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Easily Extract Messages and Voicemails from iPhone or iPad

Data Backup is one of the most important things which all of us do almost every time we update or restore our device. Most of us use iCloud for saving our data. But the thing with iCloud is, it ain’t easy to choose the data which you wanna save. So, to overcome this we have come over to an app called PhoneView which can help you out. With PhoneView, we can inter-connect our iPhone or iPad to Mac and generate a locally saved copy of our messages and voicemails and when required, extract them easily.

The basic and most important feature of PhoneView is to view and save all your messages and voicemails from iPhone or iPad to your Mac. Now, you may want to know how to save those messages and voicemails from iPhone or iPad to your Mac. So, in this article, we will guide you on how to extract messages and voicemails from iPhone or iPad easily using PhoneView. If you also own an Apple Watch, you should follow this guide to backup and restore your Watch easily.

Follow the below steps for easily extracting messages and voicemails from the iPhone or iPad:

  1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac.
  2. Launch PhoneView on your Mac from Launchpad and then press “Ok”.
  3. Next, choose the type of data you want to copy to your Mac i.e. Messages or Voicemails or Call logs.
  4. Choose the content which you want to copy.
  5. Tap on “Copy from iPhone”.
  6. Now save the settings by clicking Save.

That’s it! You have successfully extracted messages and voicemails from the iPhone or iPad and saved it on your Mac. Besides saving voicemails and messages, some other things which can be easily backed on your Mac using PhoneView are your notes, media files, call history, and contacts. Further, a 7-day free trial of PhoneView is available using which you can decide whether PhoneView is actually useful for you or not. If it is, then you can easily buy the full version of PhoneView at just $29.95.

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