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9 iPhone Tips and Tricks to Become a Pro User

iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in the world and the craziness of it can be seen when an iPhone is launched. People stay up the whole night standing in the queue outside the Apple store to get the first line of the latest iPhone. Although Apple tries to keep the configuration of iPhones minimum, it never compromises on the quality which can be seen by the way iPhone performs (it is fast and never hangs). With the iPhone tips and tricks mentioned below, you will be able to your phone more efficiently.

After buying an iPhone what most people do is use it as an amateur and never try anything on it thinking it is expensive and then they miss on a few tricks which would make their iPhone productive. Here we will discuss some iPhone tips and tricks ranging from settings to different apps which will make you a pro user and protect your iPhone from hackers.

1. Type Monotonous Terms Quickly

Many times it happens that we are bored of typing a term (like lol, omg, ttyl) many numbers of types but we find there is no alternative to that. Well, for amateurs there isn’t but for pro users there is. There is a setting named Text Replacement in iPhone which allows you to program your own shortcuts into iOS, thus saving yourself from the task of typing boring words again and again. For instance, you can add OMW in Text Replacement to display as on my way, and from then whenever you will type OMW it will be automatically replaced as on my way.

To add terms in Text Replacement setting, just head to Settings-> General-> Keyboard menu. The point to remember in this case is that you cannot add passwords in Text Replacement although usernames will work.

2. Siri’s “Remind me about this” Feature

When the iOS 9 was launched by Apple it brought a set of new Siri features. One of the features was “Remind me about this”. Whenever you need to assign a reminder or if something strikes you and you need to save it then just say “Siri, remind me about this”. For instance, if you need to call Adam at 8:30 then just set a reminder by saying “Siri, remind me to call Adam at 8:30”. The reminder will be automatically saved and you will get a notification along with the contact details of Adam at 8:30. Here are a bunch of Siri commands that can make you experience more productivity.

3. Stop Music Timer

There is a timer function in the iPhone that everybody knows about and almost everyone knows how it works. But what many don’t know is deep inside the Clock app, there is an option to stop playing music when the time is up. This function is commonly known as “Sleep” helps you to sleep while watching movies or listening to songs and even works with the YouTube app.

4. Siri’s “Remember Relationships with Contacts” feature

Many times it happens that we forget the names of our plumber, electrician, and mechanic thus having a hard time searching their contact details. With the launch of iOS 9, Siri has come to our aid with an exciting feature. Just summon Siri and say “Rahul is my plumber” or “Abhishek is my electrician” and the next time you need to call your plumber just say “Call my plumber” and your work will be done.

5. Use iPhone’s “Low Power Mode”

It is a new feature added in iOS 9 and when you turn on the “low power mode” feature, it stops all the energy-consuming applications and processes like background applications, email pushing, and snazzy visual effects which make your battery run longer than usual. Although “low power mode” is automatically activated when your battery reaches 20% so as to boost your battery life by 2-3 hours, we recommend you to activate it yourself so as to stretch your battery power.

6. Dial Any Number with Siri

Dialing numbers on your touchscreen is old-fashioned. Siri is trending. You can use Siri to call any number you like. Just long-press the home button and Siri will appear. Say “call 6699-99-66” and the number will be dialed.

7. Make Your Touch ID Precise

You may have experienced the inconsistency of the iPhone’s fingerprint touch sensor. Sometimes it’s awesome while sometimes it is horrendous. Sometimes you will be able to unlock your device in the very first time while sometimes it may take up to 3-4 times. To avoid such inconsistency, use only one finger with the fingerprint scanner to scan and rescan instead of multiple fingers as Apple suggests. This will result in the unlocking of your device for the first time. You can even disable TouchID while sleeping to enhance the security of your phone.

8. Save Important Links in Real Quick Time

When you are browsing the web you come across a variety of articles. Some of them touch your heart and the next thing you want to do is to save their link and share it. Since this process is time-consuming, here we have an app called “Mail to Self”. It is a one-click solution for sending yourself a link to whatever web page you are browsing. This is a free app and is great for people who use their email inbox as their to-do list.

9. Delete Your Photos with Cleen App

Cleen has a clean user interface and it works much more like Tinder (swiping left and right) which makes it a kind of game. It has taken the idea of Tinder in photo management and is one of the fastest apps which can help you to clean your photo library. You can Swipe up to like an image, swipe down to delete an image, and if you cannot decide or just want to keep it, swipe sideways to rate the image later.

Also, you can see each and every detail of the image with some features like long hold an image to zoom, and pan to inspect the photo’s finest detail before you make the most important choice. You can use your spare time to swipe through these photos and it will refresh your memory lane along with the task of cleaning your photo library.

These were 9 iPhone tips and tricks that will help you use your phone like a pro. You can make even more of your Apple device with these iOS tips.

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