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What are Disposable Emails and How to Use them

Nowadays, our inbox is filled more with spams and promotional emails than the important ones. And, invariably we ourselves are to blame. More often than not, we give our consent to send us these offers from time to time. Even if you don’t sign up for these promotions, you are still liable to get some of the other kinds of emails from different services. Sometimes, you indeed need this service but don’t want to sacrifice your email IDs getting filled with gibberish mails. In all of these situations, a disposable email may come in handy.

These disposable mails are kind of a self-destructing mail ID which destroys itself after a certain time period. So when exactly will this come in handy and how to create such a disposable email ID? Refer to the below instructions to know more. Also, check out the steps to unsend emails in Gmail.


Gmail or other such email clients don’t provide this service. Hence we would be using a third-party website for creating a disposable email ID. So, never use this email ID for your personal works, banking services, or other such activities. Only use this service for testing purposes or for signing up for promotional and related services. These disposable emails are not secure and all your emails will be on that third-party servers till the email is active (or maybe even after that). On that note, consider enabling two-step verification in your Gmail account.

What is a Disposable Email ID

When you sign up for any promotional or services site, you may take the help of a disposable email. During the signup process, any verification that needs to be carried out could easily be done by this ID. Once you are done with it, the email ID will automatically dispose of itself. There wouldn’t be any trace of any of your mails.

Moreover, there is no signup process involved in using these disposable email IDs. You will simply get a randomly generated self-destructive email ID for a limited time. However, this time period could be extended, up until you are done with your work. Now let’s have a look at how to create and use such an email ID. Moreover, here are 12 interesting things about Google you probably don’t know.

Creating a Disposable Email ID

There are many services that are capable of creating Disposable email IDs, but we will be using the 10 Minute Mail. As the name suggests, it gives you a random email ID for 10 minutes. You could, however, further extend this time duration. Let’s see how to use this feature.

  1. Head over to the 10-Minute Mail website.
  2. As soon as you enter the website, you will be given a randomly generated disposable email ID. This email will only be active for 10 minutes.
  3. You may click on the copy icon to copy this temporary email and use it for desired activities.
    mail features
  4. Once you receive a new email on this disposable email ID, you could see the notification for the same in the green bar, just below your ID.
  5. However, if the mail doesn’t reach your ID, try refreshing the page. Your email ID and time duration would still be the same. If you need this service for more than 10 minutes, simply click on the 10 more minutes button.
    new disposable email
  6. You may further read the newly arrived email, reply to it or even forward the same to others. That’s pretty impressive, to say the least.
    reply mail

With this, we conclude the guide on disposable email ID and its uses. As mentioned before, don’t use this for official, banking or even personal purposes. On a side note, there are other websites that provide these services as well. One of them is Tempmail. Although this service gives you a temporary email address for 1 hour, it suffers from a major drawback. You cannot send an email using that email address. It is only capable of receiving emails. Hence, 10 Minute Mail stands as my personal favorite. Do share your views on the same in the comments below.

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