OneTab Is The Best Tab Management Extension For Google Chrome

I don’t know about you, but I keep a lot of tabs open in my web browser. While researching for any topic or while reading about any topic I tend to open dozens and dozens of links and these links lead to dozens and dozens of tabs. It’s like the “ law of brain to keep learning more and more + distractions on the internet” , you start with one tab and without even realizing you’ve got 30 tabs waiting for you.

No doubt Google chrome is an excellent web browser but still, like any other web browser, it keeps getting sluggish with the increase in number of tabs and nobody likes a slow web browser (obviously). This is where OneTab comes in. It is a simple tab management extension for Google Chrome which packs a lot of great features. This extension converts all the open tabs into a list and then you can reopen each tab individually, restore all tabs at once, import or export URLs, or share all tabs as web page. And when all the tabs are converted into one single tab, the web browser will automatically free up memory and will become clutter free.

You can install it from the Chrome web store or from its official website. After installing OneTab you will see a small blue funnel like button on the right side of the URL bar. Clicking that button will close all the active tabs in that window and will open a new tab where all the tabs will be listed as links. Now you can perform the actions like opening tabs individually or opening all tabs at once and some more as mentioned earlier. It is the best way to keep tabs organized without actually keeping them open.

Right click on the OneTab button and choose option to change the settings according to your need. Here I’m providing a screenshot of the settings I use and I think these settings will work for almost everybody.

OneTab claims to save you up to 95 percent of your system memory. With no other applications running, I opened 18 tabs in Chrome, which used 348.5 MB of memory (surprise surprise). After depositing these tabs into OneTab, Google chrome was using only 107 MB. I’m impressed.

So, did OneTab worked for you! Or you use any other extension to manage opened tabs? Let me know in the comments.

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