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Useful Website Shortcuts to Access your Favorite Sites Faster

Recently, GSuites had adopted the .new extension for its various apps. Those to adopt this new domain included Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Forms, Google Websites, and the Google Keep app. Now Google has made this new domain public and many websites have already started adopting it. Let’s have a look at the new additions to this domain family. So rather than typing the complete URL, you may simply take the help of these website shortcuts to access them faster. Also, YouTube and Google Photos have added sorting of videos and albums respectively. Do check it out as well.

Google Calendar Website Shortcut

Starting with a Google product, Calendar is the latest welcome to this domain. Just use the website shortcut and create a new Calendar event right from your browser.


Everyone’s favorite music player, Spotify has also made it to this list. If you listen to songs on Spotify, then you probably have created many playlists. From now on, the same could be done in a much shorter and easier manner, by using the link.


Medium is a pretty handy platform for sharing your ideas and thoughts. Similar to Quora, you could express your views and thoughts by writing articles on different subjects. You would further receive claps if anyone does end up liking your article. To start writing an article on Medium, all you have to do is use the website shortcut.

Canvas Website Shortcut

Canvas is a beautiful platform to create aesthetic arts and paintings. Having tons of backgrounds, text styles, and millions of online photos, the online software allows you to create your own personalized photos and save it to your desktop. And now, this app has also adopted the .new domain website shortcut. To access it, simply type in the address bar.


eBay is one name on this list that probably needs no introduction. It is an online marketplace of buying and selling goods. To sell your own goods, you may now directly do so via the website shortcut.

Stripe Website Shortcut

Stripe is a payment processing for internet businesses. It is basically a collection of payment APIs that many organizations integrate into their websites. If you too want to create customizable customer invoices directly from the Stripe dashboard, take the help of the website shortcut.


Microsoft’s acquired Github is a Git repository hosting service that provides hosting for software development version control. Various developers provide the source code for their work over to this platform. To access or create various Github’s repository, take the help of website shortcut.

Also, here are the steps to remove prisma watermark from images. Do check it out as well.


Webex is used to create a business meeting platform on your desktop. This fast, secure, and easy way of starting a platform meeting is being provided by Cisco and is used by many across the globe. If you wish to try it out yourself, head over to URL.

Bitly Website Shortcut

Bitly is used to create customizable and recognizable links for your website. It also acts as a URL shortener. So it is anything but obvious that it too would join this list and bring about its own shortened URL! To visit this site, you may take the help of a website shortcut.


Coda is used to create documents that combine documents and spreadsheets into a single canvas. This streamlines the flow of work and further eases the work procedure. To try out Coda, you may use the website shortcut. If you are using a Chrome OS, check out its five most useful apps.


OVO sounds allows you to create personalized sound artworks of all the popular songs. Furthermore, it also provides the option of pre-save upcoming music and plays your favorite tracks directly via numerous music players like Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud, Amazon Music, etc. To visit this website, you may use the website shortcut.

OpenTable Website Shortcut

To book a table for various occasions, you may take the help of the OpenTable website. Just enter the date, time, and place, and it will show you the list of available restaurants. All this is curated based on your interests and location. All you have to do is use the link and book a reservation for your favorite eatery.

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source: google blog

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