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How to Enable Notifications on Your Apple Watch

Apple Watch is a smartwatch designed and developed by Apple. Apple Watch is available in 4 variants: Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, Apple Watch Hermes and Apple Watch Edition. Apple Watches are fully integrated with iOS and other apple devices. Apple Watch is used to track health-related objectives, fitness, and tracking.

Since Apple Watch is fully integrated with iOS devices, therefore you can get all your notifications from iOS devices to your Apple Watch as long as your watch is paired with your iPhone over Bluetooth or Wi-fi . Although, you still have the freedom of choosing the notifications which you want to receive.

Now, you may be thinking one thing. Where will you receive your notifications when your Apple Watch is paired with your iPhone and when?

So, here’s the answer:

  • If your iOS device (in this case, iPhone) is unlocked, you will receive notification on your iPhone and not on your Apple Watch.
  • If your iPhone is locked you will receive notification on your Apple Watch (if it is active).

Enable Notifications on Apple Watch

  1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Click on notifications.
  3. Tap the notification indicator button to on to see an orange dot at the top of your Apple Watch face when you have unread notifications.
  4. Click on notification privacy. Now, if you tap on any application, you can see the detailed notifications from that application.
  5. Further, you can click on an app and set individual notifications for each of them.

Note: If you want to have notification available for Apple Watch, then you have to first enable the notifications from that app on your iPhone. If you have disabled the notification for a particular app on your iPhone, then you can’t mirror it or forward it to your Apple Watch. Apple apps and App Store apps generally give you 2 options for notification settings: mirroring your notification or disabling notifications. Some apps also give you a third option: Custom. If you choose the custom setting, then there will be more options available for you.

That’s all! This was our guide on how to enable notifications on your apple watch. Feel free to share this article on Google+, facebook and twitter.

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