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5 Awesome Google Chrome Extensions to Try

Google Chrome is one of the best product to come out of the Google factory. Launched in 2007, it has been adopted by millions of Internet users, which has helped Google capture around 60% of browser market share. Even though it can get buggy sometimes, consume a huge part of resources, it is still the best browser for computers.

What makes Google the best is the huge amount of extensions that it has in its store. It has extensions to perform almost all the tasks – whether it is related to customization or whether it is about increasing your productivity – it has something for everyone. With that said, here are 5 awesome Google Chrome extensions that you should definitely try.

Hover Zoom+


Hover Zoom+ might be one of my favorite extension for Google Chrome. It’s extremely useful as it shows the enlarged version of images on any website if you hover your mouse over it. By enlarging, I mean it shows the image in its full size. For example, thumbnails are small, use Hover Zoom+ and hover your mouse over the thumbnail to see that thumbnail in its full size.



Flatbook redesigns Facebook and offers you a better and smoother Facebook experience by decluttering the user interface, this results in an ad-free and fast Facebook. With Flatbook, you get a material design-ish Facebook, categorized news feeds, and a functional left panel with shortcuts to main areas of Facebook.

Speed Dial 2


Alright, Chrome’s default new tab page is pretty boring. While my favorite new tab page extension is Humble new tab page, Speed dial 2 is surely worth considering. If you like simple and clean new tab page with speed dials to some of your favorite websites for easy access, then you should definitely check out speed dial 2. You can add lots of speed dials, customize rows and columns, change background, and much more. You can also synchronize your speed dials with other devices.



Click&Clean is a very powerful tool that lets you clear all your history, typed URLs, cache, cookies, temporary files, etc. In short, it lets you clear traces of your Internet activities. Other than that, it also scans your computer for malware and cleans up your storage by deleting unnecessary files. It does all that with just one tap. Sweet!

Data Saver


If you do lots of browsing on your computer and have a limited data plan, you’ll run out of Internet pretty quickly. Data Saver, by Google, helps you save your data by using Google servers to optimize the page you visit to reduce data consumption. This extension compresses the page you want to visit before the page loads. It does not affect the Internet speed at all.

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