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Download Ubuntu Kylin 14.10 Stock Wallpapers

Linux has many flavors, that is, it comes in a variety of different distributions with different sets of tools and desktops. Ubuntu, which is the most popular Linux distro follows a similar philosophy. It is available in various official flavors catering to the needs of different sets of people. Some of the popular Ubuntu flavors are Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, etc. Ubuntu Kylin is similarly an official flavor of Ubuntu for China, and thus, Chinese users of Ubuntu. It provides support for Chinese language and few other things more suited for Chinese users. There aren’t many visible differences in Ubuntu and Ubuntu Kylin but for the default theme and wallpapers. Ubuntu Kylin 14.10 Stock  Wallpapers are available here for you to download.

The default theme and wallpapers in Ubuntu Kylin are refreshing and perhaps more beautiful than the standard Ubuntu. It includes a default Chinese features include Chinese input method that actually works great. Kylin uses“Fcitx” as the default Chinese input method. Inputs can be switched easily by pressing Ctrl+Space between Wubi, Wubi Pinyin, pen, Cangjie, breeze, Bingchan holographic, spelling as well as location coding table. Some other features useful for Chinese users include a Chinese lunar calendar, Chinese weather indicator applet, and a dash search optimized for Chinese. The weather applet is useless if you go outside China, or live outside China, even if you’re Chinese. However, the dash search makes searching from the Ubuntu dash for things like Chines music easier.

Ubuntu Kylin history

Academics at the National University of Defense Technology in China has been working on a Kylin OS for some time. This OS was based on FreeBSD and was intended for use by the Chinese Military and Government. In 2013, Canonical the company behind Ubuntu reached an agreement with the Chinese Government to release a Chinese version of the popular Ubuntu distro. The name Kylin is based on a mythical beast called “Qi Lin” which is a hybrid with a dragon’s head and a tiger’s body. It represents good omens, protection, prosperity, success, and longevity

Ubuntu Kylin Screenshots

Download Ubuntu Kylin 14.10 Stock Wallpapers

We’ve uploaded all the 27 Ubuntu Kylin 14.10 stock wallpapers for you below. You can scroll through the gallery and click on the images to view the full image. From here, you can right-click and save the individual image. We’ve also provided a zip archive linked below the gallery in case you want to download all the wallpapers at one. The wallpapers have a resolution of 2560×1600 that is more than QHD, barring a few of them which are of an even higher resolution. You can be assured that if you have a Full HD display, any of these wallpapers will look just as crisp and beautiful as your display can make them look.

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