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Top 3 Guitar Tuner Apps on Android

Learning to play the guitar or other musical instruments these days is fairly easy. However, tuning your guitar or any other instrument can be a tad tricky. Fortunately, there is a boatload of guitar tuner apps for Android. These apps let you tune your guitar accurately in just a matter of minutes. If you love music (who doesn’t?), then check out the best music streaming services in 2019.

With guitar tuner apps, you needn’t have to worry about playing the guitar or other instruments out of tune. To make things easier, we’ve selected the top 3 guitar tuner apps on Android. Therefore, you do not have to waste much time trying to pick from dozens of options. And you can begin tuning your guitar or other instruments right away. So without much further ado, let’s check out the best guitar tuner apps on Android.

GuitarTunaGuitarTuna Guitar Tuner apps

This is one of the most popular guitar tuner Apps on Android. And if you haven’t tried the app yet, you must give it a shot. GuitarTuna supports multiple different string instruments including the Violin, Cello, Ukulele, Bass Guitar and of course the Electric and Acoustic guitar. Apart from the excellent features, the app’s UI is another reason why it’s made its way on this list. Moreover, GuitarTuna’s superior noise-canceling technology allows you to tune your string instrument in noisy areas as well. Although, it would be better to tune your guitar in a quiet area for the best results.

The app is suitable for both professionals and beginners alike. You can even learn how to play the guitar thanks to the in-built guitar lessons. Therefore, you can learn chords, riffs, tabs and even practice ear training. Additionally, there’s an auto mode which automatically detects the string you pluck. So you need not worry about having to manually select the string in the app while tuning. Other interesting features include — Learning games, Chromatic tuner, Alternative tuning sets, UI customization. GuitarTuna is an app you must try if you play string instruments.

Chromatic Guitar TunerChromatic Guitar Tuner features

If you’re looking for guitar tuner apps that offer the basics, we’d suggest checking out Chromatic Guitar Tuner. The application has a decent clutter-free user interface. It also supports multiple strings and non-string music instruments. And it’s instrument support is comparable to the other two apps on the list. Moreover, you do not need any additional equipment to tune your guitar or any other supported instrument. Thanks to the Automatic mode, you do not need to manually select the string while tuning the guitar.

Chromatic Guitar Tuner also has a built-in pitchfork that has a tone generator from 1 hertz to 22050 Hz. You can even select multiple different drop tunings to tune your guitar too via the app. Like GuitarTuna, the app even has chord games to play. Thus, you can learn the basics of a guitar without having to pay a dime. Because the application is one of the only totally free guitar tuner apps on Android.

Airyware TunerAiryware Tuner Guitar tuner apps

Most guitar tuner apps on the Play Store are targeted towards beginners. However, if you’re a professional and want maximum flexibility to tune instruments, Airyware Tuner is the app for you. It supports over 400 different instruments which is more than double than other Guitar Tuner apps. The application’s UI isn’t as user-friendly as the two other apps mentioned above. Nonetheless, the app is jam-packed with features including — ambient noise reduction, waveform inspector, customizable temperaments, tone generator, and more.

Since the application is geared towards professionals, you have to purchase the full version license after the trial ends. Airyware Tuner lets you build a profile of background noise and uses it to denoise the mic input. Thus, you can tune your guitar in a relatively noisy area without any issue. Thus, we’d recommend Airyware Tuner over other guitar tuner apps for professionals.

These are the best guitar tuner apps on the Google Play Store. All three apps on the list can be used by professionals and beginners. Thus, we’d suggest trying out the three apps and picking your favorite later. What’s your favorite guitar tuner app on Android? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I feel most tuning apps are weirdly skeuomorphic in their design and trying to mimic a physical tuner. I always find them a bit awkward and old fashioned. Try out Tunr, It works for guitar, ukulele, bass, violin and any other instrument since it’s chromatic. It’s very accurate.

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