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Checky Tracks Smartphone Usage on Android and iOS

Isn’t it fun to find out up to what extent you are addicted to that small gizmo that settles in your palm, yes I am talking about your smartphone, the piece of technology without which most of us can’t even think of our lives now, We have got so much used to our smartphones that now it has become more like a part of our life, don’t you wanna have an insight into your phone checking habit which can help you become more aware, how would you react if I tell you that there is an app to track your smartphone usage on Android and iOS both.

The app named “Checky – Phone Habit Tracker” lets you have an insight into your phone checking habits and this awareness helps you make changes to your phone using habits accordingly. Checky runs in the background and shows with what frequency you check your phone. It’s fun to find out the way you use your phone and then to compare your own stats with that of your friends.

checky for android

This awareness of smartphones has been put in a gamified version as it gives a score of how many times we check our phone per day, thus making every user intrigued and excited to know their score and compete with friends and thus helping them in changing the habits over the time. Even the app’s description is  pretty fun to read as it says

“If you like the app, please take the time to rate it! It’s pretty painless, and it’ll keep our boss from making us add those annoying “please rate us” popups”

So if you want an app that gives you a score and direct answer to the fact how many times you check your phone then Checky is for you and don’t forget to rate it 😉

Checky is available for both Android and iOS platforms, below are the links for Google Play and Apple app store

Google Play download link

Apple App store download link

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