this as a consent, developers are concentrating on bringing cool graphics to mobile devices which consume a hell lot of battery. So, instead of finding ways to preserve battery life, it would be sensible to look for ways to charge your iPhone faster. Well, there is no secret ingredient, all you need to do is to stick to the basics and follow the traditional methods. So, let’s see some of the proven tips to charge your iPhone faster.

1. Switch Off or Enable Airplane Mode

It’s simple physics, if you’re not consuming energy while absorbing, you’ll gain energy quicker. Similar is the way with iPhone, just switch it off to save all the battery while it’s juicing up. However, if you’re not cool with your device drop dead for some time, enable the Airplane Mode from the settings menu. With Airplane mode enabled, all the radio components including cellular and WiFi signals are cut-off giving your faster charging time.

2. Use a Wall Charger

Wall chargers are always efficient while compared to the USB charging cables connected to PCs and laptops. It’s always advisable to use the official Apple’s charger for quick charging capabilities. If you’ve no option but USB charge, make sure that all other USB devices are disconnected from the PC so that more power is directed to your iPhone.

3. Remove any iPhone Case

It was long proven that iPhones have to work harder when they tend to get too hot. So, if you’re using any iPhone case, it’s recommended that you remove the case/cover for better heat dissipation. Also, make sure that you don’t place your iPhone near any hot equipment, else you can face a potential hardware damage as well.

4. Forget your iPhone for a While

Of all the tips, this is the most important and efficient trick for faster charging but as you’ve already guessed, it’s the most neglected one. Leave your iPhone alone and kill some time watching Netflix or read a novel while your iPhone is peacefully juicing up.

Aren’t these tips looking too silly? But don’t step away looking at their innocence, they are more than just tips, they could save a lot of time you waste beside the wall socket.

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