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Looking for a Distraction-Free Writing Tool? Try Monospace Writer

I am not a “writing-lengthy-texts-on-smartphone” guy. I rarely use any text editors on my smartphone; I guess it’s because most of the text editors that I’ve encountered are either very bad at functioning or they got too many functions that are not quite necessary for writing on smartphone and all they do is hinder the overall writing process. I mean if I wanted to do complex writing with multiple fonts and templates and stuff then I would have used my PC. Anyway, the app that I’m recommending here is named Monospace Writer and it is way different than other text editors I’ve tried.

Monospace Writer is a text editor that is stripped down to the basics. It has a super minimal user interface, you’ll know what I’m talking about once you open the app. It has basic features like text formatting (bold and italics), increase/decrease size of texts, bullet list, and blockquote. It also has markdown support. That is all you get.


Monospace Writer has ditched the folder system here and has decided to go with hashtag instead. When you need to get organised, add hashtags to the final line of the document, and Monospace will handle the grouping for you. All the hashtags are pinned on the main page of the app so you can easily start working on your last work. One cool trick with hashtags is that you can password-protect your document by adding #encrypted at the end.

It has a day and night mode along with a true black mode which is very useful on AMOLED screens. It also has Dropbox integration so you can access all your works from different devices.

Final Verdict

Monospace Writer feels a lot like one of my favourite writing app called JotterPad. However, if you ignore that fact then it is really smooth and worth trying out. It doesn’t have anything that will confuse you while writing. It is a perfect example of a minimal writing app. Use it with the do not disturb mode and you’ll get the ultimate distraction-free writing experience.

Happy writing!

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